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Theresa May Seeks to Pull UK from European Convention on Human Rights


Theresa May Seeks to Pull UK from European Convention on Human Rights

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

British Prime Minister Theresa May will campaign to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in 2020, according to new reports.


If she succeeds, I suggest testing the waters by puttingTheresa May's head on the chopping block, followed by all her fellow ruling class oppressors. Hey, no human rights laws would be violated, right?


May is a megathatcher in the making.


I wonder if Roger Waters is up to making a sequel album to The Final Cut?


What is with the UK's female PM's?

The movie "Chicken Run" is coming to mind - recall that evil chicken-farm woman Mrs. Tweedy was a not-so-subtle evocation of Thatcher. Or was I the only one who saw her that way?

Shame that nobody does stop-action or Claymation movies anymore.


Another Trumpette, in another country. Exact same mentality. Anti-life (except hers).


Omg, she will fit in nicely with Trump and Bibi Netinwhatever. This is without a doubt a world run by the most insane among us. It seems the intelligent one's have been brain drained by the lead and fluoride in the water. WTF?


What "rules" do those UK cluster bombs "play by" in Yemen?


Why not just ignore the ECHR? The US had ratified the UN's UDHR, only to disregard it on numerous counts. Consider that the UDHR lists food and shelter as fundamental human rights -- even for the jobless poor. America disagrees, and ended actual welfare aid some 20 years ago. On this issue, our war agenda, our massive imprisonment of citizens -- all in violation of international human rights standards. Of course, the US does have a shabby record when it comes to keeping agreements.


And people still want conservative politicians. Go figure.

Online Direct Democracy


Why in God's name did my parents risk their lives and sanity fighting the Nazis for nigh on 6 years?

Prime ministers from Thatcher onwards have worked hard to destroy everything I was led to believe that the UK stood for. Theresa May (and her be-suited fellow brownshirts) are a bloody disgrace to both the UK and to Churchill's legacy,


But wasn't Churchill a rather right-wing guy - vehemently opposed to all that "socialistic" cradle-to-grave stuff of the Atlee Government that succeeded him?


To me at least NB, with all due respect, the idea of "online direct democracy" at this time seems absurd. I believe that in order for "direct democracy" to be anything but mob-rule and continued corruption by big-money influence, there must be at least three prerequisite's that do not exist now, which are: an educated population, fully understanding history and current events, an population truthfully and fully informed - by a media/Fourth Estate that does not now exist, and a population that accepts that "religious" dogma as it relates to elections, representatives, and governance must not influence public secular policy - a "separation" between religion and state the Founders tried (and failed) to accomplish - a "direct democracy" having a foundation of anything less would, it seems to me be perhaps even worse and at least or perhaps more prone to corruption and manipulation.

Some see democracy (as it exists) as devised to rule by the 1% and further vulture capitalist usury and exploitation - leadership for a sustainable future might be better accomplished under a benevolent constitutional "monarchy" with a queen of course........

A direct democracy might also include proscriptions on political party favoritism and corruption, and a nominating mechanism free from coercion and wealth as necessary to serve/lead the nation, and universal voter registration and voting mechanisms that must adhere to agreed norms of fairness and transparency.................


She sounds like an absolute reptile. Shades of David Icke . . .


Switzerland, Mondragon, Iceland, NZ, Scandinavian Countries and others with various degrees of direct democracy have the best governments. As Greg Fossedal explains in his book "Direct Democracy in Switzerland", this is due to the fact that people take an interest in self government when they know they are the government.

Some assume that we have a dysfunctional government because people are stupid. But that assumption relies on the mistaken conclusion that we govern ourselves. Much of our population doesn't vote because they are smart enough to recognize that the system is rigged, Big Money rules and their vote does not count.

You raise important questions best answered in the following links:



May will probably use the model of her favorite democracy, Israel, for human rights laws.


As far as the question - "are a people "ready" for direct democracy"?, the Democracy Foundation answered the question in the linked info you provided -
"Development economists often wonder whether a given people are “ready” for democracy. The assumption is that until they have attained a certain level of formal education, wealth, or other achievements, they are not quite fit for self-government."

I suggest that America is clearly not ready, or "quite fit", given the pathetic state of our public education, media/press truth-telling, and corrupt/subversive influences of big-money and self-serving greed that runs rampant over our politics and electoral processes - at risk of committing a faux pas, there are a sizable segment of the population that are freakin idiots!

The Swiss have a long tradition of public involvement in their electoral processes and other prerequisites for direct democracy.

All the best to you and yours Nature Boy for the new year and beyond - we all will need such. Peace to you all!

We all will need all the unity we can scrape together to survive the immediate future under the tender mercies of a trump regime......................


Churchill was indeed "rather right-wing", but he did not like Nazis,or their sympathisers even when they were members of the Royal Family. That is to his credit.


NZ has a single House of Parliament and a rubber-stamp Governor General. That makes for bad decisions.


"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." Winston Churchill.

Another good argument is to go and look at the comments on yahoo or after any given Youtube video. I believe, as Emphyrio says, we need a better educated public and a non-partisan media that delivers accurate, truthful impartial information. Some hope on both counts!