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These Candidates for Congress Want to Win in 2018 on a Platform of Decisive Climate Action

These Candidates for Congress Want to Win in 2018 on a Platform of Decisive Climate Action

Wenonah Hauter

More than 100 U.S. House and Senate candidates pledge to move off fossil fuels.

"With recent polling showing that 66 percent of Democrats care deeply about the issue, the support for urgent and decisive climate action is growing in the party base." (Photo: Food & Water Action Fund)
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The economic and political systems we have are based on the support of unsustainable and suicidal fossil fuel industries. They can’t stop the collapse. This century will see a holocaust far worse than the imagination can even handle. Humanity could adapt, until now. Even after the food riots begin, there will be denial and delay. Good luck to anyone trying to fight this battle. We will need 100 Lincolns and 100 Churchills to slow the march to oblivion.


The urgency of now is in play. There is political risk of suddenly being overwhelmed by events not anticipated like war with Iran, economic debt collapse, pandemic disease, and so on. These events will shock. We must remember that climate chaos will destroy Israel and Iran, cause economic collapse, expand disease and famine. Nothing is more important than leaving dead carbon in the ground.


It is not just climate and ocean acidification that needs addressing.

Just got this from the

Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

Uniquely, it combines both the climate crisis and the biodiversity crisis into a single unifying idea we all can gather around, an idea of singular difficulty - which is exactly why E.O. Wilson thinks it will work. Wilson believes that the human being is up for a challenge of this magnitude, and I agree !

“Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life”, Edward O. Wilson, (2016)

The Yellowstone to Yukon initiative, as depicted in Karsten Heuer’s “Walking the Big Wild”, might be thought of as symbolic - or as a template for what needs to be done on a planetary scale.

As for the people who have already given up:

“Optimism is true moral courage” (Ernest Shackleton)

All the best to this CASSE organization - here is real progress !

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If you click on the highlighted text it will show you the close-ups of all those folks and where they are campaigning.

Five from Pennsylvania - very encouraging - but only two in Ohio, not so much, and none in West Virginia. There are many dedicated and hardworking activists in West Virginia, but they must face the reality that there it would be an exercise in futility, and could very likely be deleterious to their health and safety.

Jeebus H, three out of four of the Michigan candidates are running against each other to win a chance to unseat tea party darling, Fred Upton, who hasn’t lost since 1987. The odds are not good.


From above:
“Randy Bryce in Wisconsin, challenging Rep. Paul Ryan”

Why Randy Bryce over Cathy Myers in Wisconsin?

"Instead of focusing on issues, qualifications, and appeal to voters, the Democratic establishment has lined up behind Bryce, thereby subverting democracy in their own primary. Myers tweeted on July 9, “While it’s true that Randy is a working guy, that doesn’t differentiate us. I’m a teacher with a strong record of union leadership."

It’s OK. No one expects anything from you. I wish them the best. I began supported the hopeless campaign of Doug Jones long before the teen chasing came out. Of course Jones is just a damn Democrat, so forget I said anything.

What Party would that be? More to the point, do you support a single one of them?

I don’t think anyone will count on you for storming a barricade. You’ll have some other reason for doing nothing.