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'There Will Be Bloodshed': Warnings as Israel Tightens Grip of Occupation

'There Will Be Bloodshed': Warnings as Israel Tightens Grip of Occupation

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"What was winked and nodded about before is now being acknowledged publicly: 'We have no intent of sharing this land with anybody else except as a barely tolerated minority.'"

Mounted Israeli officers

The land belongs to the Earth- it does not know race, or religion or monetary status.


The neo-fascist zionist racists throw-off any pretense of “negotiations” or a peaceful just end/resolution to their pre-meditated occupation and illegal colonization - they want all of Palestine as an apartheid entity as anyone paying attention has known for decades - just ordinary theft cloaked in “religious” mythology and pathology.

Now that their lap-dog trump is in power they need not pretend any longer; war criminals showing utter contempt for world opinion and International Law - now it’s up to the world community to stand up for justice! Are there any nations with enough integrity to do so?



The Jewish community’s ever interest in keeping the Holocaust in the forefront of the world’s awareness - the racism and utter depravity of the Nazis - through yearly documentaries and “specials”, etc. has come to grate on my nerves not a little - in the face of Israel’s absolutistic me-first and only behavior and atrocious treatment of the Palestinians. What did the Jews in Israel (and their staunch supporters in the USA) learn from their treatment by the Nazis? Where is their humanity?


Yes, I agree. I understand the need for a home, but that does not give anyone the right to treat others poorly.

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The Jews have been discriminated against in just about every society. People even in the USA call this country “A christian nation.”

Notice nobody stands up for Jews even when they are just observing. This is different than zionism. Even “lberals” in the US always stand up for the Palestinians. no matter what Jewish people are always wrong.

And Israel/Netanyahu is/are emboldened moreso now with DJT and his son-in-lawless backing them up in all their actions regardless of the cost in lives, regional peace/tranquility, and the exacerbation of rivalries across the Middle East. Front #2 (after NPK)…

Do you have a theory as to why that might be?


Yes, I’d always though such treatment would make one more tolerant of those different than the rest of us. And now their mounted police (see photo@top) look like the Ringwraiths from “Lord of The Rings”; there’s some twisted irony in there somewhere!

Now trump attempts forcing Palestinians to their knees by threatening to cut-off all US aid - thereby aiding Israeli ethnic cleansing (while aid to Israel is FAR over the admitted $3.5 Billion annually!). The arrogance, mental illness, contempt for norms of civilization, and depravity of trump and nuttyyahoo make their extremism/terrorism perfect together.

It occurs to me that Israeli influence over US policy, both domestic and foreign, tries to make walls and deportations “normal” not racist ethnic cleansing.

The Israeli separation barrier, AKA Apartheid Wall, and their ethnic cleansing of the Occupied Territories and Negev Bedouin to clear land by force to be for Jews only, are intended (in their minds at least) to make such actions seem more “ordinary” - more “normal”. If the USI (US of Israel) do similar things - a Mexican separation border wall, and mass deportations of “illegals”, that may be the beginning of mass deportations of Palestinians as the most rabid zionist terroristshave wanted for a long time - what the hay, they already demolish Palestinian homes, steal their water, destroy their livelihoods/education, farms and olive trees, and kill men, women and children (lots of those) with depraved indifference…since it’s become obvious Israel will continue to steal and colonize territory against all International Law at the point of a gun, why not?

Who will Israel attack and expand into next for their mythological “Greater Israel” - Lebanon again, Jordan? Iran is next in their sights for war to destroy any perceived opposition, as they have done in Syria, Iraq, Libya…and the trump family regime bends over for anything Israel wants…and throws American honor in the garbage (what’s left of it anyway)!


And here it comes, right on Que!..“forcibly deporting thousands of African migrants, in the latest escalation of an anti-migrant campaign”. from Israel - a prelude to doing the same from indigenous Palestinians!?
the trump regime forcibly deports migrants and now Israel wants to do the same - co-incidence? Not likely!

When I saw the photo of IDF goons on horseback confronting Palestinians, the image of the planet of the apes goons on horseback emerged front and center!

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Forgetting from whom they got their Christ. Had they practiced their religion I doubt the world–a large segment of it at any rate–would look like it does. It is very true that in many parts of the world Jews have been unjustly and horribly treated and it explains why they “returned” with a vengeance–especially since the Holocaust but the desire to “return” actually preceded this horror-- even after becoming mostly white Europeans to a land they claim historically. The Palestinians were hardly seen at at all and very much as European invaders of Turtle Island dismissed the humanity of the First Nations peoples.

A two state solution should give way to a one state solution for both people using Belgium as a possible model.

I will venture one: Since the so-called “christians” got their god, their savior from the Jews along with so much of their culture they want to erase this debt. Not very commendable. Similar to essentially the same folks attempt to erase the First Nations here in the US.

Here in the US if we are not Indigenous then BDS has to also come with the demand that the US apologize and atone for the crimes against the First Nations to have any real credibility. Given the twin threat of collective annihilation through ecological collapse and or nuclear war it might be wise to work toward a reconciliation of all peoples. Yes, I know, a very tall order. But if we do not aim and work toward it what then?

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This may have started even before Trump: Recall the horrible treatment of jews from Ethiopia? This, in my view, is another tragic internalized white supremacy ideology as a result of Nazi Germany/Holocaust experience.

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That would be nice- but as the media and others chime in to this tiny country- well…It seems organized religion is the start and often the continuence of the war of humanity upon itself.

Meant: thanks for your post as always!

Are you saying that every country/society from which the Jews have been expelled have been Christian?