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'These are the Bad Times': Trump to Deploy Heavily Armed Border Patrol Tactical Units to Help With Immigration Arrests in Sanctuary Cities

We have one but it has been deactivated. The key to opening it up again is up to those who want it. The passion is there just waiting for a rallying point and for me and a lot of others Bernie Sanders has the fire to ignite a movement so long overdue.


Actually it is but it should not be and the Republicant’s masters want it that way. The Party of No has put themselves in an untenable spot for they are railing against and blaming the victims of their own party.

Nobody will stop him depending on what polling places he stations border patrol in front of.


Kids got over the wall without much trouble and I understand that other people drilled out parts of it with commonly available hand tools. It is a billion dollar fiasco like so much of what this Orange Pustule pushes. Also, how about Trumpo stealing money from social budgets to pay for his idiot wall? Also, did you catch the story about heavily armed BORDER troops now operating in sanctuary cities to roust “illegals”. We’ll all wait for Trumpo the Malevolent to issue an order to stand down. Uh huh. In other words, his government does not even recognize
local sovereignty and local law. And you said that my comparison with Hitler was inappropropriate. You know, Hitler was originally supprted by his people as well and as the Third Reich’s grip tightened they must have had some second thoughts but by then it was too late. Hitler led them to ruin. Trump is capable of soing the same thing to us and he has no use for the rule of law or even the Constitution. That other asshole George W, Bush helped lay the groundwork when he once said - “Don’t throw the Constitution in my face, it’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” It always seems that the most outrageous scandals and corruption are caused by Republicans. Demos are rank amateurs by comparison.“What aboutism” doesn’t work.


la noche de vidro roto

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I keep thinking that when catastrophes strike due to climate change and people rightfully are outraged that they have been lied to about it all for so long and there nothing that can be done to return things to what had been normal then there will be civil unrest like riots et al. I keep thinking that all this about Trump’s abuse of power and his autocratic presidency style, will be seen as only the preliminary bout. When climate catastrophes get real bad year after year people will realize that we have all really messed up and there is no escape from the tragedies and the dire economics of catastrophic climate change. It is then that someone far worse than Trump may make a play to become a strong man autocrat for real where once we had had a democracy. Trump weakens us but the long term effects of what he is doing to the rule of law, our Constitution and our democracy itself will only really make itself felt when things get tough up ahead.


Trump is showing us the desperation of the Elites/Patriarchy and their corporations
he’s serving – those who want to go on exploiting the earth for personal profit and
who are moving to overturn democracy here –

All truth must be destroyed in order for them to continue on –


Wonderful quote Harry. Gracias.


Downright Huxley, not so much Orwell. We (not me) buy surveillance devices and join tracking networks (Google, Flushbook, etc). Old, retired Stasi spies must be wondering why they worked so hard bugging places, torturing, intimidating and spying. They must be kicking themselves for not coming up with some sort of “soma” instead of all that hard slogging in trench coats. All the fun they missed, controlling people with oppression and walls instead of “social” media. (Oh, there goes another wall.)
Gotta wonder whether these BP “troops” will start shooting any local LEOs, or threaten them for not cooperating. Probably not, but this kind of thing is never good. Anytime you make physical contact, plans blow up.


Actually, the essence of fascism — of Nazism and all other forms of fascism — is the merger of state monopoly political power with corporate monopoly economic power.

In the US, this merger occurred decades ago. The US has been fascist for decades. It’s just that now the illusion of “democracy” has been swept away and state monopoly political power has become nakedly authoritarian and brutal.

Your market libertarian political philosophy was the bridge that led the US to this point, Monte. Market libertarian is but a Trojan horse for fascism. Congratulations, you’ve delivered the goods to your fascist overlords.


Here is one of those videos you mention from around 2014. Vice news embedded with the Neo-Nazi’s forgetting to inform their viewers they were actually Nazi’s - Vice were pushing them as the good guys. Anyways, this is what it looks like when Nazi goons round you up in the middle of the night.


Also look into the Q-anon thing if you are unaware. Nazi’s just waiting to be turned on.

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“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out,
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.”

The sorry truth is that there has been been in my lifetime a constant battle against the forces of fascism in this country. The raw in your face repressive movement has significantly advanced with Trump and his subversive forces, esp ICE/militarized police, anti-democracy Senate goons, the ultra right wing judges, the corrupted news media and a preponderance of corporate control. Along with detention camps and scapegoating. And patriotic fervor and mass surveillance. And masses of desperate people supporting a dangerous leader. Along with daily subversion of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The time to reverse this trend is now. How many “innocent Americans” can now say I did not know, that last year approximately 60,000 children (average of 11,000 at any given time) were torn from their families and thrown into iron cages at our southern borders. America has a history of mass incarceration, both in detention camps, and the massive prison system. Is this what this country is best at?—victimizing the least fortunate among us.

Instead of being cruel to asylum seekers and the many millions of hard working noncitizens in our communities, let us figure out ways to support them, make them legal, and to stop the crises in the many counties to our South that spawn the mass migrations to the US. And let us work toward a path to ease the burdens of our many citizens who face daily ruin because of low wages, inadequate health care, and the consequences of rapidly approaching devastating global warming.


The redcap (or Redcap) is a type of malevolent, murderous goblin found in Border folklore. He is said to inhabit ruined castles along the Anglo-Scottish border, especially those that were the scenes of tyranny or wicked deeds, and is known for soaking his cap in the blood of his victims.[1][2] He is also known as Redcomb and Bloody Cap.[1]
Description and behaviour
Redcap is depicted as “a short, thickset old man with long prominent teeth, skinny fingers armed with talons like eagles, large eyes of a fiery red colour, grisly hair streaming down his shoulders, iron boots, a pikestaff in his left hand, and a red cap on his head”.[1][2] When travellers take refuge in his lair, he flings huge stones at them; and if he kills them, he soaks his cap in their blood, giving it a crimson hue. He is unaffected by human strength[2], but can be driven away by words of Scripture or by the brandishing of a crucifix, which cause him to utter a dismal yell and vanish in flames, leaving behind a large tooth.[1][2]
According to the 19th-century folklorist William Henderson, the dunter, or powrie, is distinct from the redcap. Like the redcap, he inhabits old Border forts, castles and peel towers, but its main activity is to make a noise like the beating of flax or the grinding of barley in a hollow stone quern. If this sound goes on longer or louder than usual, it is considered an omen of death or misfortune. Popular tradition states that these Border castles were built by the Picts who bathed the foundation stones in human blood, which often resulted in such hauntings.[3][4] Dunters and redcaps may have been conceived as spirits of the original foundation sacrifices.[4]

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WHY is no one mentioning that the US national census count occurs during the months of the Border Patrol SWAT teams?

It’s patently obvious that this is a naked Trump ploy to instil more fear - as if there weren’t enough already - among immigrant populations so that they will avoid the count, consequently reducing the Congressional representation of anti-Trump states.


Hello lilly_longflower,
Those that have allowed TWITLER to bring about FASCISM will enjoy the pleasures of HELL! Not only them but generations after them and if they are “lucky” then prior generations will be joining them.

Wow. I agree with you on quite a few things but being against all immigration into this country, a nation created by immigrants ( after we murdered the locals of course) is really unhinged and downright evil. I cannot imagine you were not just exaggerating for effect…


WHERE will everyone go, WHEN everyone everywhere is a refugee from global warming and the oppression it will engender?

Walls, his smug grin and his ego-scrawled signature will be historical testaments to the vicious folly of Trump’s sick mind and all those Senators and Representative who aided and abetted him, the enemy to the US Constitution.

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Frankly I hope you are correct…

Perfect response to our xenophobic gadfly Monte…Thanks.


The deployment of militarized forces to attack Latinx communities is wildly popular. The twitterverse has been ablaze to calls for Latinx blood. It seems that Trump has succeeded in getting folk, who were previously ambivalent and somewhat taken about by child separation, to get enthused about his targeting of Latinxs.