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There Will Be No Justice For Trump's Enablers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/19/there-will-be-no-justice-trumps-enablers

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From the article:

‘The reason is that the entire Republican Party will make sure it doesn’t happen…’

Who took impeachment of W, Cheney, et al, ‘off the table’ in 2007?

Who said ‘look forward, not back’ in 2009 and prosecuted no one?

I guess that those two were ‘Republicans’.


I agree that many must be brought to justice, but I also know that putting that upfront and increasing the threats only fosters more fear not only among these powerful creeps, but among the 20% and their media. It is a recipe for defeat. Better to ease fears and focus on common ground issues. If, by some small chance, we can get progressives in power given the corrupt and broken selection system, then we can move on these criminals.

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Look, we already forgot about how horrendous Bush “jr” was because of how completely without morals this ass hole (Trump) is. Americans have no long term memory, if it’s next week the horrible shit from last week is completely forgotten. I just hope when this guy is defeated in 2020 that the Dem nominee is either Sanders or Warren and if the election turns out to be a Dem blowout they may even retake the Senate. It’ll take two years no matter who is elected to just reverse what Trump has wrought w/o even starting any improvements.


Whats with the justice for enablers of Trump comment. He’s the President of the country. He won 30 states

Well, that was depressing.

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After the 2016 election, the GOP gave up their fight against Trump and said, “…our principles and reputations be damned…” If we can’t beat him, we’ll join him.

And the rest is history.

They’re all damned to Hell.

The really sad part is, they’re dragging us with them.

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Good point, the lack of justice plays out on both sides of the aisle.

I want to dispute the article, but can’t.


Justice is more difficult than people think. Every new president comes in with an agenda they want to activate. Getting caught up in prosecuting intrigues from a prior administration versus focusing on their agenda is almost always how presidents move forward. The exception maybe being Calvin Coolidge, but even there he was focused on winning the presidency in his own right in 1924 and ensuring he didn’t inherit Harding’s scandals. He, like most presidents, followed the investigative lead of Congress. Not saying it’s right, but historically, moving forward is what most presidents do.

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After rereading the column, I think that the headline is misleading. ‘Justice’ usually refers to a criminal conviction and punishment, but in the article he writes about ‘moral and professional accounting’. He mentions that a few were convicted, but he’s griping about people who implement policies. The policies of Trump-McConnell are certainly abhorrent, but they are not illegal. Spicer and Huckabee Sanders defended Trump, but that’s not criminal, just appalling. The best ‘justice’ for these people would be a landslide victory for Bernie and the Greens.

If Waldman wants to write about justice, he should start with W et al, deal with Pelosi’s abdication of Constitutional responsibility, and proceed to the abuse of Presidential pardons, with emphasis on Bush one’s holiday gifts.


Exactly, Mr. Peabody. It’s basic discipline. No consequences? Objectionable/criminal/immoral behavior will be repeated. No one is above the law except apparently the right person, with the right money, at the right time, with rightly placed friends (or blackmailed friends), with the right amount of power. The regular folks take it in the ass.

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Reality often is.

This is why I believe all the “moral arc of the universe” talk is a crock of.


I suppose what you wright is true for normal Presidencies, but what Obama followed was quite possibly to most corrupt administration in our nations history, with many laws broken and innocent people killed, IMO we couldn’t afford for him to ignore it, by doing so, he has enabled the present gang to go even bigger, and be bolder. This will continue with at least gop and neo-liberal administrations in the future.

You might be right as far as what the author is projecting in the article, but we’re both correct about the many crimes of the “Chaney” administration.

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If you look at any history, exactly what you say of Obama is a fairly common political refrain by partisans whenever there is political change in the White House. We always want to right past wrongs, not without merit, but presidents nearly always consider the change in administrative personnel and new policy emphasis to be part of that process. Read what anti-federalists had to say about the Adams administration—it wasn’t nice at all, Adams was a horrible, lawbreaking dictatorial tyrant who deserved justice. Jefferson didn’t waste his time prosecuting Adams’s extremes though, he went and purchased Louisiana without congressional input, which hardcore anti-federalists would have hung Adams for.

Obviously I’m oversimplifying history, but as I note in my previous comment, Obama followed previous precedent by presidents going back ages. He let Congress investigate torture and other activities while moving his agenda forward (ACA, financial regulation, Stimulus). There was a comprehensive investigation of financial issues but it just didn’t make headlines the way Congressional Democrats expected it to. The Tea Party (supported by Koch interests) grabbed headlines with deficit hysteria and austerity politics instead. Americans have always had short-term memory problems and presidents want to make the most of their agendas while they can. Moreover, it’s difficult to tell voters they were wrong, lots of voters supported the war on terror at its peak.

Just to clarify, in no way am I saying you are wrong—the Bush regime was terrible. But presidents have a limited time in office and Obama followed the precedent of his predecessors for pretty understandable reasons. Trust me, if Sanders wins the presidency, he’ll have a short time to work within and chasing Trump imbroglios will be low on his list of priorities too.

I agree.
Pelosi’s decree that impeachment of that crew was ‘off the table’ was like driving the getaway car, and it makes her an accessory to the crimes.


They got away with invading a sovereign country that had zero to do with the WTC attack. Thousands of innocent people were killed. And, with utter predictability, we hear nada from those in power at the time, as to what they think of what DT is doing to our country. They got theirs; eff everyone and everything else.