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There Will Be No Graciousness or Concession From Trump—Incapable of Either

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/08/there-will-be-no-graciousness-or-concession-trump-incapable-either


Donald Trump can not harm the USA nearly as much IF he is behind bars. He is counseling rebellion and treason.

Unexpressed seditious thoughts do not constitute treason, even if those thoughts contemplate a bloody revolution or coup. Nor does the public expression of subversive opinions, including vehement criticism of the government and its policies, constitute treason. to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of all Americans to advocate the violent overthrow of their government unless such advocacy is directed toward inciting imminent lawless action and is likely to produce it ( Brandenburg v. Ohio , 395 U.S. 444, 89 S. Ct. 1827, 23 L. Ed. 2d 430 [1969]).


Donald Trump will fade into the eventual darkness of his own life.

A failure at every venture he attempted. Bailed out by a father who taught him how to lie, cheat and steal, he no longer has that lifeline.

Now, he faces ridicule for his most colossal failure of all time, the failure to protect the people of the United States from a killer virus during a worldwide pandemic.

Incompetent, absolutely.

Should he pay for his incompetence?


But how should he pay? With his life?

Isn’t worth 2 cents to me.

The fact that this poor excuse for a human being will get the benefits of a president for the rest of his days makes me sick.

Change that, and I might begin to feel somewhat better.

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Don’t be surprised in a few years; we see a leaner, more rehabilitated Donald Trump appearing on Ellen. He’ll come out to the strains of Return of the Mack. It worked for W, didn’t it?

Many have stated that one of Divisive Donald’s big positives is that he did not start a war. He has at times talked of fanning civil strife and, if things get ugly a civil war is a war. However a large part of the reason that Donald was elected was that the country was already divided in 2016. Back then, after the primaries the only remaining aternative within the Duopoly to the neoLiberal option was Divisive Donald. He benefited from this. Obama had become President because enough people wanted change and reform. Similarly Donald became President because enough people wanted change and reform. Afterwards the dynamics of his cult like leadership and the economic crash made the situation far more tense.

I am not attempting to absolve the Liar of the part that he plays in the current tense situation in USA. He is somewhat akin to a belligerent idiot wandering around with a lighted match in a room with a gas leak while looking for mirrors to gaze into. He can smell the gas. However he did not create the gas leak. It was the results of four decades of self-interested neoLiberal rule under the corporations that put us in danger of an explosion. The Clinton administration played its part.


Well yes. I heard that way back in the 80s the first time driving through the USA and listening to Rush Limbaugh. The guy was stoking hate and his eager listeners lapped it up.

I had also witnessed racism in Canada but the full scope of what racism could lead to was when I was in Washington State on a training seminar to Microsofts head offices. After the courses a cab driver was driving us to a club and that entire drive he was just ranting about “N******”. He was all but spitting when he spoke. I recall my co workers looking at each other all shocked. That was a lesson to me. Prior to that I did not think racism that big an issue but when I saw what it could lead to my views of it changed. I began to understand that the subtle “Harmless” racism I had been exposed to could lead to something far uglier.


What you mean-um “MORE rehabilitated”, Kema Sabé?   Tweetle-Dumb isn’t the least bit “rehabilitated”,  and in fact is becoming worse and worse each and every day.   But no surprise, that — he’s been under heavy and increasing stress for several months now, more and more criticism as the pandemic worsens, and to top it off having tens of thousands of people outside HIS house, yelling “LOSER!!!” at him for a couple of days now.  And, if
last month’s episode wasn’t faked for P.R. purposes, he’s a Covid-19 survivor.  Per page 21 of THE WEEK maga­zine’s November 13 edition, "People who survive a severe case of Covid-19 can suffer a significant and lingering decline in mental function, equivalent to an 8.5 point drop in IQ or the brain aging 10 years . . . "   Taking Rex Tiller-
son’s evaluation of three years ago at face value – “Trump is a F***ing Moron” – and giving him the benefit of the
doubt, Tweetle-Dumb’s IQ was maybe 93 at the time, and now, post C-19, it’s down to about 85.   Complicated
as his situation is by a lifetime of severe mental illness, it’s extremely unlikely that ANY rehabilitation is possible.

Comparison is pointless:  Duhbya is merely stupid and a stooge of the PTB.  Tweetle-Dumb is criminally insane.

It’s possible he will have contracted a second case of C-19 by then — if so, it will likely be more severe than the
first one.  In any case, such a rally will be the super-spreader event of all time.  I just hope the collateral damage
isn’t too widespread!

As noted previously, IMHO Tweetle-Dumb – along with the entire Drümpf-Kushner Krime Syndikate plus Pence, McConnell, Giuli-Loony, DeVos and Barr-Barr – should be pilloried on the South Lawn of the White House, within tomato range of the public sidewalks, and left there for at least a couple of months.


Sorry Joan. My money is on he’ll be dead of a heart attack by then.

A fitting end to a lifelong loser.


Wow. Thanks for sharing that piece of info with me. That may be true. My only concern; is he could try to leave the country, before he has to answer for his crimes.


Priceless, Unc.

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Donald tRump needs to Prison now, needs to begin paying for his crimes and atrocities. A Prison with a good psych ward where he can get lots of Electro-Shock Therapy and Thorazine, maybe Restraints if he proves violent.


Imprisoned with a cell mate named Roger Stone.


I agree. tRump doesn’t have the “constitution,” morals, or ethics for be a man and admit he’s been defeated on a grand scale… walk him out and lock the doors.

I believe the ticker-tape parade with military fly-overs, have been set for sometime during the last week of Dec., but I’ll check for the exact date and locations and get back to you in a few days.

Sorry Bob,

Trump’s base of support isn’t 70 million voters, half that number, at least, voted Trump in 2020 because of how repulsive Biden and Harris are.

You still have no idea why Trump won in 2016 is what you’re saying.

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“how can Biden heal the nation when Trump doesn’t want it healed?”

By representing cross-party wants and needs like M4A and job programs, and taxing the wealthy donor class vs giving it tax breaks, maybe?

By thereby mobilizing a low income and potentially activist Democratic base, while, at the same time, giving low income Republicans an alternative to a right wing politics of anger and resentment?

Basically, by representing most citizens instead of the rich.

That’s how.

But ‘can’t we all just get along (and “nothing…fundamentally change”) - after the baaaaad Trump and his awful deplorables and those cwazy socialist extremists on the other side?’ Barf.

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Do you have to be a professor (as is Reich) to know this?

Well, he also went to Yale Law with Bill and Hillary, while he never finished his economics PhD.