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These People Are Not Just Demanding #MedicareForAll, They're Organizing For It


These People Are Not Just Demanding #MedicareForAll, They're Organizing For It

Jon Queally, staff writer

With chapters organized in their local communities nationwide, the Democratic Socialists of America is spearheading a major grassroots push for Medicare for All this weekend as its members show that the demand for a single-payer healthcare system is ultimately useless if people are not organized on its behalf.

"We need Medicare for All because our healthcare system should prioritize the health of working-class Americans over the profits of insurance companies and their billionaire executives." —Megan Svoboda, DSA


It’s great to see an ORGANIZING piece leading off the day. Especially hopefully i is that the DSA actions are built around extremely clear, no-compromise principles - defining what Single Payer/Medicare for All actually means.

Should this ever get to the Kabuki Kongress Kritter level, it will be obvious when they try to sell out. Pressure can be focused on the sell-outs and opportunists. They will all be Dims.

Rethugs are not even worth considering on this or any other issue…other than to defeat the Party of Pigs.


To bad they are such dummies that never ask the right questions.

Speaking of pigs. Follow the money and it isn’t all insurance companies.


If you read their 5 points, you would see that they eliminate insurance companies.


Hopefully you would read a lot more than the “5 Points” but it doesn’t eliminate insurance companies, it just restricts what they can provide.


On their site they state…“Medicare for ALL will eliminate out-of-pocket spending and put an end to private health insurance”, in bold print. Where is the info that counters this that you’re referring to ?


Medicare for all is the best path ahead.

The first job is cover every person with medicare. Copays are just a rider and can be easily eliminated. Edit 80% coverage and make it 100%

The next step is expand medicare to include dental, vision and long-term care. Avoid step two until every person is insured under medicare as is at 100%.


What bill? The written language in the bill HR 676 states that insurance companies can’t sell insurance for services covered by the bill as medically necessary. It doesn’t eliminate other services.

I just got a bill for $400 dollars for (routine) lab work that was considered not medically necessary by Medicare. I would explain further but hopefully you get the picture.


My letter to my local DSA:

Dear VT chapter of DSA,

Was very glad to hear of the national campaign the DSA is spearheading on behalf of Improved Medicare For All. We, independent and affiliated volunteers, have had some involvement in helping to coordinate library events on behalf of single payer with the participation of the VT PNHP, the VT League of Women Voters and the filmmakers Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg. Two groups in the Bennington area and the Middlebury area have been particularly active in community organizing. We also have had the support of Healthcare-now.org and donated films from The Fix It Team. Another group headed by the NH PNHP is also starting in New Hampshire.

Would the DSA be able to work with us in promoting a national letter-to-the editor and opinion articles to local media across the nation advocating and educating for Improved Medicare For All? The idea is to decide on a date or several dates where volunteers in every state flood the media with letters, etc. on behalf of single payer throughout the US. Another idea which has been advanced is to have vans or other vehicles that can go into low income areas or to venues they frequent to offer free health services and to register to vote a population that has traditionally not voted.

Thank you for furthering education and advocacy on Improved Medicare For All. Looking forward to speaking with you.


Giovanna Lepore, volunteer


Yes and as I hope to speak to them soon I will point out that Bernie’s plan is not exactly a single-payer system that still need to be reconciled with HR 676 which is a true single payer plan.

I plan to contact Rep.Keith Ellison of your state to see if we can get a film documentary specifically on HR 676 and there was such an animal some years ago but it has since vanished.


HR 676 is also known as Improved and Expanded Medicare For All and it boots out all insurance companies.


Can you show where it does that???


Good Luck with that as Ellison is turning into a Bernie clone; but like all Kongress Kritters, he is eminently susceptible to political pressure - even from New England. You Go Grrrrrrl!!!


The link was right in the article I presume you just read.There is to be only one payer and Bernie’s plan needs to be reconciled with HR 676 because it is more of a two payer system. Also, if you care, you can do your own research. Thank you.


Yes. I read the the bill several times but what I asked for is you to back up your claim with the provision and not just the propaganda being posted here.


Yes as they can sell car insurance or any other insurance but not healthcare insurance.


Ok fine. What about Cosmetic surgery?


Medically necessary is what I understand: Is cosmetic surgery necessary?


It could be, what does the provision say???


Why don’t you tell us?