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"There's Going to Be Scandal Involved in This Bailout. It Is Unquestionable'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/03/theres-going-be-scandal-involved-bailout-it-unquestionable


Trump is the ultimate spigot for the corporations and their lobbyists, they will do all that they can to re-elect him for more of the same. The two-hour media shows he gets at night are quite a gift. I don’t know what all of their tricks will be, but bamboozlement will best describe them. Big Money is quite expert at getting people to vote against their best interests–the voters they allow to get into the polls that is. This pandemic has deep-sixed Bernie’s visibility and that is a terrible thing. Cohesion among the People is being fractured as social isolation forces individuals into their amygdala (fear-based) mode where they are not able to see the forest for the trees. Society is in a state of rapid disintegration as the law enforcement officers who will drag the evicted out of their homes will continue to receive their paychecks from Big Money. It’s Dickens time all over again.


Excellent post! You covered a lot in one paragraph----- summarizing concisely what is unfolding in this real life u.s. version of 1984 (we could combine many terrifying dystopian books that compare to our current reality).

Your choice of trump being a “spigot” is perfect! His mouth literally looks like one as his nauseating utterances pour out----generated by his narcissistic personality disordered, reptilian brain during the daily “press conferences” which are his latest version of his hate rallies.


If the GOP had not lost control of the House of Representatives in January 2019, during the past week Congress would have given Trump full dictatorial powers that Hungary’s and the Phillipines’ legislatures gave their autocratic heads of state this week.

Even if they can’t cancel the November election, the GOP and its corporate owners will spend as much as it takes to make the November election the most rigged election the US has ever seen.


good lord, moyers. the scandal is the bailout!

let’s try really hard not to normalize the massive looting scheme going on this past decade plus.

thanks in advance,

a peon


It won’t surprise me, if we find out 6 months-a year from now, that they simply moved the October Surprise to December, and another country.

Just because this was first noticed in another country, doesn’t mean, that’s were it came from

Just sayin


I couldn’t bring myself to read the article.

Of course it is a scandal.

But who’s going to investigate it…the Dems? They all voted for it including the Progressive bloc.

Move on…nothing to see here.


Wonder what or who is going to prosecute the participants in said scandal.

Considering that no bankster was even indicted for their role in causing the 2008 crash, there will be NO “prosecution of participants in said scandal”.


Jeffrey’s on fire today. Another nugget:

Nancy Pelosi, April 2019: “When most people say they’re for Medicare-for-all, I think they mean health care for all. Let’s see what that means. A lot of people love having their employer-based insurance.” Have you polled the 10 million newly unemployed to see how they like it now, Nancy?


So tell me (he asked rhetorically) why giving some of their own tax dollars back to the 99% creates a “moral hazard,” while giving it to the 1% does not?

All that TARP gravy could as easily have been ladled out to those whose mortgages were underwater; the lenders would have gotten it eventually, but without all the attendant foreclosures, bankruptcies, broken neighborhoods and suicides.


TARP was a corporate welfare program that allegedly “paid for itself” even though the money corporate grantees used to “pay TARP back” came from other corporate welfare programs.

Had the US gubmit taken over too big to fail banks and other corporations in 2008, broken them up, restored their solvency, and sold them at a profit the way the gubmit created Conrail in 1976 and restoring solvent railroad operations in the northeastern US without costing taxpayers a nickle.

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What you mean-um “Going To Be”, Kemo Sabé?   This bailout, like the bailout of the Krooked Banks back in 2009, is the EEE-PITOMIZATION of scandal!!

But what the Hell else did anyone expect with P’Loser and Mnuchin involved?   If she & O’Bummer
had done their jobs in 2009 lead Bankster Mnuchin would be in prison today, instead of heading up Treasury.  In fact disgust with O’Bummer’s legacy in 2016 might have been sufficiently reduced that Tweetle-Dumb might not be president today, and disgust with his vice-president might be sufficiently less to give Buy-Done at least a 40% chance of winning the presiduncy next November.   (Assuming
we actually HAVE an Election, that is.)


There it is.

Good article.

Capitalism is, without question unless you are a plutocrat or apologist, anti-human. It is anti-Life and why we need to see that socialism is humanist at heart.

From the article:

This was written before Covid-19. So it does not account for the chance that capitalism may destroy itself. Its refusal to resuscitate the welfare state, its refusal to forgive debt, may undo it.

The 2020 financial crisis could become a depression. If so, we are not in uncharted waters. We know what that looks like. We can refer to the 1930s or glance at the carcass of Greek society after the banks bled it dry and tossed it in the dumpster. Misery for almost everyone. Unimaginable luxury for a very few. Now we have the added disaster of Covid-19. A plague that ravages a population which cannot afford health care. Overwhelmed hospitals where bodies pile up in the corridors. You can be sure there will be no shortage of ventilators for plutocrats. Still, that may not save them.

It’s like driving through a mess of wrecked cars on a freeway. The next scandal just piles up against the previous scandals, one after the other.

Next scandals. Firing the aircraft carrier captain. And just now, the Inspector General that forwarded the whistle blowers complaint against trump leading to his impeachment.
I think I’m gonna puke.


Not enough people reacted strongly enough in the previous heist, so of course, we get a bigger one.

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Interesting article and interview. I just ordered the book. Why I don’t know- I guess as a refresher course and preview of coming attractions…

And then last night seeing The mango mobster manbaby fire the Inspecor general who brought to whistleblower complaint to light… made me realize there is zero, yes zero, hope for any changes in governance when rules and laws allow for this…

I wish I could be incensed and outraged we are allowing the same things to occur as before… if changing the president would work to stop what is endlessly going on I might be more energetically still fighting but now, in the past week, I have, in the midst of this pandemic shitshow, faced the realization than until every single township, country, state and federal elected rep is replaced with people who actually have an unshakeable moral and ethical conscience as well as competency, nothing fundamental will change. And the likelihood of that is nil imho…
I am still paying attention to what is going on I am just am out of hope at this point.
I hope no one follows my example in giving up…

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Hell no, Smerl; if you give up it makes one less of us to fight what is coming. It helps the rich fucks (my technical term for the oligarchy) and I do not think that you really give up or give in. We are all feeling despair and fear, I know. The rich fucks will be SO surprised at what happens with more than 300 million people who realize that they have nothing to lose…


The corruption started in 2016. But was started with Reagan.

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