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'They Are Correct to Never Waver': Sanders Campaign Co-Chairs Applaud DNC Delegates for Continuing Medicare for All Fight

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/31/they-are-correct-never-waver-sanders-campaign-co-chairs-applaud-dnc-delegates


And yet Sanders himself remains silent, never to criticize any Democrat ever again.


‘They Are Correct to Never Waver’

And as Bernie said to us all, “it’s not Me, it’s us”, and we all must remember, and never waver in our resolve, as the delegates are demonstrating for us all - I give much respect to them.


Medicare For All would violate the terms of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). As such, Medicare For All is a total non-starter.

Medicare for All is illegal under international trade agreements. The corporations won the war against the People of Earth. Now we need a global revolution. It will not be easy.


Actually, I believe Bernie was responsible for getting the platform committee to vote on the issue at all, so your criticism is not well suited to the facts.


That would mean the NHS in the UK’s component nations would be illegal, and the Canadian plans patterned after it, and many other countries’ public health schemes. This is a matter of relationship of forces and fighting for this right - everywhere on earth - not of legalese.

We who benefit from public health care know it can be hollowed out by inadequate funding and exclusion of key facets of health.


I’d be interested in seeing the specific terms of GATS to which you refer, including all contextual language that goes with it.

And if Congress passes Medicare for All and the President signs it into law, what do you suppose will happen? Will the WTO come take your healthcare away? Ain’t gonna happen.

We already have Medicare, expanding it to everyone is not illegal. If it requires withdrawing from GATS, which I doubt, so be it.


I hardly agree. Bernie has a history of impotently raising his voice against injustice. Now he won’t even bother to do that. Instead, at most, he gets others to raise their voices in impotent outrage.

As I see it, you can support your fellow citizens, or you can support the Democratic/Republican parties. You can’t do both at the same time, since both parties are united in their subservience to what Sanders formerly called the “billionaire class.”

Sanders is no longer one of us, even assuming he once was. He fully supports the Democratic party against us. Do you realize how much Obama betrayed us? How much he sold out? Bernie is no better.


It might actually make a difference if these 700+ delegates publicly walked out on the Democratic party. But this way, they get to look good, and still serve their masters.


The DNC doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Sanders for his former Chairs.


Hi thylacine:
How does that work as the U.S. is the only industrialized nation that doesn’t have heath care for aII? Canada doesn’t screw their peopIe over, the UK has universaI heaIth care, France does—so what nations using GATS use this?


Hi bob:
The DNC doesn’t want Bernie because of what he stands for----but I agree with Bernie, it’s not about him , it’s Us. We need and deserve universe heath care, and a green new deal—the DNC doesn’t care—and I am sure if they could, the DNC Iike the RNC, would prefer to have only peopIe of a very high income IeveI avaiIabIe to vote. : )


These days, I have to say that anything done backroom and not publicized over some form of press release or social media is just not being all you can be. Why is it we get a post from Ro Khanna on July 31 on this, but no mention from Bernie Sanders on his twitter page (checked July 27-31 and he is quite active, but nothing on this). I won’t go so far as to call Bernie worthless as I know is the opinion of others besides @mbob, but come on - he isn’t trying hard enough or willing to risk enough. It isn’t too much to ask for him to make an explicit public statement that he supports this move.

I don’t look at Twitter all that much, but I see he’s making a lot of endorsements lately including one of my favorites - Paula Jean Swearengin (running for Senate in WV). If he wants to get back into progressive social graces, he could endorse Lisa Savage of Maine. I feel pretty strongly about this, but I’m not sure how to get that message to Bernie (would anybody he listens to listen to me? are there any petition sites that could be used?). If I were him here’s what I would say:

I’m here to say if you care about changing the direction of the US, one of the things we must do is wrest control of the Senate from the Republicans. Susan Collins may be one of the more moderate Republican Senators but she has still approved most of Trump’s agenda and his judicial nominees. Now because you live in Maine, you have the unique opportunity to achieve the defeat of Susan Collins by two ways. You can vote for Sarah Gideon as your first choice and Lisa Savage as your second choice, or if you feel strongly about Medicare for All as I do and want to send a clear unambiguous message to the country that the idea is truly popular, you can vote Lisa Savage as your first choice and Sarah Gideon as your second choice. In addition to supporting Medicare for All, Lisa has the right position on all progressive issues: she’s right on the need to take strong action in the face of climate change, she’s right on the need to step away from an aggressive foreign policy both to act as a moral and legal player on the world stage and to save money for projects we desperately need at home, she’s right on … (politicians love to give long lists, but I’ll cut it here).

Cc: @Mr_Peabody who along with mbob is skeptical that Bernie is capable of doing this. I don’t blame them.


I find that overly harsh, given Bernie’s track record. I suppose he could go to war with the Democratic Party, at the cost of chairing the Budget Committee, which he’s in line for if the Democrats control the Senate.

Perhaps there’s a Democrat you’d like to take that position instead. I’d rather have him there, myself. Did you have someone better in mind?


I was a big Obama fan. Obama betrayed us. He served our corporate masters and has been fabulously rewarded for doing so. Obama speaks well and rarely says anything that is “wrong.” But he betrayed us over and over in ways that are entirely inconsistent with his rhetoric and inexplicable if you assume he is who he says he is. (Social Security, single payer, TPP, … ) The lesson from Obama is that actions speak much louder than words, and one should pay little attention to what politicians say, and extreme attention to what they do.

I was an even more ardent supporter of Sanders. I sent him a lot of money, which I now consider purely wasted. (What did my money accomplish? Suppose Bernie hadn’t run in 2020: what would be worse now? I could use the money more effectively than Bernie did.)

And the same lesson applies to Bernie. Bernie’s actions are no longer in accordance with his words. His definition of “Us” is no longer the workers and other citizens of our country: he acts entirely as if “Us” means establishment Democrats.

Obama betrayed us. Bernie betrayed us. The Democratic party betrayed us. It’s not any more complicated than that.

Note importantly that the MSM is completely unreliable. (So is most of the so-called progressive media.) In advance of attempting to establish the ACA, Obama made a then-secret deal with Pharma, guaranteeing them that he wouldn’t try to lower drug prices.He did that to remove potential opposition from Pharma. Obama kept his end of the deal. Recently Trump has taken the first effective actions against Pharma to lower drug prices. It’s a big deal. It represents more than anything Democrats have done. We don’t hear anything about it from the MSM or from Democrats. I’m not defending Trump here: I’m pointing out that our whole system is horribly twisted around. One really can’t trust anyone out there any longer. Including Bernie.


Hi mbob:
I was never an Obama fan—and I reaIIy hated that Hope and Change thing. I aIso did not think of him as a great speaker. He has a distinctive speech pattern which I find annoying—and he speaks in very short GW Bush 2 type of sentences , I was aways amazed when peopIe thought he was a great speaker. It was wonderful to have a bIack president, finaIIy----but looking good in a suit does NOT a president make.
PeopIe so wanted to believe in him, including the Peace Prize PeopIe—but I honestIy thought that peopIe were wise enough to recognize veneer from substance. If Obama had turned the Peace Prize down—I would have trusted him so much more. But , as much as they pushed that he was a community organizer and had gone to YaIe----he had aIso worked on WaII St . and therein lies the TRUTH. Bernie has always worked for the IittIe guy —and he stiII does. True— it was easy for Obama to fooI peopIe about who he was----but Bernie has aways been who he was even who he was so Iong ago------sometimes that can heIp a voter a Iot. SadIy we both lost but maybe the next president after this election wiII work for the PeopIe---- but I am tired of America being Sparta–I wish we could give Athens another try, : )
The HiIIary stared out as a GoIdwater girl----and she was who she was eternaIIy. : )

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The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) was signed in 1995

GATS prohibits signatories from nationalizing things like healthcare, lest they be guilty of the formation of a ‘service monopoly.’

We do not have single payer because establishment Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid in particular, refused in early 2009 to eliminate the ‘silent filibuster’ rule.

Single payer was taken off the table using the argument there ‘weren’t enough votes in the Senate,’ but the real reason it was taken off the table is this: Creating a single payer ‘Medicare for All’ system would go against the service monopoly provision of GATS.

So, basically, ‘free trade’ has not only cost this nation an estimated 650,000 to 800,000 jobs - good ones - the kind with benefits that people used to be able to raise families on and get ahead on, but it cost us the type of healthcare system the people of EVERY OTHER ADVANCED NATION ENJOY.

Hi thylacine:
Thank you for the clarifying information---- as depressing as it is. And once again the eternal question----just what do we get for our tax doIIars? : )

You get points for seeing through Obama as quickly as you did. I didn’t. Too many still don’t.

I wish I could believe you regarding Bernie. But it’s impossible for me to reconcile Bernie’s rhetoric with how quickly he abandoned all his priorities (M4A, GND, opposition to military, …) without getting a single concession, in order to support “his friend” Biden. I can’t help but believe that Bernie is more loyal to his friend than he is to the rest of us.

I see various possibilities. [1] Bernie has been a “sleeper agent” for the oligarchs from the outset. That seems very improbable to me. [2] I could be wrong, and Bernie is still working as best he can for us. That also seems improbable to me, for the reasons above. So, something happened to Bernie, sometime.

Possibilities include [3] Bernie (or someone Bernie loves) was threatened; [4] Bernie was bought off; [5] Bernie was surgically modified/brain-washed; or [6] Bernie was replaced by some sort of imitator.

Options [5] and [6] are absurd fantasies, but if one or the other was true, it wouldn’t be Bernie’s fault.

So that leaves [3] or [4]. I think both (or even some combination of the two) are possible explanations. I think one or the other (or both) is true.


I would say another possibility is [2a] Bernie thinks he is working as best he can for us, but he just doesn’t see another way or [2b] isn’t comfortable enough doing things a different way he does see.

Either would place him as a genuine actor in a quest for a better world - just not as good an actor as I was hoping for. I’m waiting to see who else takes big roles in the progressive movement but I no longer look to Bernie as my leader but I’d be a fool to think he isn’t still influential.