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'They Are Turning India Into Kashmir': Government Crackdown Intensifies as Protest Movement Grows Across Subcontinent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/19/they-are-turning-india-kashmir-government-crackdown-intensifies-protest-movement

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Hindu nationalist fascist Modi is the Trump/Putin/Erdogan/el-Sisi/Duterte of India. He and his cult of Hindu nutcases are a virulent plague.

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Nationalism so easily morphs into racist and religious violence. Nationalism is a curse on humanity. Nationalism must be resisted and dismantled in our politics, and in our society and consciousness.

We are all one species and we need to get over ourselves and our infantile nationalist violence.

As Bertrand Russell wrote shortly after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki:

“The prospect for the human race is sombre beyond all precedent. Mankind are faced with a clear-cut alternative: either we shall all perish, or we shall have to acquire some slight degree of common sense. A great deal of new political thinking will be necessary if utter disaster is to be averted.”

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World resources are dwindling and the fascists want make sure they are taken care of first.

…and where is Tulsi Gabbard on this issue?
Her silence is damning - Modi’s hard line neoliberalism is tearing India apart.

India’s ‘failed’ Job Guarantee scheme she proffers as cause to oppose Sanders JG/Green New Deal proposal is disingenuous - a yielding to neoliberal ideology.
India’s highly effective JG failed due to de-funding by India’s hard line neoliberalist Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi - Tulsi’s early (2012-14) sponsor : https://www.sikh24.com/2019/01/26/analyst-alleges-hindu-nationalists-created-tulsi-gabbards-congressional-career/#.Xfnt89REk_4

Below is extract from a letter signed by 250 Indian MPs & Eminent Citizens calling on Modi to properly fund the JG:

> “…Despite repeated public statements by your government promising employment and job creation that will boost the country’s growth, we are alarmed to note that the country’s only employment guarantee is being systematically undermined. Illegal restrictions on its budget allocation, severe payment delays and low wages are crippling the program and depriving people in distress of one of their most important legally supported structures…”

She does not understand MMT reality based macroeconomics (as her emotive reference to ‘taxpayer dollars’ attests) - and evidently (given her exposure to Kelton) unwilling to learn same. If she did she would realise that the JG is an essential, integral conponent of the GND - without it the extraordinary investment levels in jobs necessary is not possible.

You have heard it often: that India is the world’s largest democracy. That’s a laugh. When I visited, many people spoke no English, let alone read and write. How does one inform or debate the issues? The caste system is very much alive. And now comes Modi. It’s quite likely it is the world’s largest neoliberal country, however.

Events have the potential to escalate, leading to confrontation between nuclear powers India and Pakistan over contested Kashmir. A localized nuclear war would have devastating consequences for the peoples of the region, as well as huge repercussions to the global environment. If that is not enough, the conflict could potentially drag in the other nuclear powers; firstly China, then the rest.


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