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'These Two Things Are Related': As Big Oil Ups Donations to Dems, Biden Says Banning Fossil Fuels Within Next Decade 'Not Possible'

Wind and solar should be installed locally, large scale can work, but local installation prevents Puerto Rico style disasters. When you speak of ‘land bridge’ and ‘tundra’ access, it is clear you are the one who has no idea of what you are talking about. Look at how local small scale wind and solar work on sailboats. Again, it is entirely possible to be off fossil fuels in ten years with proper will and guidance.

I’d love to see localized wind power with 90ft towers…

Also even if every home in the US was covered with solar panels they wouldn’t even generate a majority of electricity in this country.

And if you would be so kind as to disprove nearly every scientific study in existence with some resemblance of evidence supporting your 10 year projection thatd be great…