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There's No Normalizing Trump (Or at Least, There Shouldn't Be)


There's No Normalizing Trump (Or at Least, There Shouldn't Be)

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From penning puff pieces to "pivoting to 'Trump as our kooky uncle'" to glossing over his promotion of white nationalist Steve Bannon, the media is helping to normalize President-elect Donald Trump, critics charged this week.

It was a trend that began during the campaign, FAIR's Adam Johnson wrote on Sunday, and it has only accelerated since the election.


"His college[sic], Nouriel Roubini, insisted the Oval Office will 'tame' Trump."
* A lot of the German People thought the Reichstag would tame Hitler.
* It didn't.


yeah, so why not send Les Moonves instead of Leslie Stahl?? wouldn't be able to get him off his knees, maybe?


Unfortunately, there is an historical precidence with prezs being normalized. There will be media and what-not, but I get the point. I will make a shot in the dark and say Trump will be well recieved by people who count, i.e.: rich folk, wall streeters and the like. The rest of us will be wondering what the hell happened. If anyone remembers, Commondreams had an article about 2 years ago about the GOP going from state to state redistricting and the autgors conclusion wad that it wpuld be impossible for Republicans not to win...well, right or wrong, they won.


I know, that this post will raise a lot of ire:
So let me start from the outset that I did NOT vote for that despicable creep and I feel and fear for minorities of every stripe.

There are however some very few bright spots:
• His win hastened the demise of the TTIP and the TPP
• His anticipated détente with Russia will greatly reduce tension and the prospects of WWIII. Putin has been thoroughly maligned by our corporate dominated media. Hi did not amass his forces on our borders, we did so on his. The Crimean peninsula has historically been part of Russia, until Khrushchev, himself Ukrainian, “gave” it to the Ukraine. Putin reincorporated the peninsula AFTER holding a referendum, which was approved by the predominantly Russian population
• Easing our support of Israel is another positive and will be welcomed by the mistreated people of Palestine
• Softer approach in our relations with China deserves another check!

Let us support him on these points, but vigorously oppose ALL his divisive, racist and misogynistic and anti minority measures, which are designed to divide our country


Like at the morning of the British Brexit vote, we woke up on November 9 wailing: "Oh what have we done!"
Not that the alternative was a whole lot better.


A very short time ago Trump was the Kremlin's secret agent man getting orders directly from Putin. Hmmm, maybe none of that was true after all and in fact it went right down the Corp-wellian memory hole. Hey Oprah, this guy doesn't care for darker hued people. Oh but he's rich, you're rich, I get it.



I made a comment I think the dismal day after, that the MSM would do this very thing. I mean, hasn't the MSM been doing this all along for the most regard?

Did the MSM ever really do any investigative work on the Trump? Has the MSM ever done any real investigation on Clinton?

Now the MSM has even more justification other than the fact in the end corporate interests are ALWAYS served above anything else.

Trump's willingness to vilify the MSM (HE OF COURSE IS THE WRONG MESSENGER ON THIS), and threaten lawsuits, will make this situation even worse, as individual journalists will be even LESS willing to do investigative work on him, even knowing that their editors tilt corporate subservience in the first place.

Oh yeah Trump is going to bust up the corporate rigged system, don't you know!!!!!!

Also. it will only take a few weeks before many more niceties are exchanges from corporate Democrats who are going to be more than willing for Ryan to lead the way on aggressive neoliberal "austerity" dismantling of what remains the safety net, attacking the core New Deal programs that corporate Democrats have secretly wanted to attack as well.

Imagine that, Trump having those allies. You know, the Trump who was set to take down that rigged system.

Ah, the depravity of it all.

Not only do we get the continuation, and indeed ramping up of corporate governance under the Trump, but some real live in your face fascism to boot, pun intended.


Absolutely necessary! Keep on reminding yourself and others that Trump's election is not normal. Keep on reminding yourself that what Trump and the repubs want to do is not normal. Keep on reminding yourself that the majority of voters did not choose Trump.


One of the things we learned during this election is that the MSM in this country is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Oligarchy. After nothing but non-stop Trump-in-your-face for 24/7 during the run up to the election, now its lets play nice with him; he's just a wealthy essentric. Those that really run this country are happy the overt Fuhrer won but it also would have been acceptable to them had the covert Empress won. In the end we only get the president that the Oligarchs prefer.

I am really impressed with how the press has been fanning the fires of the protests. The more they cover them, the more they manipulate each side to get riled up and start attacking the other. Instead of a revolution against their bosses who are running the show, they help keep the angry citizens angry at anything and anyone except the powers that be. If the citizens are concentrating on each other, it will keep them occupied and it won't change a thing.


Got to do more than donate $$, John. Deeper sacrifice for each other will be necessary.


And keep on reminding yourself, that the real blame lies in Clinton/DNC for crushing any real populist message of Sanders, while at the same time, working to elevate Trump as the favored candidate to run against, leaving the fake populist standing.



Chomsky said this about Obama 6 years ago:
" It ( the Obama administration ) is very similar to the late Weimar Germany. The parallels are striking."

I am waiting to hear what Chomsky has to say about Trump!


Really, we are having this discussion ?

Everyone take out your textbook "Manufacturing Consent" ala Noam Chomsky.


Can we quit the normalization of the media as if they did anything of value.

The Media IS the Problem.


Libs didn't say squat about Obama normalizing permanent war, total surveillance, torture, drone-killing.

This is how the system works.

Defining deviancy downward.


I was looking forward to hearing Gwen Ifill's take on all this (and I was surprised when she wasn't covering election night). I just found out about her death. Damn. She was one of my favorites.


how dare you be reasonable!!! why do you hate America? :wink:


I'm personally looking forward to the new POTUS' production of, "The Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Ave".
This could be an awesome 4 years. Awesome in that "Cthulhu is coming!" way.


Oh no. How awful. I hadn't heard.

On election night, right at the beginning, I think it was Judy Woodruff who said she was off attending to health issues.


Folks, we are about to see what happens when one party that is ruthless and power mad gets into office with a carte blanche to do whatever they want. These monsters will waste no time and act very quickly. Compare this to back when Obama was first in office and had a friendly congress. They dithered and accomplished little, then it was too late!