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These Kids Aren't Playing: Badass Breakfast Club Turns Detention Into Yet Another Gun Reform Protest


These Kids Aren't Playing: Badass Breakfast Club Turns Detention Into Yet Another Gun Reform Protest

Lookit These Kids Redux: Over 200 kids in Pennsylvania who defied their school's ban on joining last week's nationwide walkout transformed their ostensible punishment into Civil Disobedience 101 by turning their detention into a silent, moving sit-in. With the community offering support - and pizza - the #Pennridge 225 linked arms, wore the names of Parkland victims and declared the consequences of their actions "a badge of honor" to show "we’ll stand up for what is right."


I am So impressed with these kids! I would gladly junk out all (yes ALL!) of my state and federal so-called “representation” in trade for representation by any of these kids. Whatever they may lack in experience is more than made up for in their idealism and courage. And, the “schools” that punish them for being such good citizens? Close such schools, for they are not teaching anything of value, anyway.


I am humbled by these student actions. May the power be with them since my generation screwed up in so many ways and on so many levels.


These kids remind me of the better angels of my generation. My generation failed insofar that many imitated their parents. Money and things became big concerns; (remember the Yuppies?); “revolutionaries” like Jerry Rubin, who became a Wall St. broker, went to the dark side. It’s this generation’s turn to turn the tide back and they can. We did it with the Vietnam War and Nixon and they can do the same. Get 'em, Tigers!


These kids are amazing. I have been guilty in the past of being a bit negative towards the younger generations - accusing them of always being on their cell phones texting, uninvolved, apathetic, no intellectual curiosity, etc. - but I love being proved wrong. If these youngsters are a representation of what we can expect of them as voters and even leaders in the upcoming decade or two, then I have hope for America.

And you establishment Democrats and Rethuglicans had better start worrying your corrupt asses off.


The principals should join them, to insure their safety, of course, but also to be on the right side of the discussion. Why punish a kid who wants to be safe at school and who demands that elected representatives hear them? I would consider it an honor to walk with these kids if I was the principal of their school.


Sometimes people refer to kids as idealistic- i tend to view them as wiser and more courageous than timid adults who conform and sell-out.


Kudos to these HS students.

What strikes me most about this article is how little some things change. In '69 fourteen of the best and brightest at our local indoctrination camp (HS) decided we would print our own “newspaper” because the one produced by the communications class for our school was such a rag of blind conformity and athlete hero worship. We were very careful not to write or print anything that was too political or controversial, just some harmless (and very bad) poetry, some line drawings and some jokes. But then we made our big mistake, or so it was trumped up by the school administration - we passed that rag out in the halls between classes.

The Speak Easy (my suggestion) became a flash-point in that “trouble comin’ every day” that Zappa sang about. The school expelled all 14 of us for two weeks. It made the newspaper 30 miles south of here, and un-named sources accused us of being communists or socialists. At the time I didn’t know socialism from Shinola, but I sure got and education in the true color of American life.

The point being that our masters will always lie about why they are punishing us, and resort to a technicality as justification for the thumbscrews and iron maidens.


To quote a Marine buddy of mine: “A big hooooooraaaaaa”. Don’t give up kids, they will try to wear you down. That is their preferred strategy and they have the big money, but “RIGHT” is on your side. A big chunk of democracy is at stake.


As an eighty-year-old geriatric, I always wondered why the German people didn’t rise up against the Nazis. Why they traded their humanity, reason and logic, for thirty pieces of silver. How does fascism come to power? These kids may hold our democracy in their palms, not our condemnation. I love the title’; “Badass Breakfast Club”. Thank you, kids, thank you. You have already claimed the leadership us adults are to cowardly to claim.


i am standing with the kids. i think we should all stand for them.


Turns out there are other things going on in the world besides Stormy Daniels.

Right on. Teach your children well.


By Far. Among the Best of Humanity


The “ADULTS” will claim that these students are not old enough to make a rational decision when it comes to guns because they are too young to understand all of the nuances of “The Right to bear Arms”.

Adults such as these.

Now something tells me that if I wanted a rational and intelligent debate, I would bot be getting one from those clowns wearing pink and whit robes as they hod their guns aloft in worship.

I would be talking to those kids for that.