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'These Are Huge Checks Being Written to Boeing and Lockheed': Rep. Rashida Tlaib Rips Endless War Budget as House Passes $733B in Military Spending

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/20/these-are-huge-checks-being-written-boeing-and-lockheed-rep-rashida-tlaib-rips


I see zero need for America to keep prosecuting wars of aggression, but there are lots of domestic infrastructure, environmental, and human needs being ignored. A country that chooses murder over potable water for its own citizens may have outlived its right to be.


Do we have this money? No, we don’t.

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I see we continue to sugar coat the military “budget”. You see, the 733 billion is only for the day to day budget for the pentagon. That number does not include the “continuing resolutions” that fund our current foreign entanglements, or the dollars pumped into the monolithic DOHS and the rest of our surveillance state.
At the end of the day the true budget for “national defense” exceeds 1 trillion dollars. The discretionary budget of the USA, that is all spending that isn’t paid for with specifically targeted payroll taxes like social security and Medicare, is about 1.7-1.8 trillion per year. Yes that’s correct, our budget for national defense is now over 60% of our spending.
I remember another nation that used to spend more money on guns than butter. We used to make fun of that nation and the debt they ran every year by not building anything like infrastructure that would actually increase in value with time. That nation was the Soviet Union. They went broke and don’t exist any more. Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here.


Apparently this budget ups our commitment to the useless boondoggle known as the F-35.

A more fitting example of how stupid US military spending is can not be found:


Ms. Tlaib makes me proud to be a citizen of the Great Lake state. Thank you representative Rashida for daring to address what amounts to a massive human rights violation by a wholly corrupt US government against it’s own people. More welfare for the war pigs and the 1% while the citizens become economically, intellectually, and morally impoverished. Could someone point me to the portal to that parallel universe where 1.7 trillion/yr. is spent on transitioning to a zero carbon economy, universal healthcare, education, and efforts at global population control? I am tired of this same shit different day existence.


The amazing thing is, this passed on party lines and the d-party will claim it’s a victory because it increased the military budget less than Trump wanted. Left unmentioned is that Congress authorized MORE than Trump wanted 2 years back, with d-party reps voting in droves for that increase.


Interesting, we don’t even label the bill with the biggest expenditure in it.
“Making appropriations for the Departments of Labor, Health, and Human Services, and Education, and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2020, and for other purposes.”
Do you suppose that military spending is in “related agencies”, or “other purposes”?
Biggest US expenditure in the budget, and the term “Dept. of Defense” doesn’t even show up, much less “War Dept.”
Wonder why all repug’s voted against it, not big enough?
This country is a cancer on the world.


My representative voted for this huge boondoggle. I am going to let him (Tom O’Halleran) listen to me complain on his congressional phone but I wonder what good it does. These people don’t represent us anymore.


The US has allowed its military and suppliers to become the largest jobs program in the country and quite probably the world.

Its product is death. The demand for its product are conflicts it starts.

Some of its byproducts are:

  • Largest fossil fuel consumption of any single source on the planet.
  • Toxic waste dumps on a planetary scale
  • Poverty at home and abroad
  • Domestic infrastructure decay
  • Crumbling public education
  • Malnutrition at home and abroad
  • Culture of violence
  • Culture of fear of the “other”
  • Mental health problems and suicides

"It’s no sign of good health to be well adjusted to a sick society." - J. Krishnamurti


The Democratic party has been peeing in its collective pants for decades about being labeled soft on defense by the Republicans, all the more so as elections draw near. Yup, gotta out-Republican those Republicans in order to snag a few of those mythical suburban swing voters. And, of course, the Democratic party has to advertise that it’s for sale, too, to those big money donors in the defense and weapons industry, same as the Republicans.

And then there is the disgusting hypocrisy of House dems who have voiced support for the Green New Deal and then vote to keep pumping more money into the biggest polluting entity in the world. What a farce.


Tlaib sez:
“These are huge checks being written to Boeing and Lockheed Martin …”

Guess that qualifies as a “Mission Accomplished” for outgoing “Interim Secretary of Defense (sic)” Patrick Shanahan, as the revolving door spits him back into Boeing’s face — and payroll, most likely.


The media is totally complicit in this travesty. There is no public debate about the largest part of the budget. They talk more about the tiny Public broadcasting and NEA budgets.


The No. 1 threat to US security (and the rest of the world for that matter) is climate chaos. Defense Dept moneys should be spend addressing this threat and not on pointless weapons systems and bases of military occupation.


We need to kill “Regime Change” – a legacy of the Clinton administration
to hide illegal US aggression.


If the republicans still controlled the House, they would have voted for this and an increased amount at that. That they didn’t is only because they detest democrats.

Yes there is plenty of money but unfortunately, the Fascists have taken control of the purse strings because Congress is just two wings of the Fascist, war, party. There is no aisle when it comes to the Congressional, war parties!!


Those deficiencies are from a report over a year old. Since that time they have discovered even more problems with this 100+ million per aircraft.

The skin MELTS if it travels at supersonic speed from more then a minute.
Pilots lose control if doing a 20 degree climb at high speed.


But it’s a jobs program. Man, this country is just straight-up evil.

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Yes, it’s a glorious waste of money and worse, if you also include the operational side, millions of lives. There is a wonderful story in Karen Piper’s A Girl’s Guide to Missiles: She happens to witness the very first test flight of the B-2 Stealth Bomber in 1985 over the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Base. Pandemonium breaks out when the radar picks up the plane as it flies over the base (so much for its ability to deflect and absorb radar signals) and the 20 y.o. Ms Piper is urgently removed from the operations room! So much for a $2 billion piece of equipment…

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