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'These Are the Actions of a Fascist': Press, Rights Advocates Warn of Dangerous Pattern as Trump Again Lauds Violence Against Journalists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/these-are-actions-fascist-press-rights-advocates-warn-dangerous-pattern-trump-again


No wonder a fascist would hate antifascists.


Amazing how all the “progressives” have abandoned Assange.

DJT fooled us once, shame on him.
Fool us twice and shame on us.

“We must defeat Trump badly.”…How do you do that when the opposition is just as toxic for this country? The only losers in all of this are the voters, we lose with Biden or Trump, the establishment, however, wins with both, I am done with this bs already, no more.

???..I would have only put one question mark but posts have to be at least five characters…lol. Not sure what your post has to do with anything or what makes you say progressives have abandoned Assange.

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That kind of ruins the idea of a mass turn out for Biden, and the only way trump (can’t) steal the election.

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If there was just one good reason to vote for Biden, other than he isn’t Trump, I would have reconsidered, I know all about Joe, there isn’t a single reason out there, he has more in common with Trump than he does differences, I didn’t say he was exactly like him…Biden will be just as toxic for this country, hes a democrat in name only, look at his past, solid proof right there.

Biden has tried to cut social security for forty years, he tried to cut SS, medicare, medicaid, and veterans benefits FOUR times, why is anyone swallowing the bs hes spewing to get elected? Does it feel better being screwed by him because he’s running in the party of blue?
He’s also a pathological liar just like Trump, his mental status is in full decline, just like Trump, he is an establishment politician, just like Trump, he is a racist to the core, just like Trump, he is a warmonger, just like Trump, he is in bed with the fossil fuel industry, the healthcare industry, wall street, the too big to fail banks, private prisons, and lets not forget he has to keep the MIC happy too, just like Trump.

Much of whats wrong in our country Biden had a hand in creating.

In my eyes, Biden has already failed the commander in chief test terribly, he out and out lied about WMD’s in Iraq, he pushed for the invasion, (today denies he pushed for it even though the truth is easily accessible to all of us) knowing all along there was never any proof of that, eighteen years later and still no exit in sight for the mid east, we continue to bomb the limbs off of other peoples children, we continue to reduce other countries to rubble, we continue to kill innocent civilians, we continue to create more refugees, the bombs haven’t stopped for one day since we invaded Iraq. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen,Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, which one of these countries waged war with us, which ones posed a serious threat? Over a million people are dead in Iraq alone, look at the radicals that have overtaken some of these countries, the US destroyed them all for geopolitical bs, regime change is our specialty…did you lose someone over that lie of his, did you have someone return home with half the body or mind that they left with, over that lie? Our tax dollars hard at work creating blood baths…I will never be able to forgive Biden for this, not sure how he or Obama sleeps at night, they both have so much blood on their hands. But hey, people here dont see, hear, feel, or smell the daily bombings so who cares right? We just pay for it all…smh. This is what we have to look forward to with Biden…

Both Trump and Biden represent everything that I am against, its not fair to ask anyone to vote like that, not anymore, time is no longer on our side, its been going on for too long and look at where we are…but people just keep on voting for the party of blue no matter who, look how good its working out for this country, we now have two conservatives from which to select, as our next president, compliments of the duopoly.

A few days ago, I was seriously considering voting for Biden as much as I dislike him, I was going to do it out of respect for RBG, but then Joe had to open his damned mouth again, and now there is no doubt that I will never vote for him, he showed his true colors yet once again and there is no blue in there anywhere. I refuse to vote for the further demise of our country, and that’s what’s going to happen with either of them. Peace.

I for one completely respect your choice to vote or not vote.
All considerations should be given voice.
An interesting quote I heard this evening. It could refer to a choice of no vote.
“What you ignore, you empower.”

The way I see things, its like having to choose between being shot in the heart or hanged, either way the outcome is the same. Don’t think I am happy with not having a candidate I can vote for, I am livid at whats become of this country. I am not ignoring anything, I am wide awake, besides which the voters have very little power anymore.
We have all been silenced and will continue to be silenced by big money and Citizens United, nothing is going to change in our favor until its repealed and very few Democrats are willing to part with it, especially Biden. I am not empowering anyone by not voting, that ridiculous bs of not voting for Biden is a vote for Trump, that means that people who dont vote for Trump are also votes for Biden…No one gets my vote because no one deserves it, I refuse to line up for this countries slaughter. This country didn’t get to where it is today just because of Trump, he just put everything that’s ugly and wrong in our country in over drive, we are, where we are, by design, it took former presidents and their administrations from both parties to get us here and it took decades but here we are, the rich are getting richer at historic rates while the middle class continues to wane, the distribution of wealth in our country cant be any more unbalanced, no one is talking about making the changes needed to save this country from sinking…All Biden is running on is beating Trump, he tells his donors one thing and the voters another. This country is in for a rude awakening with either.

DJT wants absolute power. He doesn’t care for the Constitution. He doesn’t care for democracy. He doesn’t care for the people of this nation and heaven forbid that he actually would care for people of any other nation. He doesn’t care for the survival of the planet.

This is beyond dangerous.

Trump is also carrying out legal violence in a kangaroo court trial
to extradite Julian Assange for exposing U.S. war crimes.
(excellent coverage at ConsortiumNews dot com)

I hope all these journalism advocates are also publicizing
the ongoing persecution of an indispensable journalist,
and the threat to all American journalists.

I voted to keep a madman out of the WH for another four years, I dont consider my vote for Biden as a vote for Biden it was more of a vote to oust Trump…