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'They Came to the Wrong Community': Neighbors Form Human Chain to Stop ICE From Arresting Longtime Nashville Resident

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/23/they-came-wrong-community-neighbors-form-human-chain-stop-ice-arresting-longtime


These are the best kind of neighbors anyone could want to have!


Thank you Nashville!

And here is another beautiful gem and relevant message from Nashville.

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If we embraced this act, we could hope that it turns out to be the first barrel of tea tossed into the harbor. Not the tariff, but the gathering of outraged people to solve a problem or social injustice.
A “protest” is not a strong enough action these days. Or it seems so. Pick up the beat boys,(and girls).


This is the makings of real resistance. Not fake party-line “the resistance.” People all over, putting their bodies in the way of the operation of evil.


In order to come to grips with this latest insanity, it behooves the Public to understand that this just not just start happening with Donald Trump in charge. The USA has done this many times before. The above article details the deportations of the 1930’s were over 1 MILLION American Citizens deported just because they were of Latino descent.

This details one of the more infamous raids where US Officials just seized anyone of darker complexion in a Public square, after having blockaded all exits , and shipped them over the border.

Just as with the underground railroad where many Americans broke the law in order to help Blacks escape slavery , it is the GOOD people in a given community that have to rally to put an end to this latest episode of ethnic cleansing.