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These 14 Democrats Are at Core of What Bernie Sanders Calls the 'Most Progressive Freshman Class' in Modern US History

These 14 Democrats Are at Core of What Bernie Sanders Calls the 'Most Progressive Freshman Class' in Modern US History

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As conservative pundits and self-interested corporate Democrats predictably attempted to spin this week's midterm election results as a win for so-called moderates a


The abuses of government office have become so egregious that a simple, clear, dedicated and organized representative who has removed their constituency from the clawing toxins of corporate money, working with other simple, clear, dedicated and organized corp free reps, might just really make progress.
One point I consider highly salient is that when corporations must simply lobby a rep willing to say NO to bribes, that representative can then BRING TO THE PEOPLE WHAT THE COPRORATIONS ARE ASKING FOR in order to revert to the representation of the people, by the people, for the people.

Do these folks have the right stuff to institute and INSTITUTIONALIZE a re-evolution like that?


I don’t know how progressive or moderate or centrist the new Democrats are but the main thing is the Democrats won the House. Considering that gerrymandering in Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio cost them perhaps a dozen seats it was quite an achievement. The other important piece of information is the Republicans seemed to have gained seats in the Senate so things could have turned out better than they did. There was a blue wave but it was a little weak. It seemed stronger at the state level and at the federal level.

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I have gotten onto the activist mailing lists of about 10 organizations that advocate for a number of issues. Over the past ten years it has become part of daily life to work with personalization of the boilerplate provided for fast letter writing to my reps to the tune of up to ten letters and/or petitions per month. Lots of folks poo-poo such actions, but if they don’t hear from you, the sound from the corporations is only louder. Just something to consider


In that case it might worth considering the indigenous teaching story of Jumping Mouse


I agree with you on Dems doing better on the State level. My guess is the only thing the 35 or 40 seat majority will gain them is they will be able to play the same game as the Republican Congress under Obama. Pass a lot of legislation that won’t get passed by the Senate. The ONLY interesting thing about that is WHAT type of “wishful” legislation they pass. The State thing is a whole different ballgame. Again the same “logic” I think applies that I used on the House, just look what the Republicans did to their “experiments” at the State level. Kansas, Wisconsin, Florida, Maine, Michigan (ugh), North Carolina, the poor people of West Virginia, Oklahoma etc.

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Worth thr read:


A question; why do pundits always call them ‘centrists’? The center, politically,is a movable feast, as the Republicans move further to the loonytunes neo-fascist right so the devotees of ‘centrism’ track it Establishment Dem positions now are in some areas close to where Republicans were in Eisenhower’s day


oldgoat, generally no, sadly.

Even Bernie would not extend his rather meaningless two-word sound bite of “Political Revolution” — against what Bernie? Against WhatTF, Bernie? — to a short complete ‘action’ sentence with a damn ‘object’ ---- “Political Revolution Against EMPIRE”.

But maybe some of the new real socialist members of Congress just elected will have the brains and guts to fire a; loud, public, sustained, ‘in-the-streets’, but totally non-violent “Shout (not shot) heard round the world” to ignite another continuing and completion of an essential people’s peaceful Political/economic and social(ist) “Revolution Against EMPIRE” [as Justin du Rivage’s new book of that title has deeply researched and ‘exposed’ of our founder’s efforts for democracy over EMPIRE 242 years ago].

This God Damned disguised global capitalist EMPIRE, only nominally HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our formerly promising and sometimes progressive country PKA America, is not going to be displaced without the peaceful efforts of at least 3% to 5% of ‘we the American people’ going into the streets to non-violently call-out and shout-down this God damned EMPEROR Trump!

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Ya right, 14 people won’t even be able to stop Pelosi much less actually change anything. The People need to take back America PDQ, We don’t have another eight years or more to take the Democrat party whose leaders work hard to keep progressives down.

Bernie and his favorites can have a nice tea for themselves, but all that will result is further delay in what needs to be done. See what the Democrats have done since 1980 when they’ve held power, that’s the Democratic Party, and none of it was a Bernie Sanders initiative. While he caucuses with the Dems, he accomplishes nothing but give false hope to those not paying attention.


They need to put forward election law bills by the end of January or we know the crap will be happening in 2020.

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Occupy was a failure and their chants of inequality are totally ineffective. LOL

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Communication is vital to building coalitions, which are necessary in order to push for needed change. Communication requires broad understanding of the meanings of words that are commonly used in the public/political discussion. I suggest that some entity consider writing a dictionary defining those current meanings. This isn’t about “political purity,” but about helping people understand just what we’re all talking about.

“Progressive” is the first word that needs clarification. What does it mean? Progressive politics isn’t something new – goes back at least to the early 1900s. It had always been about building a better nation from the bottom up – legit aid for the poor at one end, firm restraints on corporate and financial powers on the other, etc. We have nothing like that today. So, when Sen. Sanders is called “progressive,” what does it mean? Check his record. Years ago, he supported democratic socialism. As such, he spoke out about US poverty as proof of the failures of our capitalist system, and he advocated for legitimate poverty relief programs. This doesn’t sell to post-(Bill) Clinton Democrats. With his 2016 campaign, Sanders leaned to the right, and no longer even acknowledged anyone worse off than minimum wage workers, That was a regressive, not progressive, turn.

And this takes us up to “democratic socialism.” This is a system that includes a guaranteed income even for those who can’t work (health, etc.), and those for whom no jobs are available. The very poor. Democrats and liberals rejected anything resembling this back in the 1990s, I haven’t come across anything Ocasio-Cortez has said, to indicate support for actual democratic socialism. She explicitly stated that her goal is to represent “working people of color.” What America desperately needs is a leader who has the courage to stand up for the “ordinary masses” – poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, regardless of race/gender/age, etc.


(Shh. Someone will call you a Putin-bot.)

HI alan385, you need to read the oldgoat’s story of Jumping Mouse. : )

Hi vonnegut1, but because of Bernie, so many new voters signed up to vote. : )

Hi, vonnegut1, but then when Bernie was gone I had to vote Green : )

Great story about a Jumping Mouse

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Let’s hope interesting Ds double their number in two years.

I prefer the idea of independent green socialists yet am happy to vote for straight thinking Ds.

All in all, a very good election, especially considering gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Any Resistance Groups?