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There, We Fixed It. Because People Other Than White Men Built This Country

There, We Fixed It. Because People Other Than White Men Built This Country

Unsurprisingly, slimy Steven Mnuchin, on behalf of Donnie "Very Fine People" Trump, just announced they're "postponing" the move to replace racist Andrew Jackson with abolitionist and freedom fighter Harriet Tubman on our $20 bills because, notes Bree Newsome, representation be damned and we "can't have y'all contemplating racism and resistance every time y'all go to the ATM." But thanks to some proactive artists' and makers' Yankee ingenuity, now you can stamp Harriet on your money - cheap and legal! - and do just that.


Steve Mnuchin, doesn’t deserve to decide anything. How bizarre that he wants to get rid of Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill. Thomas Jefferson is on the $2 , but when is the last time anyone saw one of those?
Besides Harriet’s relatives were here way [before the creepy Puritans even got here.
And besides Mr. No Chin ( I like that better)
There is the Susan B. Anthony coin dollar and the Sagagewa gold colored coin—but when do we see those anyway?
So Mr. No Chin, you are a sexist, because---- finally 2 women make it onto coins and where are those coins, anyway?And why is that Susan B Anthony one so small? People think they are quarters! This Trump government is not only working against We the People, but against We the Women of the People.
Maybe we should all go to the banks and get “women” into circulation again----because that’s one way to learn history-----when you can reach out and touch it! : )


Now, about that building of this nation:

  • It was built on the genocide/bones and land of the First Nations’ Peoples

  • It was actually built on and by the blood, bones and enslavement of Africans and their descendants.

I highly recommend the following books to get the picture:

  • The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism, Edward E. Baptist

  • The Counter Revolution of 1776, Gerald Horne

  • An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz


A friend of mine had a red stamp made that says “Andrew Jackson was an Indian killer” and he stamps it on every $20 bill he gets. He consulted with legal counsel and was told this is perfectly legal.

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Hi Giovanna_ Lepore:
Thank you for new book information, and remember too, Howard Zinn and the “People’s History of the United States” … enough people have read that by now that it was so much easier to diss Columbus Day! : )

Reminds me of the “I grew Hemp” stamp from years ago.