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'They Are Correct to Never Waver': Sanders Campaign Co-Chairs Applaud DNC Delegates for Continuing Medicare for All Fight

You could very well be right on this. I wonder how he and Gore felt after getting reamed.?
Is there enough of everything to continue in some way?

The voting rules and regulations should have been equalized between states generations ago. But after every unsavory election nobody goes after it. And here we are with our dicks in our hands once again. Sorry ladies.
This may be the worst election ever, and it’s our fault for electing the wrong people.
Cheating S.O.B’ s.

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Do you believe there is a basic dichotomy of strategy between building the Green Party into a bigger force vs attempting to build a different third party (either from scratch or joining an existing movement like Movement for a People’s Party)?

It seems hard enough to keep a hand in each pot of Progressive Democrats and one Third Party. Trying 3 pots is probably more than most people want to do. Which two pots are you thinking are the best choices (since I know you are committed to Progressive Democrats, I’m asking Greens or no Greens basically).

So we break our promises on the trade agreement. What’s the problem? No problem breaking our agreements with Iran or countless agreements (treaties) with Native Americans. We break promises like its our hobby.


You’re beating a dead gelding.

Hopefully not. For now, I feel like I can just support great candidates.
I like how the MPP is taking a movement-based approach and is being organized by a very diverse group of people. When they start to run candidates at the local level, I hope they try to coalesce with the Greens and not compete with them (just as I don’t want to see the Green Party running candidates against truly progressive Democrats) - similarly I hope the MPP & Greens form coalitions to get progressive ballot initiatives through. We do not need more sectarian battles on the left.

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In '16 he had a chance to stick up for us - when it was clear that the DNC was going to screw him in the primaries, Stein (GP candidate) invited him to join her - the GP platform was a (more robust) mirror of his stated one - he never bothered to reply, the “rationale” being that 3rd parties “couldn’t win” (a lie - any candidate on a ballot can win if enough folks pull her/his lever), supporting them would only hand the election to Trump, and he didn’t want to be a “spoiler”, like Nader (another lie) - so he plighted his trough to a candidate who was diametrically opposed to what he said he supported and what his supporters had supported him for, in order to “beat Trump” - but, oops, Trump won anyway, so, he betrayed his (purported) principles and his supporters, and lost anyway - lose, lose …

I have always been amazed at why anyone would have supported him this time around - as it was pretty clear that the same dynamic would be in play - fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me … His function has always been to keep “progs”, lefties, whatever, in the DP camp - keep them from straying into a 3rd lefty party, like the Greens (say what you like about them, I have my own critiques) whose platform has always been more consistently prog on so many issues - think what Stein could have done with the $2 million (or was it more) that folks wasted (yeah, wasted) on Sanders - Stein, whose platform was actually ON THE BALLOT in enough states to get enough of both the popular AND the EC vote to win …

For the last quarter of a century at least progs have been cowed into sticking with the DP as a LOTE - and here we are … we have lost a quarter of a century when we could have been increasingly voting for an honestly prog candidate at the polls - if we had, stuck to our guns, we would have seen the DP either a) recognized as irrelevant to any prog cause or b) transformed into an honestly prog party because it knew it would keep losing if it weren’t …

We have ourselves to blame, folks, we have ourselves to blame - shame on us …


True. But there’s no harm done to the gelding: it’s dead after all.

And, OTOH, the spectacle may help disabuse some passers-by of the delusion that there’s still life in the poor dead animal.


None of them ended their campaigns; it’s always now suspending it.

If Biden drops dead before the vote it doesn’t mean the 2nd place finisher gets the nomination. It means the delegates in the majority, who were for the 1st place winner, go with a different candidate they prefer.

If he drops dead after the convention they’ll go with the VP nominee that Biden selected and the convention nominated to be on the ticket.

If both the nominee and the VP nominee die after the convention, the DNC will meet and select new nominees.

Even if every other candidate who ran besides Bernie were to be with Biden and the VP nominee and a meteor hit where they were and killed them all, the DNC would NOT have to select Bernie and the chance they would is less than the chance than that meteor hits and kills everyone else in one fell swoop.


Hi Shantiananda;
Oh —how much of lost taxpayer money did that bridge end up costing?

Hi IibWingofIibWing:
sorry ( my capita I is nt working.)

WeII that’s disappointing as we reaIIy have no real voting rights , do we. In every other contest in the word—if something happens to first pIace, then 2nd pIace becomes first place. Oh, but this is the DNC—so no wonder logic faiIs. Thank you for taking the time to answer. : )

The Democrat Party always votes to invalidate our votes, at least Republican partisans get the stupid stuff they voted for.

The Democratic Party is the perfect newspeak organization for our times.


So why isn’t Bernie standing with the 700 delegates who are opposing the Dem/DNC platform because it excludes Med4All? Why isn’t Bernie “standing with those delegates” instead of fully supporting the Democratic platform without Med4All? What does THAT have to do with defeating Trump??? Nothing!!!

Bernie’s a fraud and just as corrupt as the rest of them, conforming to the establishment and siding with his cronies over the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

I don’t blame Bernie for the current state of the party - I blame him for joining it and doing its bidding. And betraying and gaslighting the rest of us. That’s what he chose.


With all due respect, I find your analysis and putting words and actions “in Bernie’s mouth” are myopic and ignore his role in getting the 700 delegates elected in the first place; where is it written or said he is not standing with them as much as he can? are you privy to his thinking and strategy? I think not! He is in a different position, committing to support the DP nominee - whoever it was - when allowed to run as Dem - his integrity is intact! He was betrayed, he is not the betrayer Twila.! I too wish he would be more aggressive, but he believes trump & R’cons are the greatest enemy.

Bernie has moved the progressive agenda forward, trying to add them into the corrupt DP “platform” - even as limited serving the status-quo as it is - he worked hard energizing voters especially the young. Where is the evidence for this betrayal to serve as sheepdog other than ignorant speculation and interpretation of Bernie’s actions?
Accusing Bernie of being a “fraud” and “just as corrupt as the rest of them” and “siding with his cronies over the will of the people” are all frankly delusional BS!
He is playing this ugly political game with the cards he was dealt and the issues HE deems most important keeping with his promises, like evicting the ginger chancre.
Oh ye of little faith…Please review your position.

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I never saw the exact figures, probably too embarrassing.

mbob –

There is no voice as strong over the last decade and more for MEDICARE4ALL
than Bernie Sander’s –

And if the effort to create a REVOLUTION in the Dem Party doesn’t work it will simply be
because sufficient numbers of Americans haven’t yet risen up.


Not to be too argumentative, because I see your point. But to say that’s he’s moved the progressive agenda forward - when Pramila Jayapal, leader of the bogus health care task force, said that she never even mentioned Med4All at ANY of the meetings knowing that Biden is against it is NOT what I call “moving the agenda forward” one bit. The appointed leader didn’t even bring the issue up, during a national pandemic. Is there a better time than now to press forward on that issue?
Bernie is not moving the agenda forward when he fully supports the Dem platform that does not include Med4All, and refuses to speak out and stand with the 700 who are bold enough to make demands. Bernie’s silence - when it counts - is NOT moving the progressive agenda forward. He’s clearly supporting the Dem platform over the progressive platform at any cost.
He inspired progressives to get involved - only to immediately tell us that we’re being “irresponsible” if we don’t vote for establishment Joe, two days after his full endorsement.
Yes the party betrayed Bernie…and in turn, Bernie betrayed us - siding with the very corrupt establishment that betrayed him. That is not what I call moving the agenda forward - it’s called conforming to the neoliberal party’s agenda and then gaslighting his supporters.
You know what? It doesn’t matter. Believe what you want. Time will tell. We’re all in the same boat.


This is questionable criticism of someone who is now the leader of the LIBERAL
REVOLUTION in the DP – and who has ALONE brought us to this point where we
at least have a plan of attack on the corporate-fascist wing of the party.

What we have also seen is Bernie Sanders continuing to move on the DP to co-opt
the corporate-fascist wing – and showing us the ways to do this – supporting LIBERAL

Save your criticism for Biden – we’ll be waiting to hear it –

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Your main thrust is to criticize Bernie Sanders and other LIBERALS in the party
as not doing enough?

And ignoring that it is Biden who has confirmed that he will NOT support Medicare4All -
would even VETO it?

If you want to criticize, criticize the male “Christian” dinosaurs in Congress –
Criticize Pelosi with $112 million so far – McConnell with $31 million – and others
selling their souls for money -
Criticize those in the party still recruiting corporate-fascist Dems –
And disrespecting the NEW LIBERAL LEADERS in the party –

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You are correct, I criticize them all. They have all failed us. And that’s why we’re in this crisis on all fronts. It is very grim.
I’m over Bernie, as of today :slight_smile: There’s enough criticism to go around. We are facing a reality in our lives like never before, as a nation. The voting process itself is turned inside out and upside down.
I grieve for us all through this economic and health care crisis. Such a shame for the wealthiest country in the world.


I really don’t understand how you and your fellow Democrats think. There is no evidence that any revolution is pending in the Democratic party. To the contrary: the party moves evermore to the right. You all tolerate it and actually believe you’re making progress. When 90% of your fellow party members favor M4A but the party elite refuses to put it into its platform, why is that ok? Same for defense appropriations: your fellow Democratic senators and representatives have become bigger war mongers than their Republican counterparts – against the wishes of their constituents. And we could go on and on. Yet you Democrats do nothing. You continue to vote for them.

Late in 2019 I tried to learn all I could about the presidential candidates. What I learned about Biden was truly disgusting and shocking. Pushing war in Iraq (and everywhere else too), bragging about authoring the Patriot Act, repeatedly trying (and sometimes succeeding) in shrinking Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Student debt crisis. Serving Wall Street assiduously. It goes on. Lying repeatedly. (An earlier run at the Presidency was aborted because of his plagiarism.) There’s literally nothing good about the man. He’s a monster. I comforted myself with the belief that such a degenerate human being could never become president – unless of course he was Trump.

But you nominated him. He’ll be our next President. You’ll cheer for him as the US goes even faster and farther down the tubes. You’ll inflict Biden on the American people and even be proud of it!

Your man (formerly my man too, but no longer) Bernie Sanders made it all possible. Not only did he endorse the monster – without requiring a single concession from from – but Bernie paved the way for Biden. Biden could never have become President without Bernie’s help. And Bernie has shown that nothing matters to him – not M4A, not a GND, not reduced military expenditures – except
getting Biden elected. So much for a political revolution. So much for any progress. It’s all gone and Bernie played a key role in making that happen.

So, you can continue to pretend that there’s hope for the Democratic party. I’m sure good Germans had hopes for a particular party long ago too. We know what happened. But supporting your party means ignoring everything your eyes and ears are screaming at you.

There won’t be a Democratic party revolution. It’s not going to happen. It’s time to abandon the party. Vote for whomever you want; but leave the party. Democratic party members are now enablers of a corrupt organization which, in concert with its pretend opposition, has brought this country to ruin.

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