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There's Only One Reason Trump and the GOP Don't Want MaiI-in Voting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/27/theres-only-one-reason-trump-and-gop-dont-want-maii-voting


The illegitimacy of the 2016 election, with trumpo not winning, but APPOINTED by electoral college, is so obviously wrong, and criminal (just like trump etc), these Fascist gop’ers are a real danger not only to this country, but the world as well. The sooner ALL of them, including supporters, voters, and especially the rich campaign donors are gone from this Planet, the better for everybody of sound mind, and principle! One can only hope, and, unfortunately plan for the worst.


There are actually two reasons, Thom.

The second reason being to strike the final, fatal blow in the GOP’s half century campaign to put USPS out of business.

The GOP has always been good at killing two birds with one stone.


Living in Oregon, where the state has been exclusively mail-in for over 20 years, we have one of the [highest rates of voter participation in the country] and no evidence of so-called “voter fraud.”

Isn’t it strange how there’s “no evidence” of what goes on inside the black box?
How convenient.

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If only, cheaters got what they deserve.


Great article. No one fears open and free elections more than the GOP. Their suppressive tactics over the last fifty years is epic and criminal much like their criminal president. Poor
Donald will get his FA kicked. The only downside is that Biden is just another Wall Street stooge like Trump but in this case least worse is light years better than the orange psycho.


Glad to see you back on Common Dreams, I listen to your show daily for the last 16 years and was how I got to know Bernie Sanders. Thank you. I hear you talking about articles you write and on other sites but haven’t seen on Common Dreams?

Most of us cannot afford to support every progressive news outlet and talk show hosts that we like and in some cases if we haven’t joined by paying a fee, we don’t get to read your articles.

Love your show but cannot agree with you on the dem party and you hanging up on people that want to state their issues with dem party. I don’t believe you can change dem party from within, it just is not going to happen. I’ve tried to get involved here in Oregon but don’t here back from them even after several attempts and complain that they don’t respond.


In his book referenced herein, Hartmann asserts that the Republicans have not legitimately won a presidential election since Eisenhower.

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Two thirds of the United States of America is lining up to put their collective feet up his FA.


I am unlikely to get that book - do you have any idea how he justifies that statement for the significant Republican wins of 1972, 1980, 1984, 1988. I can see it for the other wins of 1968, 2000, 2004, 2016, but in the first set of 4, the popular vote win by the R side was substantial - is the claim made that voter suppression explains all of it?

I had not heard the story about Edwards in the 2004 election. That’s pathetic and makes me less of a fan of Kerry than I thought possible.

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Trump is the biggest con artist since Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff. Couple that with his narcissistic personality disorder running rough shod over the commons and his brain dead base makes for the beginning of the end of Empire. Every Empire has collapsed. The US Empire is a superstructure crumbling under the weight of gross incompetence and Biden cannot put it back together again. Bitter times await the sheeple.


I think it’s the same reason, the Democrats kept changing their primary rules - Money wants to control Us and Our government, without too much interference from Us. Voting for any organization that tries to pare unwanted voters from rolls is voting against democracy itself.


There are pros and cons to mail-in ballots.

The article covers the pro of making it harder for voter suppression. It make it harder to suppress votes by having long lines in minority areas, preemptive vote purging or demands for government issued ID.

The demographics of people who like to vote in person are very different from those who typically vote by mail (e.g. seniors, stable workers).

The primary con of mail-in ballots is election fraud. Anonymous exit polling used to be used to protect against election fraud. With a majority of voters using mail-in ballots, exit polls end up with significantly different outcomes compared to the “real” vote counts. The exit polls will have to be replaced with post-election non-anonymous telephone polling which are not accurate enough to make a case of election fraud.

In-person voting also provides a receipt that tells you which ballot number you got. This prevents “vote stuffing”. Something like that could be implemented with mail-in ballots, however the chain-of-custody is lost for those ballots since the US Postal Service ends up handling them.

The vote counting machines have to run on open-source software to make sure we have transparency in elections. That requirement has not been enacted.

Gerrymandering congressional districts and mainstream media manipulation will continue unabaited.

The fact that politicians in both parties don’t want these issues fixed (or only propose it when they know the vote will fail) is a clear indication they don’t represent the voters as a whole and instead represent their biggest donors.

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I truly hope so. But it will mean everyone having to get out and vote, not sit it out and pout, but vote to get Trumph the hell out of there. And this time maybe by 20 million more votes

Of course, the Supreme Court failed all except the GOP when the decided that Gore V Bush was over—and before it should have been over. : (

I don’t know how Hartmann justifies it. Can’t bring myself to read the book, but do know that he makes that claim.

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That’s why I’m staying home this year. Candidates are so bad that I say, why bother? One is just as lousy as the other. A third party has 0% chance of ever winning. I voted green in '16, a complete waste of my time as nothing is ever going to change until it all collapses into oblivion.

The U.S. Empire is a Ponzi scheme crumbling under the weight of an extremely corrupt Duopoly that the population is slowly awakening to as being there strictly to serve the 1%.

Their constant and consistent lies have brought the country to it’s knees, neighbors against neighbors, everyone just waiting for the next war to be announced.

Think back at the Dem primary early days: And then, there was only Bernie and biden left standing! We progressives knew and still know that seeing and experiencing the corporate MSM debacle of 20+ corporate contenders (save one or two) meant that the “fix” was in! Only feeling Human Beings felt then and now the cries of our ancestors pleading for our children’s future! And to witness 20 corporate insiders that blocked the path that we must have to save Earth’s children from rich bigots follies of a World under “its” dominance! Behind closed doors, it was a very well planned corporate play by the corporate-coup leaders of both U.S. parties! The corp-dems learned in 2016 to turn-up the dirt machine! The corp-ruled gop & dnc run this empire! And they will not let some pay-check earning, common letter-carriers ruin the “the plans of mice and men”. By preventing the racist bigot’s biggest desire to: “Look how powerful I am!”

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Good article, in particular Thom pointed out something I did not realize. That is the fact that some of the difference between exit polling results and the final vote tallies, is because some of the people polled had actually voted on “provisional ballots”, that are virtually never counted. I will hasten to add that more of the difference is due to election fraud, that is manipulation of the actual tallies by rigged computer operations. Republican operatives use two main tactics to “win” rigged elections: voter suppression and election fraud. These are just piled on top of the fact that, even in Presidential elections, nearly half the population does not vote, huge amounts of money are spent to promote the worst possible candidates, the gerrymandered districts most particularly those in Republican states are set up to minimize progressive voters, and the Senate is so heavily skewed against the will of the majority of the populace and so weighted to favor the most retrograde parts of the country, that it now has become a complete travesty. Of course there is the the related issue of the anti-democratic Electoral College, a uniquely authoritarian institution not seen in any other “nominal” democracy on Earth (though all have their own anti-democratic aspects). Here I will note that, along with all other anti-democratic and fraudulent operations that promote the right-wing; that 2 of the 4 times the modern Presidency was awarded by the Electoral College, to the loser of the popular vote, occurred during the last 20 years.

The attack on the veracity and public image of “exit polling” actually began as part of the 2000 “selection” events that put the monstrous Bush the Younger in office. However, those developments were masked by such incidents as the “Brooks Brothers Riot” in which Republican staffers from D.C. were flown down to Miami to provide the “protesters” outside the recount efforts there, and the selection of Bush the Younger by the five Republican stooges on the Supreme Court. But the attack on exit polling it really went into high gear in the 2004 election rigging and fraud events. Right wing operatives, and compliant corporate controlled media outlets, made all kinds of bogus claims about problems with exit polling, and the results of the exit polls were changed after the election to agree with the fraudulent vote counts!!! Interestingly, the Bush the Younger regime used exit polling data, only a couple of percentage points higher than the results that cast serious doubts on the regimes own domestic win, to demand a new election in Ukraine.

The U.S. is a rotting declining empire, and the fight for “deck chairs on the Titanic” is now going on in earnest. For most of us who live here the end of the Empire can, if properly handled, be a positive development. Over the past few decades trillions upon trillions of dollars have been lavished on our imperial military, the very resources that our public institutions and public infrastructure were denied. That outlandish spending could be greatly curtailed, Ralph Nader has suggested the Pentagon should be trimmed over 3 years to about 1/4 of its current budget. Enough to maintain a credible military, but not enough to support 1,000 foreign bases and other excesses. Can, or will, the Democratic Party lead such a change?? During the 1930s the U.S. political and socioeconomic system was flexible enough to mount a competent response to a major Crisis of Capitalism. Is it now, and presumably if led by a Biden Presidency? Certainly not unless honest elections are conducted, and then only if massive public pressure is put on the next President. Elections are an important part of the process of socioeconomic and political change, but are not enough without significant and well-organized backup pressure from the populace. The Democratic Party is nearly as bad and is as tightly controlled by the rich and well-connected as is the Republican Party. In reality a true progressive political party is needed, certainly that is not possible in the time that remains until the 2020 elections. But as guests on a recent Jack Rasmus radio show discussed with him, the largest bloc of voters is now “independent” and that bloc is ripe for a new party. That show is available at “Alternative Visions - America’s Triple Crisis & the Organization Question”, May 18, 2020, at ~https://alternativevisions.podbean.com/e/alternative-visions-america-s-triple-crisis-the-organization-question/.

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