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These Are the Senators Who Are Still Undecided About Filibustering Neil Gorsuch


These Are the Senators Who Are Still Undecided About Filibustering Neil Gorsuch

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Fifteen Democrats (and one Independent) remain undecided on whether to filibuster Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court, according to one news outlet's recent count.


R'con quisling Dems in name only should be cast-out of the DP - just another example of craven weakness and collaboration with the the R'Con swine! There are always a number of these sell-out turn-coat rats that make an opposition in this case, or strong unified party support (for what that's worth) on progressive issues always questionable - and then the issue fails. Get rid of them, shun them and do not provide sellouts ANY party or other support! A reformed (yeah, that'll happen soon) support real progressives in elections, on ALL issues, and actions that require a unified response, not this constant betrayal by some one issue and others another - BS!


We are at war. The right has had this attitude for decades, while the Democrats play nice with proto-fascists. NO!! Gorsuch is a Scalia clone who will work to strip the people of all our rights, wreck unions, Roe V. Wade and all the rest. If these Senators cave on this one, they must NEVER be forgiven and must ALWAYS face primary challenges and hell raisers at their town halls. BASTA!


[You know]* I have no idea why these senators would be worried about a backlash – [I mean]* if Gorsuch is confirmed it's extremely unlikely that there will even BE meaningful elections in 2018, much less in 2020 or 2022.

* Just doing my best to talk like a member of congress (or of the mainstream media) . . .


Yes, the DINOs should indeed be thrown out. But the only way that will happen is if registered D's and U's refuse to accept the LOV premise, which is what keeps many of them in office.

I'm not surprised that my Senator Michael Bennet is on the list. One of the worst DINOs... only slightly better than Manchin. Because he is such a GOP-Lite patron of corporate money, both my wife & I refused to vote for him in '16 (leaving it blank) and if the GOP had fielded even a nominally rational candidate (but of course, they couldn't), he'd have been toast. As it was, he barely escaped with a win, and under 50% of votes.


I"m disappointed at seeing Tammy Duckworth's name on this list. Tammy was just elected this November.


The differences between Scalia and Gorsuch are IQ and integrity: Gorsuch is not nearly as intelligent as Scalia and has markedly (and proven) less integrity than Scalia. Gorsuch is the quintessential "company man," slavish to corporate interests, condescending, and is no friend to either women, the environment, or Americans living at or below poverty level. He thinks being "cute" is endearing (more than likely worked for him as a child) and he behaves like it is beneath him to have to answer to the Senate committee members posing probing questions to root out his true nature (condescension). Watching him too long is hazardous to one's mental health.


I've called, petitioned and threatened my Senator (Republican-lite) Bennet several times. Threaten they will be pimaried apparently they may be. Keep calling and writing your people, this Goursuch guy is really bad.


Agreed. I did the same only I voted for the Green party candidate. Bennet has been abysmal since he was elected, I didn't like him then. He has to go and I've been dogging him for some time now. Especially, since Goursuch is walking evil. Of course Bennet would go for him, he sold us out to big oil with Hickencrapper leading the charge. Both need to go.


Mealy-mouthed, spineless, rudderless, useless.

I can name the Democratic Party tune in four notes.

Frequent-commenting D-Party apologists who believe Schumer has the votes to filibuster/block Gorsuch had better reassess their position.

Garland was bypassed for 290 days--and the Democrats mounted some meaningless whining. Sounds like meaningless whining is their go-to tactic.


Diane Feinstein. Not a surprise her name is on the list. Some 'leader'. We desperately need the 'old guard' to die out and make room for people with a soul.


Same thing as LOTE? (Looked up LOV, but none of the results seem to fit the context: "Limit of Vision," "Locus of Values?")

Couldn't agree more with you, and with Emphyrio, that the senators on that list constitute an embarrassing collection of mediocrities. (And yes, one of my senators is on it. The worse news is, she's the LOTE from my state.)


Joe Manchin again. Not a Democrat.


A little unclear on the issue of cloture votes. Some are certain cloture votes but not all. You don't have to get up and filibuster. You can just vote no on cloture.


Actually, I voted for Menconi, too; can't remember if my wife did as well.


Yes, I was just lazy in my typing...I meant lesser of evils in any case.


Yes, but unfortunately, he keeps any real democrat from running.


I just wrote this to the one of my Senators on the list, Menendez, via senate.gov:

I understand you are still undecided about blocking Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court. I ask you to decide to join the effort. It's not about getting back for the stupid, unconstitutional blockade of Merrick Garland. It's not even about the continuing issues of the legitimacy of the administration that nominated him, given the issues of collusion with Russia (significant as that complex is). It's about the smugness of this man and his condescension to women and even to men like Sen. Franken whom he plainly considers his inferiors. I watched enough of the hearings of the Judiciary Committee to feel this man will not respect my rights if he is confirmed, or those of my granddaughters, who might reach maturity while he was still on the bench. Please consider the absurdity of his opinion supporting the company that fired a man for not freezing to death — and Judge Gorsuch's glare when Sen. Franken pointed out that absurdity — and his smirking "locker-room talk" with Sen. Cruz about "mutton wrangling," which sounds to me like abuse of both the animal and the child. Or consider the inappropriateness of another Senator reading out, in the hearing, his wife's text message about Judge Gorsuch's presumed bladder capacity. I'm shocked that US Senators engaged in this kind of absurdity in a hearing on a SCOTUS nominee, and allowed it to be shown publicly, though I guess I'm glad to know they're all that smug. But soon it may reach a stage where you can do something about it. I hope to hear your commitment that you will.

And no, I don't want to hear how naive it is to try. If we want the system to work, we have to use it. Whining around on CD doesn't change anything. Putting our shoes in the butts of our "servants" is one of the few options we have that can.


That's the Chicago School of moderation and incrementalism for you. Her mentors, like OhBummers', no doubt. She's just another Democratic Senator who is really a liberal to centerish Republican. She's a brave and honorable veteran, with a great personal story, but her hero is Sen. Bob Dole. Yikes! Pragmatism is wonderful in theory, but in reality it ultimately leads to being modern Kansas. Besides, Illinois is actually a place young people want to get the heck out of. So, Sen. Duckworth actually serves the past, not the future. Plus, her state needs lots of pipelines and more dirty energy sources and Gorsuch will certainly deliver for her constituents, in that regard.


The Indivisible groups in the states of the senators on the list should be on top of this. I never heard of Demand Progress before but it looks like they could help with their website.