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These People Are Evil

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/31/these-people-are-evil

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Oh Mr. Scalise:
How sad you are. There you were playing baseball and an angry man shot you. But you reemerged as an idiot who learned nothing. Instead, you ignore the evil of what guns can do in the hands of angry people! Please remember that the right to bear arms works with a well regulated militia per the 2nd amendment-------but what was well regulated about playing baseball in a public park and still getting shot?
Maybe gun owners should send time being a "well regulated militia, " instead of pretending that they are RAMBO! But then too----when citizens get really angry about something, and they know that Congress( most of time doesn’t listen. WE The People, seem to be stage dressing for your Congressional performances ----) and whose
performances so often respond as America’s Theatre of the Absurd! : (


There simply is no rock bottom.

Vote in Biden/Harris. Feel as though you’ve bought some time. But please don’t rant and rave when another do-nothing Dem administration results in worse than Trump, perhaps a Scalise/Cruz win in 2024.

Because there simply is no rock bottom.

And unless an administration that actually helps people changes our trajectory, the measurement for rock bottom will keep dropping lower.


Takes a dying mans words, and twists them to make a campaign video. I would be lost in the capital today, not knowing who I would want to knock out first. So many choices.


This guy has raked in a simply incredible amount of money, $25 million. And he’s basically unopposed. Even mega-fundraiser Nancy Pelosi has raised a measly $14 million and more than house minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s $17 million. And, amazingly, almost half of Scalise’s money comes from donations of less than $200, and virtually all contributions come from out of state – all 50 states, in fact. I wonder what the story is.


Our time ran out a long time ago. Bill Clinton finally killed the Democrats off as a party which sometimes cared about the citizens and now we have one corporate party with two colors to keep the people angry and divided. And that party with two colors will keep on destroying the USA as they suck the life out of the poor and middle class until we are all destitute and dead.
There is a rock bottom and it will be when we are all dead due to extinction brought about by these fascist/neo-liberal death dealing monsters. But I get what you are saying and agree with it.


and the politicians who work with them --every bipartisan fool who gives them cover by pretending normality-every media outlet that refuses to hold these people accountable and are in fact promoting their dystopia–the sad thing is we are being led by evil and this election gives us the choice of very evil or even more evil–there is NO party working for life–they all work for the corporations who could care less if you lived or died and who’s business plans end with the 6th Great Extinction–happening in your neighborhood today

This guy comes from the area where the huricane just hit----and he was on fox going on about Biden and had to be asked about what was going on in his district??? These people have no water and power and may not be restored for weeks------his response was so pathtic.


The attempts on the lives of Republican pols have failed. The attempts on the lives of Democratic pols have succeeded.

These People Are Evil

The problem I have with this characterization is that it implies that the solution is to get “good” people elected. Besides that fact that this inevitability digresses to getting “lesser evil” people elected, it misses the anti-democratic nature of US governance. I think it is more helpful to identify the anti-democratic nature of US governance - from local to national - and to work to develop democratic alternatives.


James Hodgkinson should have spend more time at the range.

Democrats don’t spend enough time at the range.