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They Are Us, We Are Them: Remembering Rachel Corrie


They Are Us, We Are Them: Remembering Rachel Corrie

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the death of 23 year-old American activist and human being Rachel Corrie under the blade of an Israeli military, U.S.-funded bulldozer as she protested the demolition of a Palestinian family's home in Rafah. After an obligatory "investigation," Israel declared her death "an accident" due to "protesters who were acting very irresponsibly." Despite years of legal battles by her family, Israel has staunchly continued claiming immunity for her death, as for so many others. May she rest in peace and power.


A genuinely heroic figure, abandoned and betrayed by cowardly American politicians under the boot-heel of a foreign government.

R.I.P. Rachel. May you never be forgotten.


Thank you to CD for publishing this tribute to a woman who
may for some not be remembered other than those familiar with
her life and death.

And to add, though off topic or maybe not as honoring Rachel
Corrie, IMHO a similar tribute would be accomplished by Sen, Sanders
But AIPAC will be greeting Sec. Clinton and even Trump. Does
anyone here know if Sen. Sanders has been invited or plans
to speak at the AIPAC convention?

Worth a read though as noted OT.



Thank you MHunter. Though once again off topic, as a reader of
Mondoweiss an American Jewish news site I found the following
suggestion for Sen. Sander’s speech if he should choose to speak
to AIPAC. It’s long and for some very radical, but worth a read. No
doubt my posting the URL may be attacked by members who


The Israeli murder of Rachel Corrie got zero condemnation of her murderer by her own nation! Neither Bill Clinton, Obama, or Hillary did anything but bury their noses further up Israel’s bum!

Even when Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 killing and wounding 174 American sailors the US gov covered-up the attack - an intentional Israeli attempted false-flag op!

The US under the influence of traitors and subversion of AIPAC has supported, funded, armed, and turned a blind eye to Israeli crimes against humanity and war crimes for over 50 years! Israel uses banned and indiscriminate weapons against civilians and we do and say nothing, making us complicit to the crimes! We cover-up and excuse mass murders & incarcerations without charges or trial, racist ethnic cleansing, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories, the illegal “Apartheid wall”, and thousands of killings of peaceful protesters and children!

Rachel Corrie was only one of many international protesters against Israeli murders, brutal occupation and racism murdered by the Israeli IDF! Her memory and her courageous acts deserve better from her nation!
We fight to continue and honor Rachel’s courageous fight, and all the others killed fighting Israeli racism, war crimes, and terrorism in Palestine!



Emphyrio, though I’m no fan of Greenwald, I wonder if you read the suggested speech for Sen. Sanders posted on Mondoweiss. In any
case it would appear we are on the same page regarding the
murder of Rachel Corrie even though it took place prior to Obama’s
serving as POTUS over a decade ago. One can only hope
there will be no Clinton serving as POTUS as she bends over
speaking to AIPAC along with none other than the vile Donald
Trump. OT I’ll admit to, but even still there or those of us
who remember the horror of the death at the hands of
Israeli murders of Rachel Corrie.


Thank you Abby for honoring the courage of one of ours. Corrie, a person of goodwill, who was murdered while standing up for justice.


Thank you sanne80 - I did leave out Bill in my condemnation - so infuriated still and writing too fast…Mondoweiss is as you write a great resource for truths we never get here from the Israeli/AIPAC corrupted press (and Congress) - any who seek truth on the Israeli occupation and annexation/illegal colonization of Palestine and related issues should visit the site. http://mondoweiss.net/

Your linked suggested Sanders speech to AIPAC is a very powerful statement


I can not fathom to courage it would take to stand and let yourself be run over by a bladed bulldozer…she is a sparkling Irish star, and a heroine in the way Assange, Snowden, Maning and Hammond and many others are. She shames me into realizations of what others have sacrificed for our common good.


Just a question re: your comparison. How much courage do you
think it takes to hide out from the actions of those who would prosecute
them when they should have been fully aware of the likely results of their
choices? Not exactly a valid comparison. You don’t need to bother
as it’s rhetorical. Not familiar with Hammond and Manning who
is actually suffering the result of his choice with no support
from Assange who continues to profit as a result. Like
Corrie? Really?


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Or, as another great American once wrote,
“God grant, that not only the Love of Liberty,
but a thorough Knowledge of the Rights of Man,
may pervade all the Nations of the Earth,
so that a Philosopher may set his Foot
anywhere on its Surface, and say,
‘This is my Country.’”

		Benjamin Franklin
		 4 December, 1789



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