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These Are the People You Murdered


These Are the People You Murdered

For perspective, if no comfort, a reminder America is not alone in enduring calamity: In Gaza, the killings and misery persist, with little attention paid. Seeking to raise awareness of their ongoing crisis, the leaders of the Great Return March have called on "all people of conscience" to hang pictures of the march's 135 unarmed victims in their towns; Israeli activists have also strung them on the Gaza border to send the message "their struggle is visible...their sacrifice was not for nothing."


“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant” - MLK.


Americans are upset that Trump is separating immigrant families, but they don’t seem to care that the Europeans in Israel are murdering Palestinians with American bullets. This has been going on for 70 years, and the situation is so horrible it is unbelievable. People refuse to believe it. The Zionist Europeans justify their murderous rampage by alleging that their “God” gave the land to them. Gaza is simply a large concentration camp, but instead of gasing their victims like the Nazis, they cage them in and let them die by disease and starvation with hopeless lives, then they murder any one who protests. Meanwhile, in America, the Patron Country of this genocide, the population is upset with the separation of families, which is certainly an insane procedure, but doesn’t come close to the Gaza Genocide.


See no evil, hear no evil may as well be America’s national anthem.
For that matter, many American’s understand that what is currently being done to its refugees can very easily be done to Americans if the government gets away with it.
BDS is working however. Israels time of immunity may well be coming to a rapid end, as more and more people around the world see them for what they are.


All of America, every last man and woman has a river of blood on their hands. The banality of evil here has been raised to a new level. So much so that we are now bringing that evil home to our own people. Nobody lifts a damn finger… You cannot imagine the price karma will demand in return. But you will…