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These Shoes Were Made For Walking


These Shoes Were Made For Walking

Adam Eichen

What ever happened to the days in which Congress members listened to their constituents? Or when the people, not corporations, decided our elections?

These are the questions Americans are asking themselves. People on both sides of the political divide realize that what happens in Washington does not reflect their beliefs and desires.


Mother Nature is certainly not helping-out with generous weather for these activist souls - I had 3" of snow on the deck this AM, high winds - the marchers will show their grit these next days! When the goin gets tough…what happens Bluto?


As long members of Congress need votes to get their jobs they will be listening to their constituents. So basically nothing has changed from the past since the system is intact. But there is now too much influence from corporate money. This is largely the result of the emergence of extreme conservatism resulting in appointments of strong conservatives to the Supreme Court. If the next president is a Democrat there is a good chance this can be reversed and we can start heading toward less corporate money going into the political system.


" People feel powerless and they are."
That is true individually, because the average American citizen has absolutely no participation in the political power of its federal government; especially true of its foreign policy which is a military dictatorship that exists to protect the vested interests of the American empire and its economic elite and has little or nothing to do with protecting the average American citizen.

It seems to me, that like Bernie says, unless there is some kind of non-violent, political revolution where Bernie is elected POTUS, I do not see much change. To paraphrase what the American revolutionary’s said in 1776: EITHER WE ALL HANG TOGETHER WITH BERNIE…OR WE WILL ALL SURELY HANG SEPARATELY WITH TRUMP OR HILLARY!


The push-pull is obvious, daunting, exhausting and continuous.

Granny D manages to electrify the conversation over money and political influence and then with the stroke of a pen, a court justice is appointed who can sit on his ass and UNDO all her (and her supporters’) brave efforts. I’m talking about “Citizens United.”

Women fought for the right to determine their own reproductive destinies. But due to the conflation of TV evangelicals, huge fund-raising entities, and purchased political influence, the wall that SHOULD stand between church and state is being torn down so that Fundamentalists can control what women do with their own bodies!

Black citizens faced angry crowds and dangerous dogs to march for their right to vote; and again, with the stroke of an unsavory pen, an odious Supreme Court instantly strips many of that hard-won right.

Someone as committed as Ralph Nader has fought the corporate overlords for decades in order to force them to protect workers; but how often is it that campaign contributions or dark money erodes the regulatory agencies who would arguably hold up those laws?

Then there are the thousands upon thousands who have spent much of their lifetimes working to protect the environment. Enter the Frackers! The deep sea oil drillers. Monsanto! And the increasingly worn down nuclear power plants and their various leakages.

The same battles must be refought into perpetuity and it grinds people down.

If instead of fighting for justice on so many diverse fronts the presumption of innocence was turned around so that CORPORATIONS had to PROVE the safety of their products before massive harm was done, THEN there’d be a firm legal platform upon which to build a just society.

Check this out for how corruption works:


I think it’s awesome. In fact, I bet they can “change the dialogue.” Like. Wow.

Seriously, I really do think it’s cool, and commendable, and I sincerely wish I could be a part of this, and many other marches. What bugs me this morning is that I keep hearing all these people in the MSM trying to send Bernie’s supporters off to bed while the sun is still shining. "Tomorrow is another day, Sweetie, and you’ve changed the dialogue for years to come… " BULLLLLLSHIT! Your lip service to my agenda may be delivered directly to my buttocks, thank you very little…

It’s all an enormous crock. Campaign finance reform could happen in less than a week. There’s no mystery about how to write the legislation. Don’t hold your breath-- It’s not ever gonna happen. Maybe if the people spending all this dough decide that they don’t want to be in the business of paying for elections if they can’t engineer the outcomes… Maybe then? I doubt it. They seem to be doing pretty well thus far-- there’s room for growth in the political sector! Still, I suppose anything is possible in the twisted minds of the oligarchs… Unfortunately for us, they’ve used their fortunes to buy power, and I don’t foresee them giving away an ounce of it-- Not without a big bloody fight (among ourselves, of course.) Folks… The system has been bought and sold, and We the People have never held the keys. The Constitution wasn’t written for the little man. It was written to protect the business interests of the wealthy.

So, let’s change the dialogue… Yeah, like MLK, and JFK, and RFK… In all honesty, if Bernie loses, I’ll be somewhat relieved-- I genuinely like the guy. I’m deeply inspired by him… And, revolutionary thinkers don’t fare very well once they start threatening to alter the system. So? We can organize, we can educate, we can agitate, we can march. It’s all part of the sanctioned game-- A rite of passage for people (of all ages) who sincerely care about their country and their fellow man. It’s all well and good as long as we play by the rules and understand that the system isn’t broken. It doesn’t need reform. It’s working more or less as intended.

Now stop all that reading and thinking and marching and speaking, and go get a job you worthless, rudderless, unrealistic, ungrateful little shits!


I remember having a conversation in the year 2000 with my older brother, a diehard Demo party organizer. I was arguing in favor of Nader, explaining why I was voting for Ralph, but my brother pooh poohed Nader’s claims of corporate influence on politics and government. Condescendingly told me that it was all a bit much to swallow and that I was being a little naive. Of course, I voted for Ralph, anyway.

My brother is now singing a very different tune. He is not at all happy with his beloved Democrats and their reliance on corporate money. It gives me some hope that at least some of the party establishment will wake up in time to stop a Clinton nomination.