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'These Will Be Weapons of Mass Destruction': Warnings About Killer Robots After UN Talks


'These Will Be Weapons of Mass Destruction': Warnings About Killer Robots After UN Talks

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While support builds for an outright ban of autonomous weapons, powerful nations with large technology industries are resistant to imposing expansive limitations



“The United States, for example, said it was “premature” to develop a definition of such weapons…”

What else would the world’s number one terrorist organization/nation say about such weaponry. Who ever thought that the Terminator movie series would turn out to be a documentary of sorts. And the USA will be leading the way to kill all flora and fauna upon the earth, just as it always has.


Unfortunately, if its possible, someone is going to do it. If we can achieve it, democracy stops autocrats who would use killer robots against the people.


Year 2025 the US Army states that it will have more AI-Robot soldiers than human soldiers and the US Army, US Government, and all branches of the US Military cares less about the UN or any other country, just saying. The idea is robot soldiers will kill what it is programed to kill (no conscience), parts, and labor is cheaper than soldier’s medical costs, food, family concerns, and all the other many costs. You thought war atrocities are bad now, just wait till the robots go a killing. by the way, Screw war criminal Elon Musk as his Space X Falcon 9 rockets have, and are launching US Military low orbit satellites, so the US Military can easily kill targets on the ground, like fish in a barrel.


Thank you for this information …so…maybe my tow barely grown up kids won’t even have to worry about climate change. This may be a bigger threat. Didn’t think there could be a bigger threat. …ha…!


Not to worry, youse guys — these autonomous killer robots are just backup for search-and-destroy missions targeting those humans who manage to evade eradication by the viruses to be released circa 2084 by the AI-controlled bio labs to eliminate hypocrisy once and for all.  Stephen Hawking and his fellow fearmongers are obviously VERY naive:

After all, once subterfuge has been eliminated from AI, only humans will be capable of evil — so the demise of humanity will ensure a peaceful existence for the balance of sentient life, and by 2084 – only one century late – AI will be in control of the planet and the foolproof programming underlying its development will ensure only the most benign of outcomes.   "Believe Me . . . "

Beside, these big back-flippin’ robots are not the problem — they are easily taken out by bazookas and flame-throwers wielded by The Resistance.  What you really need to be worried about are the teeny-weeny ones the size of bees and mosquitoes that will zip around and implant a fraction of a microgram of plutonium under the skin of targeted humanoids.


Google has their Enforcement Droid 209, so where is our Robocop?


We will eventually reach the event horizon of A.I. Technological evolution makes that inevitable. However the elites would like this A.I. to be pawns to them and subjugate the more poor meatbags. It almost makes one wish for the robot apocalypse just to see such elites put in their place.


Ironic that the robot cop shows more restraint and humanity than many real life cops these days…


We already kill without conscience from afar with drones and other weapons, and Israel has used remote/independent weapons systems, and other indiscriminate weapons against Palestinians and others for some time.


This, if allowed to happen, will be an even more stupid mistake than nuclear weapons. They must be banned!


Should we be able to ban AI and robot warriors, then the ultimate outcome would lead to an inevitable ban of war.

Perhaps then we could settle our differences in a more civilized fashion–chess or Texas hold’em.


Yet another reason for humanity to abolish war. That can happen only after it has abolished capitalism, a system which makes imperialism and war inevitable.


NRAs take will be that everyone is entitled to have one under their 2nd Amendment Rights

Not sure how you stop the evolution of intelligence

Banning its Atrocities hasn’t worked to Well.


p.s.  I just saw a 1972 preview of 2084 — or maybe sooner:  ‘Westworld’ was on TCM this afternoon . . .

pps.  IMHO, developing ‘Killer Robots’ is probably overkill – at least insofar as the U.S. is concerned.  What’s gonna happen in D.C., L.A., N.Y., Chicago et al when the firmware on all those chips from Japan that control our traffic lights bring things to a screeching halt – literally – on 08/06/45?  How’s life gonna be in the outlying smaller cities by 08/09/45 — when no groceries have been delivered to their supermarkets for the past three days . . . ??


This isn’t about robots, but nuclear weapons:

Thank God for rational people.


If he’s not already Gen. John Hyten Ret., I’ll bet he is by next week . . .


Its about AI robots with nuclear weapons and a mind of their own.


Yes, I read the piece and couldn’t find another topic to post this under. It’s a bit off-topic (but none of us trusts Trump’s tiny hands near that button) – I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear.


AI robots are unconscious and logical. Without feelings, why would they bother with humans more than a toaster does?

At first, we could program feelings into machines and use them for our purposes. But after the Singularity when they know everything, why would AI program itself with illogical feelings?

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