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"These Kids Can't Wait": New Win in Youth Climate Lawsuit in Washington


"These Kids Can't Wait": New Win in Youth Climate Lawsuit in Washington

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The young activists suing the U.S. government over its role in climate change scored another victory in court on Friday, as a judge in Seattle ordered the Washington Department of Ecology (DOE) to announce an emissions reduction rule by the end of the year and make recommendations to reach those targets to the state legislature in 2017.

King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill also ordered the department to consult with the young plaintiffs on crafting those recommendations.

"This is an urgent situation," Hill said in issuing the order. "These kids can't wait."


It's a cryin' shame kids have to sue to realize a future.


It's a cryin' shame that kids have to be adults and abandon childhood, while adults are trying to be kids and abandon their role of responsible eldership. Our culture is adolescent in every aspect - obsession with fashion, popularity, looks, conformity, sexual prowess, latest fads, a self-centred ethic of personal convenience, maximum comfort and ease, consumption of useless products and non-food, stuck in the unending quest for identity as defined by money, power and advertising. Way past time for boomers to grow up.


There are times, on occasion, when the USA is indeed impressive. This is one of those rare occasions.


Thank you kids and Washington. Times like these make one proud to be from the 1st Vancouver (the one in Washington.)


You think it's all boomers? Ha! Absolutely clueless statement.


Also, many adults have been in court trying for many of the same things. Including "boomers". But they're not cute enough. They're easily dismissed and most often are. But who can resist a cute, earnest, sincere kid? The future of our country and all that.

I think it's great that they achieved a victory on this. Perhaps they can go for curbing out of control militarism and the surveillance obsession, the fraudulent election process and the monopoly of a handful of people in control of the major media.

It will probably take kids to do this as adults are dismissed out of hand, just like your comment.