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There You Have It: Emails Confirm Coal, Oil, and Gas Extraction Drove Shrinking of National Monuments


There You Have It: Emails Confirm Coal, Oil, and Gas Extraction Drove Shrinking of National Monuments

Julia Conley, staff writer

Interior Department emails that came to light on Friday confirm that protecting companies' ability to mine oil, gas, and coal was a primary concern as the agency moved to shrink two national monuments in Utah last year.


If you thought the war against the First Nations ended think again. Also, with Strangelove and his Pentagon chorus wanting more nuclear weapons we are all at risk.



Following the theme of sacrificing the public’s favorite natural areas for the benefit of oil and gas companies, the Trump administration has announced plans to expand offshore drilling in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Arctic Ocean. This drastic proposal opens over 90% of the Outer Continental Shelf to new drilling and puts our nation’s coastal communities, beaches, surf breaks, and marine ecosystems at risk of a catastrophic oil spill.

  1. Submit comments to BOEM: visit regulations.gov
    The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has a public comment period open until March 9th on its draft offshore drilling proposal. See sample talking points and submit your comments today!


This doesn’t pertain exactly to this specifically … but wanted to bring this article
on EMMA to the attention of those here.

Photos: Storm Emma buries communities in snow, halts travel across UK and Ireland

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled internationally –

Plus this damage to Boston area … and Massachusetts


As if we didn’t already know what drives Donald Trump and his Party full of pusillanimous polecats.


What is true Eco-terrorism? The modus operandi of Big Oil.

“Sabotage is an act of force or violence against material objects, machinery, in which life is not endangered, or should not be. Terrorism, on the other hand, is violence against living things: human beings and other living things.”

Edward Abbey, from interview with Jack Loeffler.

If we do not realize how language is used as a weapon against us, written into law to subjugate us, we have already lost the battle.

So let’s use “Eco-terrorism” accurately, to describe those who kill living things, instead of those who destroy property, which makes one merely a saboteur.