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These 22 Democrats Support Sanders' Push for a $15 Federal Minimum Wage

These 22 Democrats Support Sanders' Push for a $15 Federal Minimum Wage

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With four times as many Democratic co-sponsors as he had just two years ago, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday morning re-introduced a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

"We've gone from laughable to inevitable."
—Terrence Wise, Fight for $15

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By all means, let’s destroy jobs. So far Seattle and San Diego are losing low end jobs (tending to be most notable in the restaurant sector). After all its better that people be unemployed than underpaid

2024? after the bloody revolution?


“Tammy Duckworth (D-Ind.)”…Tammy is from Illinois. Tammy being against doesn’t sound right, hope I’m wrong.

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Boy, the Democratic Party continues to be the dumpster fire the Trump Admin can only dream of. First the drug price prescription bill, now this. Let me spell this out for you, Democrats: you are the Republicans, no more and just a little less. As long as you fail to show anything resembling a spine, you will be the same traitors who are sitting on the other side of the aisle. If you want to continue to hedge your bets, usually in favor of your corporate masters, please go ahead. But we know who you are. DO YOUR JOB.


People keep expecting that Democrats to actually act like they were Democrats. What’s up with that? Apparently it is becoming a long standing (too long standing) tradition among Democrats to act like they were members of the Republican Party.


Pay people a living wage. It’s only FAIR…a principle that has gotten lost in this country.You are paying for the worker’s precious time as well as their labor. Anyone unwilling to pay a living wage is a thief. If you can’t afford to pay people a lving wage then that means your business small enough for you to do the work yourself. Also, stop paying highly paid people those big extra bonuses…their work is no harder than anyone else’s and they don’t need it the way someone living in poverty does. P.S. The Democratic Party is finished. Give it up Bernie and start a new party for the people…perhaps call it what it stands for, “The Progressive Party.” Get all the small fragmented parties to join forces (the way corporations do) into one big strong party.


Another demonstration of D-Party spinelessness and ineffectuality: they still stand with her.

Hope they enjoy the political wilderness. They’ll be there awhile.


Um, no:


That means the following Democratic senators aren’t on board…

Implicit in this reporting is that we should believe that struggling to influence the other wing of the corporate party is of vital importance, and that it is even doable in a meaningful way that is beneficial to the non-wealthy.


Puppets. Remember?

Their masters pull their strings. They jump.

This is how the ‘Love of Money’ works.

They may have sold their souls for a ‘summer home with a pool’ however, voters, perceive them as ‘successful.’

Well, not all voters. Just those stuck in the Duopoly.


Nice to see more Dems go on record for supporting $15, but it’s easy to stand up for $15 an hour when you know the chances of passage, right now, are zilch and there’s no pressure. Not even likely to get up to a vote. Words are cheap. This is a well-worn Democratic party strategy to dress the party up as being pro worker, as long as they don’t have to deliver. You can bet a lot of these new supporters will disappear in a hurry if and when they ever regain control of Congress and corporate donors up the pressure. We’ve all seen this movie, before.

Hello Deirdre Fulton,

I thank your for this way of expressing things -

“In 2015, Sanders introduced similar legislation with just five co-sponsors. On Wednesday, he boasted 21 … They are:”

{Here you list names}

“That means the following Democratic senators aren’t on board:”

{Here you provide another list of names}

Now any of us who have read your post can contact our respective senators and representatives to express our opinion and try to influence their vote. Fulton, I think this is a good way of trying to engage your readership and help inspire activism.

Here are links for those of us who want to contact our Congresspersons:

Senators: https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Representatives: http://www.house.gov/representatives/

Since portions of Oregon will reach 14.75 an hour by 2022. this extra .25 cents in 2024 is not much to hang your hat on. Unless the nail is in a garage or basement at your parents' house. Already it requires about 16.75 an hour to live and pay rent, et al in the Portland region. That living part sure makes a " living wage " argument more prescient every day here in Oregon, btw.
And, really, Hotel and Resort Trump lovin’ voters don’t care about struggling women ( with or without children ) and minorities eating or sleeping indoors. They’re just Uncle & Auntie Whiteys who want a free ride on the backs of the already marginalized and forgotten. Now it appears that more than a few Democrats are on board with the Trump lovin’ voters, as well. How not very shocking. I see there’s plenty of women Senators who aren’t showing much " profiles in courage " and solidarity here, as well. Maybe they’ll get on board if Hillary’s gang endorses Sanders & Cos. proposed legislation.:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Where is Perez on $15? No fast shuffle, Mr. Perez! Listen up - !RIGHT NOW! The People called Earth want you OUT - - Pay American workers, at least, a living wage with great benefits (like you get). Agree to Stop the poisoness nuclear fissioning of U235 and the Climate Change-causing fossil fuel burning ?TO BOIL WATER? for steam-generated electricity? - Bernie, dump Perez as a friend if he doesn’t unequivocally state: Green Energy Only! Absolute agreement - no hedging, Mr. Perez. Bernie ROCKS! Perez, put up or … you know - Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.


Just more theatrics for the dumbass rubes.
Definitely not voting for Murray or Cannotwell ever again. Anybody but them. Maybe vote Green Party, or Social Democrats
Never Democrats, ever. Never. Ever.


I’m glad someone’s paying attention to your misinformation. If they’re fewer chain store burger joints selling bad food, so be it. Maybe colon cancer and diabetes rates will drop; so, there’s that, too.


I think they should be given raises and then close outside income ( stocks, etc. ) and other questionable loopholes. Making $300K as a Senator doesn’t bother me nearly as much as a gov’t run entirely " of, by and for the millionaires ". ( This also should apply to their children and relatives. Joe Manchin’s daughter, Epi-Pen, comes to mind ).:wink: Also, lobbying after leaving office should be brought under much stricter control.


My comment was sarcasm and disdain.

Not to mention that after getting crushed in the election, Democrats are puking up a bunch of “dream” legislation they know can’t pass right now. But when they had the power to do it? Crickets.

It’s always the same shell game. And we stupidly fall for it. The GOP is going through the same problem, too. They “ran” against Obamacare for 8 years. Finally get their actual chance to follow through? Oops! Was never in doubt, either. Never made it to the floor.

We’re toast until the partisans of both of these monstrosities wake the hell up, because right now, they’re the ones dragging everyone down with their refusal to see the obvious that 60-70 percent of the rest of the country sees clearly.