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These Climate Scientists' Tweets About the Unusually Warm Arctic Might Scare Your Pants Off


These Climate Scientists' Tweets About the Unusually Warm Arctic Might Scare Your Pants Off

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Shocking," "absolutely astonishing," and "remarkable."

That's how climate scientists are describing the recent unusually warm temperatures in the Arctic.

As the Washington Post reported last week, the region is "stewing in temperatures more than 45 degrees (F) above normal. This latest huge temperature spike in the Arctic is another striking indicator of its rapidly transforming climate."


And furthermore, the Arctic sea ice extent is at a far record low for this time of year.
See daily image updates, graph.

This means that the Arctic Ocean and environs is going to absorb a tremendous amount of solar heat this spring, not to mention this summer, solar heat that otherwise is reflected back into space by solid ice. This produces a more massive Arctic methane release in the next few years.


Day by day, the metaphorical frog is reaching the boiling point. I remember all the articles over the years saying we needed to stop using fossil fuels back then. Nothing has changed since then. I am one of the folks who believe we passed the climate change tipping point decades ago and the frog is effectively already dead.


seeing as i took what they said seriously to start with i started using my car far less and got upset that so many refused to conserve. we have pushed our lives to the limits but why should that surprise anyone? we’ve been pushing our limits for freedom for just as many years


“…Back then…” I remember the first Earth Day, the day we buried a car, some 40/50 years ago. We haven’t done it, it ain’t gonna happen and thus the earthly humans disappear along with all the others in the 6th extinction. Kinda sad to watch while it’s happening, people are freaking out and governments are silent. So long, it’s been to know you, should be the theme song of today.


This frog is not even hopping mad anymore; just resigned.


It is frustrating to read these type of reports knowing that it will take a global effort to do anything to limit global warming. We have to work on this locally assuming people all over the world are doing that same. Politically this issue never gets to be a top; priority in elections. It just goes on while people get much more stirred up about things that affect them more emotionally and politicians and the media certainly know that.


That a good point to keep bringing up. The Arctic is so far away yet it is where the most important things are happening when it comes to climate change. The increase in temperature due to emissions is amplified at the poles. And what happens there, and particularly in Arctic where sea ice is disappearing and permafrost is thawing, can amplify the effects of global warming.


Great article the planet is on a terrible course. Beside climate engineering and global warming and a host of other things the Climate engineering and Geoengineering has been going on for decades. This is also wreaking havoc on the planet. An EPA scientist was fired for exposing this.

Also the person that runs this site is a solar scientist. Latest Global Alert News Hour is very alarming for those who can stomach the truth. Show for 2-24-18 worth listening to. If you are new to this please take the time and study the site.


I meant climate change too


What’s even more alarming is that the effects of Global Warming that
we have already been feeling only brings us up to the damage done to
Nature and the planet by 1968. And after that time everything happened
much more quickly – how many more gas-guzzling cars were put on the
roads, how great an increase in the population, how much more housing
and use of energy? How many more animals were raised for consumption?
This is because there was a 50 year GAP before we began to actually feel
the effects of Global Warming.

Decades ago, scientists were predicting melting of glaciers in the far distant
future – only shortly thereafter finding that the glaciers were melting beneath
their feet. Scientists also make very clear that there is no way to predict how
the effects of Global Warming will compound.

News from Ireland is that a friend returning home from Portugal shortly expects
to see temperatures in the teens – almost unheard of in Ireland.


Agree —

Unfortunately, in a huge betrayal, Our Founders not only created an Elite-Patriarchy while proclaiming “All are equal” … they also turned the nation’s wealth and natural resources over to them.

Long ago those natural resources should have been “nationalized” rather than permitting private individuals and companies from immensely profiting from them and acting to keep them in play as “energy” for the nation.


Jackye –

Can you expand on what you meant by your last sentence?


I’ve always been nn optimist. But let’s face it folks. The climate ship has sailed, crashed into the iceberg, and sunk to the bottom.
I will rarely quote songwriter Carol King, but “it’s too late baby, now it’s too late…”


Meanwhile, it is likely going to be above freezing at the North Pole.

All normal say the denialist Al Gore name dropping pseudo-paleontologists.


Hey–we got snowballs out here, it is very very cold–so no problem.


I agree, to an extent. If the parties in this country aren’t doing enough nationally, and they aren’t, then we have to try to do something locally. The Democrats don’t deny the science of global warming. They support green energy, recycling, better vehicle standards, etc. They also support an economic model that undermines environmental regulations, and they agree with an economic model that in a thousand different ways harms the environment.

I think of it this way; the gap between what needs to be done versus what the politicians you claim are “pragmatic” are doing is vast, and that gap is the rate at which things are getting worse at an exponential rate. You can argue for that for a bit, but at some point (and we’re there), not calling for the radical changes is an abdication of responsibility. Your candidate the last election did support fracking worldwide. She did support an economic model that is a key driver in environmental degradation. She didn’t support things like carbon taxes that could help a bit, they have in the Netherlands and other countries, but that was a step too far for her top donors.

Before you talk about what is or isn’t realistic, realize that any party worth a damn would be talking about the implications about not doing what is needed. They wouldn’t only be going much further in their proposals, which your party needs to do but won’t, they’d make the failure to do so a centerpiece of their campaign. Cause, you know, it’s hard to be “pragmatic” when the environment makes a functioning human civilization impossible, and it isn’t as if global warming is the only environmental issue that is at the crisis stage. Take a look at the Stockholm Resilience Center’s “nine planetary boundaries”. We’ve surpassed a majority of them, and there are other things we could address that they don’t, like the waste from nuclear energy, plastics in the environment, etc. I will take what your party is offering over nothing, which is the alternative, but it isn’t enough, and your party has been very important in the spreading of economic policies around the world that makes tackling this a lot more difficult.



Don’t have time to go back, but think the links to Geo-Engineering by
STEVEN above said they were going to 48 degrees F…


I have to disagree with you somewhat. Regardless of what nationals politicians are doing and how much they are involved in fighting climate change we have to work locally. To some extent the problem can only be solved at the local level. One example is land use policies. These are controlled by local governments. Also, all towns should have climate action plans. These can include recycling programs and various actions. Rooftop solar programs usually involve local governments. Green building codes come from local governments. It is critical to understand the federal governments cannot solve the problem of global warming. The most power they have is probably putting a price on carbon. The Democratic Party was behind a cap and trade program that would have put a price on carbon but it was largely defeated by the Republicans. It was a Democratic president who led the way in getting stricter energy efficiency for cars which is another power that the federal government has which is important. In the US it takes federal, state, and local governments to take action. The electrical grid is largely controlled by states so they play a big role. Fracking is supported by both parties since one-third of electricity is generated from natural gas and also much of heating requires natural gas as does industrial processes. So right now there is no alternative but to keep fracking unfortunately although state bans are a help in limiting it. Much more renewable energy is needed to end fracking. And the Democrats do support the eventual ending of all fossil fuels. John Kerry as Secretary of State said that even the use of natural gas has to be ended. No developed country is doing enough. No developed country is on track to meet their Paris climate agreement pledges and those pledges are too weak to stay below 3C. One thing we can do now to help the Democrats on the national level is give comments to the EPA supporting Obama’s Clean Power Plan. While the Democrats deserve their share of criticism we should get behind them and support them when they do the right thing.


In the dead of winter here in North Carolina, the Bartlett Pear Trees are blooming and the insects are out in abundance as the temperatures flirted with 80 degrees all last week. Questioning others I have yet to meet someone other then myself that is bothered by this anomaly.