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These Families Were Directly Threatened by Trump’s Agenda in His First 100 Days


These Families Were Directly Threatened by Trump’s Agenda in His First 100 Days

Jeremy Slevin


The woman had two healthy children. That is a sufficient amount for the planet. Then she had a third child that was disabled. I would have taken that as a message to not have any additional children. But she proceeded to have a fourth. There is a point where self reflection and responsibility are necessary. I am sure all of society will have to pay the costs for educating and caring for these children. Sad case.

The man who was deported arrived illegally into this country. I would not imagine going into a country illegally and not expecting at some point to be deported. This would allow illegals to have rights over individuals who legally apply for entrance. Illegally entering and residing in another country is wrong. It is a crime in and of itself and is a theft of citizenship.

The impact of driving meals around to people has an adverse effect on the environment. In the US people have become detached from meal preparation. It is time we return to preparing our own food and not have someone deliver food. Overeating is e single largest caused morbidity and illness in developed nations. Less food, more exercise leads to a healthier society. Meals on wheels should be done by bicycle and only to he truly needy on times of illness.


Miguel, You have what appears to be a very one-sided view of life.

Do you understand the meaning of ‘compassion’ for your fellow human beings?

Any faith in Jesus and his teachings?


Your first two statements on individuals were right on. Is this women a millionaire who can afford 4 children? It would of scare the bee geebes out of me if I birthed a child with a birth defect but did not seem to deter this women??? Even if she could afford all these children it still affects all of us with more cars on the highways et all.

I am a humanist first but I have trouble with people entering this country illegally and the corporations should be jailed for bringing them here.

Your meals on wheels comments is with merit about driving but the good outweighs the driving affects. My Mom received meals on wheels for over five years after we found black smoke on the ceiling over the kitchen which I imagined alot of famiies experience but there are many seniors without families or advocates which a driver can keep alert to potential problems. I delivered meals on wheels for 5 years in my Prius and saw first hand how some seniors lived and were isolated. I made many casual friendships with these seniors.
This is a very needed service for the seniors in this country.


i cannot argue with mysticism which is what is used with Jesus Christ who more people have been persecuted and murdered under his name than other other human in history. Christianity has been a very violent religion and remains so to this day.

I am tired of the anthropocentric arguments of human compassion as humans destroy millions of other species and their right to life and continue to imprison and torture animals to feed their obesity. Compassion is largely missing in humans generally speaking other than to use as a word when trying to get something for nothing. Spread your compassion to other species than respond, please.

On meals on wheels, do we feed them corporate produced food or organic locally grown meals. If the latter is the case I am for it. I only see the atrocious meals fed to children at schools and it is a corporate controlled for profit product that is highly toxic and not nutritious. Please focus on other species before it is too late and we destroy the web of life.


Somebody a long time ago told me there three sides to a story “there’s black, there’s white and then there’s gray… that’s where the truth lives”.

Compare Juan Carlos Fomperosa Garcia’s story as told in the article, to the link provided in the same:

“ICE, in a statement Friday, confirmed Fomperosa Garcia’s deportation. Its databases showed Fomperosa Garcia has been previously repatriated to Mexico three times, including a formal deportation in 2014. In 2016, Fomperosa Garcia again was ordered removed by an immigration judge, with a second immigration judge upholding the decision, the statement said.”