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'These Are Just the Guys Who've Been Caught': Warren Intensifies Anti-Corruption Calls After Manafort and Cohen's Day in Court


'These Are Just the Guys Who've Been Caught': Warren Intensifies Anti-Corruption Calls After Manafort and Cohen's Day in Court

Julia Conley, staff writer

Hours after unveiling a major anti-corruption proposal, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) pointed to the intensifying cases of President Donald Trump's close associates, former lawyer Michael Cohen and former campaign manager Paul Manafort, as well as Republican congressman Duncan Hunter, as perfect examples of why such legislation must be passed.


Warren is right. You have to have a law on the books for republicans and many democrats for just about any move they make. They obviously do not give a rats ass about the morality, or the cost of their endeavors. That doesn’t mean they won’t be law breakers anyway if they think they can get away with doing so. G


The level of corruption that we have been witnessing is off the charts.

Those in Congress who have aided and abetted Trump in stealing from the United States Treasury in the name of his Tax Scam, must all be impeached from their positions and indicted for conspiracy to steal from the citizenry of the United States of America.


Supporters at Trump rallies will always “accept that narrative” (drain the swamp) and the other mantras that they mindlessly chant.


Given that bribery is integral to america’s political system, and considering most of america’s government is already on Israel’s leash, i rather doubt any meaningful anti corruption regulation would get passed.


Never trust a “former” Republican. They often just parade around waiting for power.

Hillary… former Republican.
Trump… former Democrat, then Republican.
Cuomo… former Republican.
Powell… former Republican
Lieberman… former Republican
Specter… former Republican

Oh heck! Just name a DNC candidate and they are quite likely former Republicans sashaying around as if they are now New Deal Democrats.

Don’t be fooled by the media. Warren is not a Democrat when it comes to actual policy. She is a Reagan Democrat… a poser.


Right on!


Well said! The fact that Liz supported HRC over Bernie for POTUS in 2016 should tell us that she is excellent at fooling so many people.


Fool Me Once



Hoping to reform the Democratic party is a form of insanity. They use people that say what so many well meaning, albeit politically, naive people want to hear, like Warren and Sanders to further their nefarious agenda. And it works well to marginalize the Green party.

SUPPORT the green party!


Green is the party of Progressives who believe in Truth and Honesty without Monetary Influence.


“so long as the economy remains strong”

Well, I’m out here slog’n in the thing, and I wouldn’t say it’s exactly strong.

I saw the vid, though, shared on Mark Weisbrot’s page, and all I can say is: Why do we talk so mysteriously about the economy??

The economy’s only relativey “strong” now due to past policy. That’s why the captains of industry and the captains of the Fed think it’s too soft on workers right now. Good one! [can we get some tweeters who know people working two jobs?] So, the rate hikes’ll make it not strong shortly.


Go get’em Elizabeth!!!


Liz, now you’re just embarrassing yourself. You know there’s no way in hell this bill passes at this time, and so do we.


Don’t know how many times you have to repeat this to the American people before it finally sinks in. You can’t run government like a business. If you try, this is what you get, lies and corruption. Capitalism and business in America are predatory and corrupt. How many big business people have you met who are not corrupt? They are always at Congress wanting to get their greedy claws into the people’s tax money, or to get the rules rigged in their favor! Is that what you want of your government?


It should make us wonder how many undiscovered crooks are duly elected representatives from all sides of the aisle. We will never know most of them because who is going to spend millions ferreting them out? G