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'These Are Not Normal Nominees': As Trump Stacks Courts With Far-Right Judges, Dems Urged to Recognize Depth of Crisis

'These Are Not Normal Nominees': As Trump Stacks Courts With Far-Right Judges, Dems Urged to Recognize Depth of Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new Data for Progress study bolsters warnings that President Donald Trump's judicial appointees are way further to the right politically than those nominated by past Republican presidents—yet Democrats in the Senate are approaching such appointments "as business as usual," and infuriating progressive critics who call on them to "recognize the crisis."

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From the article:

“In October, after the hotly contested confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court despite multiple credible allegations of sexual assault…”

“Hotly contested,” my weary white ass—while the allegations of sexual assault were, indeed, both multiple and credible, lyin’ boofin’ barfin’ bullyboy Brett’s serial perjuries to win both his appellate seat and his new appointment WERE A MATTER OF RECORD WHICH NOBODY WANTED TO DEAL WITH (sorry for shouting, but this framing is disingenuous at best). I have to conclude that D leadership was content with, even complicit in, Twump’s—and the Koch-funded Federalist Society’s—nomination.


We may lose Ruth Bader Ginsburg at any moment, as well –
Trust she is recovering, but obviously she isn’t our ticket for a far ranging future
as the pervert Clarence Thomas has been for the GOP.

Maybe that’s why Scalia was invited on a trip – they wanted longevity.

But for decades now, GOP has been refusing to place Dem judges or even consider
them. But Dems continued to approve GOP judges and put them in place – Obama
and Schumer, of course and many other Dems.

What does that add up to except collusion by the Dems – for what I don’t know.
Did they really want a fascist future? Or do too many of us really believe that you have
“only one life to live”?

Reincarnation was taught by the world’s major religions for thousands of years until it
became inconvenient for Elites.

It’s also said that the strongest spirits among us take on the most difficult lives.


Guild –

So much agree with you –

Seems any bit of a rumble of protest from Democrats is an earthquake to GOP
and maybe to an audience which hasn’t seen any real liberalism at play in decades?*

If Kavanaugh didn’t perjure himself then no one ever has.

And certainly the standards for “hot contest” of this confirmation of Kavanaugh were
very low.

And noticed that at the New Year and after no mention of Kavanaugh and/or Christine
Blasey Ford – except that the Covington racists did cause some chat about “future
Kavanaugh’s.” Maybe I’m just overly sensitive on this issue and I missed it?

  • NOTE –
    (When the networks showed anything of the Anita Hill Hearings it was the least of
    what happened there and actually covered up for GOP. Had they actually shown the truth
    of the GOP in action at that time there would be a better understanding now of what
    a right wing challenge actually looks like - a true Witch Hunt – and smearing by experts!
    And how many Americans even understand that there were more than a dozen witnesses
    standing by to give testimony against Thomas. These were women who had either been
    witnesses to Thomas’ sexual harassment of other women, or who had experienced it.
    Or that it was Sen. Joe Biden who prevented those witnesses from testifying by closing
    down the hearings at 4am after having promised Anita Hill’s legal team that the witnesses
    would be heard.)

This is going to plague our nation for years after Trump and the conservative Republicans leave office and probably cause a national crisis. Our country is becoming more urbane, diverse, and progressive. These retrograde justices will soon be at odds with not only the majority of Americans but the political trends that will be arising such as taking on the challenge of climate change and more minority rights. These justices will be hanging around making rulings that will just inflame the majority thus creating more crisis in our nation. We need honorable, reasonable justices of both a moderate conservative and moderate progressive temperament to make this country run as it should. Extremists in these positions are poison. Shame on Republicans for dumping yet another load of garbage onto the American Democracy.


OF COURSE they’re normal; what else did we expect? The Democrats must be “urged.” OF COURSE they must. And so it goes, on and on and on - never changing.
If only the Democrats were even half as good as the Republicans at accomplishing (yet another) mission(s).

Exactly. If you’re in your right mind, you know that if you’d acted in a job interview the way that Kavanawww did, you’d have ended any chance you had at that job. But, yet again, right-mindedness is not required of Republicans.


I dare say nothing is normal in Trump’s America.

Oh how sadly fallen is the USA.

As a raging progressive, I have the hope that we’ll get a president and majority in Congress that will use FDR’s approach with the Supreme Court and increase the number of Supreme Court justices by two to compensate for the unethical way that the Republicans have packed the court. While FDR didn’t carry out his threat because the court got his drift and began to behave, I don’t see that being the case now. And since there is no constitutional mention of how many Supreme Court justices the court should be composed of, this would be one way to nullify what the GOP has done in the past three years.


Why would Dems upset their corporate donors? The fundamental truth of both parties is that they are bribed to act against the interests of the people as a whole. You can call it political contributions, PAC’s, or petals of a rose, but Congress takes money and has been delivering for Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, McConnell’s and Graham’s entire careers. See what they’ve done, don’t listen to what they say. Fire the corruption and start over.


We have been sliding into a violent society since the 50’s where might makes right. From a typical traffic stop that ends up creating more rage than justice, and every resulting reaction among otherwise peaceful citizens justifies increased police brutality and budgets. Take a simple act of selling cigarettes on a New York side walk gets you murdered by the cops to shooting and unarmed black man in the back… Results… more cops bigger budgets. Oh and on subject We are paying for a government that operates in secret. Hearings redacted…Excuse me senator where is the rest room? Sorry I can’t tell you. We need to protect our sources.We may release that information in ten years.


Instead of being “furious” with Democrats (who under Senate rules have no power to block any Trump court picks) progressive who care about court rulings affection immigrants, labor, environment, consumers, women’s rights including reproductive freedom, etc should be furious with so-called progressives who abandoned the courts and all those causes when they failed to rally to Clinton in November 2016 when Trump could have been stopped. Now its too late. Sad!

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HI Greenwich, after reading up on Anita Hill, I do wonder how Joe Biden has the nerve to think of running for Prez. When you look back and read about Watergate, we actually had 2 parties that could work for the People a lot of the time. Did Citizens United start the major sell off of political souls? Maybe ---- because some of those GW Bush people were some of the evil ones of Watergate, and they got so far being dishonest that they just kept walking on that way. But then, it seems we did have some real journalism back then. Cheney has that fire in his vice presidential library too----I wonder what he was burning?

Schumer has been a spineless Dem wimp in the Senate the past 2 years…
Why wasn’t HE challenged in 2019??
The Dems should have been blocking any group judicial nominees ever since the Orange Cheato took office!!

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Schumer has been worse than “spineless”. Spineless implies passivity whereas Schumer has been actively helping Mitch fast track these judicial appointments.

Can you say VICHY ?

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“progressives…abandoned the courts and all those causes when they failed to rally to Clinton in November 2016”

Lack of progressive votes caused the Clinton loss? You can’t support that claim.

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stardust –

A lot of great questions there I wish I knew the actual answers to –
but payoffs are big – like John Roberts being given “Chief Justice” after he organized
a large part of the win for “W” in 2000 where he seemed to be running a lot of things
in response to stopping the vote count mandated by the Florida State Supreme Court …
including the fascist rally in Miami-Dade County to stop the vote counting –
and his orchestration of a fascist and near-violent rally - an all expenses paid GOP
rally/riot of volunteers of notables connected to the GOP. They did stop the vote
counting and there was no interference whatsoever by Election officials/police or
Miami-Dade Police – anyone. Recall that Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida at the time.

Citizens United was the final ax to fall, I think. Others here may know better – it actually
LEGITIMIZED the bribery that’s been occurring for decades and decades which used to
be called “bribery.” And gave rights of “personhood” to corporations though they can’t
vote, can’t go to jail, can’t breathe, don’t need medical care – etc.

At the moment, don’t recall any direct links to Bush (or Bush Evil Family Empire as it’s often
called) re Watergate, but because many Cubans from Bay of Pigs were recast in Watergate
and given GHWBush’s involvement with that, I’d say it’s quite likely. Also, going back to the recruitment and funding of Hitler, Bush’s have been in the picture or in background. In the end, GHWBush, then CIA Director, makes clear to President Carter that he is some part of the control over info on “alien presence” which rests in CIA (something that seems rather clear) … and
would say that given Bush family relationship with Allen Dulles that they had knowledge of what
was happening from at least Roswell 1947, if not earlier, and familiarity with those controlling the
info, including Dulles at top.

Can only say that in looking back in reading (and on internet) that the old stuff relayed in
newspaper reports, etal is the most revealing. There is also some wonderful things to be found
in videos now preserving the kind of comments and history that is tripping up Trump every day
and preserving some of our old history. But, see Operation Mockingbird for the attacks on US
press which began in '43 at time when Elites here realized that Hitler/Nazis weren’t going to do
it for them and they began to plan to destroy democracies all over the world with new operations
run out of the CIA – and later brought home to the US. Looks to me like they’re conducting
“mopping-up operations” here now in US. Keep in mind that there are suggestions that at first
Mockingbird may have required force. Phil Graham was a suicide – or maybe “suicided.”
Still even into recent years, we’ve seen UFO-info connected deaths – I think the father of the
current Rep. or Sen. Schiff was one. Difficult for me to look for info at moment (you can check)
but his father was a Sen. or Rep – can’t recall in US Congress and began a push for “alien
presence/UFO” info – a question opened up by then Discover Magazine where they had a
questionnaire or something to push Congress to open up the investigation into UFO’s, etal.
We now seem to be talking about … not 57 Heinz Variety of aliens, not 300 species, but 3000.
Schiff persisted – he’s from Arizona – and he had tapped into a huge subject for America –
and shortly he was dead. And Discovery some time later was also gone. So … still very active
cover up on that subject.

When Carl Bernstein finally began reporting on CIA-journalists in his Rolling Stone article in
(think '76?) I don’t think he actually mentioned “Mockingbird” but I could be wrong. He did a
follow up to the article sometime later and think the CIA Journalists had increased by then to
1200? See: CIA&Media, Carl Bernstein

Do very much remember the Cheney FIRE … because I believe the Fire Department was
actually called – right? And was it in a file room – don’t recall.

Remember – even once you find reliable information on any of these subjects which you
recognize as solid truths, there are still many insights to be realized – plenty of opportunity
for new eyes on the material to make further connections. And new research off of older stuff.
Keep at it and keep on tellin’ it.

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More signs of oligarchy. Right wing judges serve reliably the interests of large corporations and super wealthy individuals, and are inclined to disfavor any mass movements of the people to assert power through democratic institutions of government, such that remain standing.

It makes perfect sense that the current leadership of the Democratic Party isn’t really making a stink about it. Schumer dutifully voices concerns about the Federalist Society, yet fast tracks right wing Federalist Society idealogues.

Of the circuit court judges that Schumer wants to “fast track”, over 80% are members of the right wing Federalist Society.

Thanks Chuck.

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Oh he has a spine. Just not one oriented to things such that are truly progressive. He has plenty of spine to quash such, as do all other Corporate State Democrats. Until that little problem is addressed, such things like Medicare for All are pipe dreams.

And don’t look to Sanders to point out such realities, or Warren. They feed the elephant in the room, rather than point it out.

Elections have consequences, and when one party controls all levers of power you get what the people voted for.Tough shit ain’t it? My conscience is clear, I didn’t vote for any one of these skallywags.
We had better dig in because government is no longer our friend, if it even was before. Government has actually become our foe in a number of ways.
Greatest country on earth my ass.
We could be though, if we eliminated the greedy, and the war mongers.