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'These People Are Beyond Repulsive': Outrage After Trump DHS Secretary Blames 'Parents' and 'Open Borders' Advocates for Deaths of Children in US Custody


'These People Are Beyond Repulsive': Outrage After Trump DHS Secretary Blames 'Parents' and 'Open Borders' Advocates for Deaths of Children in US Custody

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As human rights groups, Democratic lawmakers, and the United Nations demanded an independent probe into the deaths of two Guatemalan children in U.S.


There is a point about this- nobody asked them to come.


If taking the long journey that these people have had to endure to attempt to save themselves and their children from the bad guys isn’t a large enough measure of personal responsibility to a family, what is? Pitching a tent in the jungle? Camping on the open desert?
Nobody asks you to take your hand off of the searing electric burner of your range.
Nobody asks you to tread water when you are in over your head.
And nobody should neglect guests when they are in need.


You’re right. Nobody asked for the English colonists to come over here and disrupt the nations of native people who were already here by thousands of years. You’re right- all these white english speakers can get back on their boat and go back to England! You’ll lead by example now won’t you since you are a person of integrity?


They can come in the legal way. When companies stop hiring them illegally and the companies are shut down then guess what? They will stop coming.


Okay got people’s attention - mission accomplished.


She wears the face of cold, calculated cruelty. Repulsiveness would be an improvement.


I was speaking of refugees. We don’t treat anyone with decency that come to our southern border.


Sorry but mission not accomplished. All these white english speakers still haven’t been deported!


The exodus from central America is an exodus from grotesque and perverted US government atrocities and barbarism.

Foreign exercise of terrorist US government perversion is bipartisan. Democratic party claims on progressive thought are as false as Republican claims of conservatism. Both Ds and Rs are in a political partnership to use the US military as a world-wide debt-funded terrorist force to secure capitalist gains going to the 1%.


You are correct. Anyone here that can dismiss the deaths of children fleeing dangerous countries (asking for safety) needs to re-evaluate who they truly are. They are not the fine people they think they are.


She’ll never be able to wash the blood from her hands, but snakes like her sleep well at night.


Oh good grief, really? SO sick of this hateful spew.


Mealouts, I’m guessing that all your inner hatred is displayed on your face as much as it is on Kirstjen Nielsen’s. Sad for you.


There is a point … that these are children who were taken from their parents. The responsibility for their wellbeing then became ours. I find it utterly unbelievable that that these children were being kept without proper medical care onsite 24/7.


…Both you and Kirstjen Nielsen are hateful and fucked up…damn near pathetic…


No it is not! This is a country of big hearts and good souls as well as of heartlessness. Trump and his ilk are a political aberration brought about through corrupt means and unchecked monetary influence.
The America which is outraged at what this trumped up administration is doing are in the majority. That is why our elections are no longer trustworthy. The majority of Americans do not want this. Try to remember that.


They are coming the legal way, seeking asylum. That fact has just been upheld by the conservative Supreme Court.


Whatever the truth, I am weary of the blame America argument when people in foreign countries make decisions that adversely impact their families.

Yes, the U.S. is a superpower with tons of influence throughout the world and such power brings adverse affects to fragile societies but we cannot micro-empathize with every single family that wants a better life. I have yet to hear an asylum seeker use the blame America argument to gain access to permanent residency in the U.S. The point is only an argument used to politically shame politicians and deflect accountability from parents who plan poorly to migrate into another country without permission.


My spouse who is Native American, says the same thing about the original people who came to America!