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'These Unions Dishonor the Labor Movement': Nearly 200 Academics, Lawmakers, and Activists Demand AFL-CIO Expel Police Unions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/06/these-unions-dishonor-labor-movement-nearly-200-academics-lawmakers-and-activists


Great idea - AFL-CIO Expel Police Unions - !!!


Good idea. After that how about the AFL part of the CIO embrace the radical past of the CIO??


It would be helpful if the coalition of nearly 200 civil rights activists, academics, and state and city lawmakers, particularly the first and second components of such, would explain that to protect and serve comes with the subtext the rich. This is a class war that is continuing to play out. More people need to know it. Progressives need to stay on message and stay together.


For people of color, and it should be for those who are not part of this vulnerable and targeted group by racists in and out of uniform, it is also and especially about their color. Imagine this absurdity that your color, as Jews with their religion, should get you killed. Time to create a nation, a world, where there are no scapegoats.


If “everyone” rallied around Sanders a couple of months ago there would have been at least some hope for your dream world.


Union means “all for one and one for all” – in mutual defense of liberty. Police means brute force, comprising the carceral state – an offense to human dignity emerging from:

  1. Slave-patrols in the South
  2. Union-busting public Pinkertons in the North

That’s inexorable, inescapable history bearing down each day more insistently. Historically, police represent slavery: chattel slavery or wage slavery. For the exact same reason you couldn’t have a legitimate slaveholder’s union, you can’t have a legitimate police union. It makes no sense at all for a union to represent the oppressive state against the people. That is not what a union is.


yep. unions exist to counterbalance or -mand power, not to amplify it.

FOPs are bizarre organizations combining social clubs, lobbying organizations and guilds into one umbrella.

they’re an offense against labor.


Larry, WE are to be that change and it starts with the realization that WE are actually ONE human race.


As a former Wobblie, I appreciate your post, Aleph.


I didn’t know it was possible to be a former Wobblie.

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Read today that some of the cops who resigned were intimidated by the union reps to do so. So at least some did not quit in support. HuffPost?


Police unions are very often headed by the most virulent and aggressive ex-cops who are totally inculcated - trained - to support other cops regardless how violent and depraved. The Minneapolis union boss, Bob Kroll, is the poster-child nutter racist example, and NYC PBA boss, Pat Lynch not far behind, covering for brutal killer cops. The predominance of such “leaders” is a pandemic of deadly violence against ordinary people in the US!

Cops demand submission usually without time to respond or people unable to comply; their first and only response is violence, attacking and smashing people to the pavement, regardless of age or gender to force instant compliance to commands screamed by several cops at once, often at odds, or messages sent by telepathy - or shoot first and ask questions never! Such entrenched learned violence - their “training” is the definition of jack-boot tyranny with respect, liberty and justice for all a joke to their mentality!


Be aware that because of GATS, the replacement police officers- who will likely replace all our cops within a few years, will be cops and paramilitaries from “Least developed nations” who its quite possible wont even speak english, and may be very experienced in killing and torturing people and counterinsurgency. In other words, the “cure” may be worse than the present condition. This is a good example, of why web sites like this one need to cover this issue, as Biden has been hiding this planned huge replacement of all the good service jobs, just like Trump has.


Jobs we’ll lose permanently:

Nurses, teachers, IT workers, computing and related services, POLICE, fire, EMT, energy, environmental services (like Green New Deal could end up not creating any US jobs at all!)

How stupid we are being.
You havent been keeping up on current events, like trade agreements on services. THATS WHAT THEY DO. Thats why they refuse to fix healthcare, higher education, etc. Those jobs are bait.

This is the problem caused by both parties being corrupt at high levels, and working together to screw our workers - setting up a scheme in the WTO to prop up despotic regimes with patronage jobs and outsource ‘services’

Virtually all the good remaining LOCAL GOVERNMENT jobs that are left, became bargaining chips in a vast global game in 1995. In 2012-14 when we joined the GPA, additional commitments were made. I dont think pilice are in those commitments because of the “governmental authority exclusion” - yet, but as soon as big firm start offering privatized police (this may already be happening) we’ll have to start outsourcing them.

Why havent we already lost millions upon millions of workers if the agreement was signed 25 years ago? Good question. Because we have limited them with quotas while negotiations were going on. Those quitas are being challenged by India in a case, dispute 503 that will be binding on the entire world. thats why.

The process has been held up for decades because certain negotiations (The DOHA round, etc.) had not been able to agree on certain issues. Sothe US set up its own FTA (the Trade in Services Agreement) to do this, since the original one was bogged down. In some ways it is even more dangerous as it goes completely on autopilot.

This should clue people in that our own government is eager to increase trade in services. They want high profit things (higher drug prices, for example) in exchange for trading away low profit jobs. Also they get to prop up Third World regimes that might fall to democracy movements otherwise, the patronage jobs in a sense buy them time. Also, they get kickbacks from the workers - especially if the jobs can be turned into green cards, people pay for them, they may even work almost for free. For years.

Our working people will be left with nothing except their debts, the careers they trained for, no longer hiring. They will have to join the global precariat and travel to the ends of the earth to keep working, just like so many other people. And the wages will be a fractio of what they used to make here. Lots of people, tens or perhaps hundreds of millions in the US and probably billions if you count the entire world will lose their jobs. Other countries, having union protections written into their Constututions AND HAVING MADE FAR FEWER COMMITMENTS IN THEIR TRADE AGREEMENTS are far better protected.


There is precedent, they expelled communist “led” unions in 1949, not that it was right-it wasn’t. This was reversed in 1997.

So there should be no problem kicking out the police unions that advocate and take actions that flagrantly violate the Constitutional rights to free speech and lawful assembly. At they say in NY, “Throw the bums out”.

Police unions are un-American, more akin to police in classic dictatorships; which, of course, Trump is trying to emulate.

By the way I am a union member, the police unions are a disgrace to the movement, and have historically been used to suppress labor struggles. They are agents of oppression.


Why don’t cities whose taxpayers are on the hook for legal settlements due to police misconduct turn around and sue the police union for the amount awarded? That should get the notice of other unions where much of the leadership is already co-opted by their associated industry and government and as a result don’t work to benefit their members.


The only realization I have is based on my everyday interaction with the citizens of this country - not CD - which verifies the old quote from a poem written in 1742. … “Where ignorance is bliss, tis folly to be wise” … Americans need a leader to define the problems. I am only one, powerless and considered by many of my peers (eg. neighbors, not my friends) as a left wing loonie and not “realistic”.

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Im sorry, by “local government” I meant federal, state, and local government and jobs where subsidie appy, like hospitals and education, etc, and many others, basically where tax money is involved. Also GPA in 2012 impacts a lot of jobs too, there it varies from one type of job to another, look up “government procurement agreement”. I am pretty sure police are currently exempt due to the “governmental authority exclusion” now - as long as nobody inthis country offers towns private police services, but when they do start offering them, then the service sector may suddenly globalize because of GATS, the new TISA and other similar FTAs that use its same definition of services supplied in the exercise of governmental authority. (thats why police now are exempt, just like lighthouses are exempt, they have no competition. ) This also applies to healthcare, education, water, banking, postal, etc. Its why we cant have 'new improved medicare for all" - only single-payer would have been exempt if we had switched to it before 1994 and the signature on the URAA. GATS intent of course was to make switching healthcare systems out of our reach permanently by these agreements because we will have to pay compensation for the loss of the expected profits and jobs in the pipeline. But the number of foreign firms rushing into our market has been less than expected. Plus the ACA and several other post-2008 measures -Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes Oxley, which are also likely WTO-GATS violations, are also likely to be dismantled) All of them temporarily made it much less profitable, (countries were alllowed to break the rules for a temporary period of I think 10 years via an MFN exemption, but those protectionist measures were supposed to be time limited and now the 10 years may be up, and we’ll have to go back to the regulatory conditions that existed on the signing date of the second batch of GATS agreements, in february 1998, which may mean the losss of pre-existing conditions, guarabnteed issue and many other changes that were made in the PPACA in 2010. This will restore the profitability of health insurance to 1998 levels, basically allowing them to reject people with health issues again. This is more similar to the conditions in the developing world - for insurance companies and banks. )

So soon we’ll start seeing the globalization of everything in a big way, thats the plan. This will make selling insurance much more profitable because the costs of healthcare when provided in foreign settings or bt foreign firms here may be much more amenable to high profits than it is when supplied by US workers. I think we’re being pushed into giving up all our jobs by a very sophisticated scheme that we’re all falling for - really stupid. Dont people realize that we’re the United States. Please read some history about the US in the postwar world. They would never let us switch healthcare systems and they want total lack of accountability.

Professionals and professionalism stand in the way of 100% outsourcing.

The poor and middle class, all of us in the entire country are under attack and we’re all just falling for some pretty obvious tricks.

you’ll see.

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Meaning I am not active in the group and wish to think freely. In that respect only.

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Former Wobblie? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the Wobblie’s were destroyed about 100 years ago by the U.S. government after they branded them Communists, Reds and Anarchists.