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"There'll Be More Death": Trump Says He Is Willing to Sacrifice Lives to Reopen US Businesses

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/06/therell-be-more-death-trump-says-he-willing-sacrifice-lives-reopen-us-businesses

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And there we have it folks: Profit before Life–if at all. Bodybags before PPEs, test kits, vaccine accelerated research…The logical end-game of capitalism.

Read Albert Camus, The Plague (La Peste), and all the accounts of pestilence in the past. Infected dead bodies were thrown over walls and is this what is coming? Say outside of Mar-A-Lago? The White House?


translate this to Latin and you have the de facto US motto.


In some extreme situations in developing countries (or in novels read by developed countries), the elderly sometimes have to die to make room for the young. If there is not enough food for everyone to survive, someone has to forfeit their life. That is often the elderly. Many would likely not have a problem with that if their children or grand-children could survive. That is terrible and civilized countries do everything we can to avoid that. Live-Aid anyone?. So knowingly sacrificing lives, and some GOP members have stressed it will likely be seniors, to reopen comic book stores, tattoo parlors, hair salons, etc is just bizarre and evil. Other western countries have been in lock down for twice as long as North America and will survive - without having to throw their seniors under the bus to get there.


These cretins may also be viewing the Social Security money they no longer have to mail out. However, young people are dying too even if not in the same numbers. Note that Trump and many around him such as Mitch are elderly but we have recently been informed that they can get and are getting tested multiple times. This is the extreme form of separateness fostered by a morally bankrupt system.


What decision is being made and by whom?

This is a local matter. Municipal governments and coalitions of municipal governments working with governors and local and regional agencies are the appropriate venues for these discussions.

Who receives shipments and where? Local entities.

The task of the federal government is to assure the national level services like the POST OFFICE and


America can just accept this as their collective decision, and the inherent death sentence that accompanies their collective inability to adopt reason as an overall general concept; In other words, literally, “too stupid to live”.


Interesting point. I’d add that “the elderly” in societies that respect and value experiential and spiritual wisdom refer to the eldest amongst us as “elders” and a permanent place is established that persons who are aging in turn respect, grow into and do so in order to serve community. This is true in many communities despite the fact that the politically manipulated venues do not respect this aspect of societal life.

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There’s an argument to be made for getting on the pathway to herd immunity. That’s the actual current case for the other corona viruses (distinct from other influenza strains) that infect humans: each year, the antibodies that the majority of us have developed over time and exposure to these viruses kick in to limit the symptoms to basically catching a cold. Plus, there’s the hope for a vaccine.

The problem is, we haven’t even scientifically established that there is a lasting immunity to this virus, and considering how different it is from other corona viruses, that’s iffy in itself. Same with the vaccine – there still isn’t one for the other corona viruses that infect humans. Finally, there’s the little problem of mass deaths being the price we pay to develop (possible but not guaranteed) herd immunity. If 60% of Americans have to be infected to establish herd immunity, and the death rate currently being cited for Covid19 is accurate (between .5 and 1%), then:

330,000,000 x .6 = 200,000,000 x .05 = 1,000,000 deaths
(and I went with the conservative death rate figure)

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There is going to come a time where they will try to either suppress or completely stop counting cases and deaths, so people should be prepared for this eventuality.

Trump and his pals will then try to politicize the numbers themselves, however, other countries who have to deal with the US will likely not be as pliant when dealing with a country who will not try to mitigate risk.

Sadly, I see all of this as more suffering. People really need to set aside differences and turn off their television sets.


It’s on my coffee table. I got as far as the first chapter where he describes the bucolic port town of Oran. I last read it in the '80s. I think it has been there for about five weeks now, untouched by the coward–me–who could handle The Plague in the abstract much better than in person. Such power Camus holds over me to this day. Only because he saw and wrote about truth.


The most disturbing aspect of the trends I watch: In countries where the bug runs loose, the per-case fatality never declines. So far it seems to plateau just under 16% – even while they’re testing as much as they can, adding to their case-count. My focus in this concern is the herd-immunity quartet of USA, UK, Sweden, and Netherlands. They’ve all officially gambled their peoples’ future on what this bug does now.

The stubbornly-rising per-case fatality we see is an artifact of reporting anomalies, and possibly of something more ominous. I’ve heard conventional estimates a “true” fatality rate (if all cases were diagnosed) of around 0.5%. But could this nimble bug be breaking the mold by escalating to higher orders of fatality where it totally saturates a community?


elder sacrifice in other societies generally presumed conditions of persistent shortage, and this was one crude reproductive solution to it.

we’re not short food. or anything else. it’s just that what those elders need is being squirreled away by scum who won’t share.


We are quickly entering neo-feudalism


It’s textbook corporate denialism, of course, to cast doubt on all data. Some of us cast away any shame in general attacks on the reliability of any scientific information from anywhere. The problem the crackpots have is suggesting some weird form of alternate wisdom to substitute for science. They’re embarrassed about that, and have to find crackpot just-pretend-scientists to reference.

photo caption:

Commander in Chief performing karaoke version of “Que Sera Sera” after announcing “There will be more death.”

Good God, TL. Don’t tell me you never heard of the eminent credentials of some climate denialists? Some crackpots hang out at universities (teaching Sociology perhaps). The usual question to ask about the reliability of their views regards publication in a (non-crackpot) peer-reviewed journal.

Swindlers have been calling themselves Doctor Smart, MD, PhD from at least the time of Twain.

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I hear ya, but I’m not really sure that these idiots protesting or our “leadership” represents the “collective” that is the population of the U.S. A majority of citizens do not want to reopen the economy at the cost of anyone we love… This is just evil.


voting either Democrat and Republican is the problem, all of them are in effect the collective stupidity of the nation.


whos’ lives, erik, donny, ivanka, byron?