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These 18 Senate Democrats Just Voted to Hand Trump Mass Spying Powers

These 18 Senate Democrats Just Voted to Hand Trump Mass Spying Powers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Members of both parties who voted in favor of this legislation should be sharply rebuked for supporting a bill that is in flagrant violation of the rights enshrined in the Constitution."


Democrats also didn’t fight very hard when Bush was pushing the Patriot Act.
Does anyone care about the Constitution?


Short answer: No.

The US Constitution is just a speed bump for those in power.


This is FISA, and it’s just re-upping Section 702 provision on domestic-foreign communications that has been in place since 2008. Breathless accounts aside, it was set to expire in December and Congress is extending it.


These are not democrats, these are enemies of the state, these are republicans.


Just one more instance of “Democrats” voting against their constituents best interests. The old saying of taking names and kicking ass comes to mind. The mindless Republican followers go along with anything the Republicans pass simply because the majority are stupid. Supposedly the Dem followers are better educated and are self thinking. Get rid of these people when they come up for election, especially bad in the group is Feinstein of Ca who is no liberal folks.


No worries. The NSA will now continue uncovering collusion between Trump and Russia. And every time I talk to my friends in Canada, I’ll be a suspect. Just curious, does the 702 provision make you feel safer?

And let’s not worry about that huge increase in the military budget the Ds voted for.
Or the upcoming bill to strip out Dodd-Frank regulations on Wall St they’re co-sponsoring.


I thought Dodd-Frank was a sellout giveaway anyway not worth voting for!

And I am not defending this section of FISA, just saying it’s extending existing law, shitty as it may be. Breathless accounts acting like it is new are a bit misleading.

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Fear drives the US so-called security policy. Not fear for the safety of Americans, but fear by members of Congress that they won’t get the corporate wealth money they think they need to run for office. And fear that otherwise they won’t get re-elected.

Claire McCaskill is a poor senator but she has a strong self-preservation instinct in a place like Missouri.


I never said it was new.

And good solution on the already-weak Dodd-Frank: Make it even weaker.

So let’s see, we’ve got the warrantless spying, the bomb factories humming, Wall St reopening the casino…

Democrats are doing everything they can to win my vote.


CD “staff writer” writes incomplete “news” . Where is the list of R’s who voted against it? These are allies of anyone concerned about civil liberties.

To those who doin’t get it and were also “bewildered” by Dem behavior please note that there are always just enough Dems who peel off to vote for hideous legislation. It’s part of the plan. It’s different Dems depending on the legislation so you can still cuddle your representative or senator for their other votes.


The democrats who voted for this are terrible people, yes.

Even so, do not forget that democrats allied with republicans have killed as many completely innocent people as Stalin.

Voting for democrats helps those who lust for endless war feel better about themselves somehow.


Tester (from your list of Nay votes) is a Dem from Montana…

You got that exactly right. Also note, that by “distributive backstabbing” they offer only a moving target for a dispirited electorate. Of course there are some like Manchin and that a-hole in Indiana that would see a swastika appended to their name, if it assured their re-election.


Et tu Democrats?

Well Common Dreamers who praise the Democrats, tell us all here how these 18 Senate Democrats did something right?

I dare you.


Yes Cassandra, this is the Duopoly’s plan.

And it’s Evil in it’s intent.

Dump the Duopoly now!


Thank you for the list. Rand Paul is the only one I had guessed. And, yes, Tester is a Dem. Ted Cruz is a big surprise. Have I misjudged him?

“Distributive backstabbing”, I like it.

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Democrats gonna Democrat.

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pretty much, yep.

The alternative is too scary for most people to contemplate. As long as someone in power reassures them that the system, even if wobbly, will work provided they vote for their team, there will be no shortage of suckers willing to ignore the evidence of their own lives in order to retain the illusion that the system is ultimately functional. It means they don’t have to contemplate what to do if it isn’t.