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'They Cannot Ignore Us': Oklahoma Teachers Resolute as Walkout Enters Second Day

'They Cannot Ignore Us': Oklahoma Teachers Resolute as Walkout Enters Second Day

Julia Conley, staff writer

While some predicted that Oklahoma's teachers would be back in their classrooms Tuesday after rallying for education funding at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City the previous day, many schools remained closed as educators continued their walkout.


This is a response to growing overt usury, to tax cuts for the richest, de-funding public education in favor of for-profit education - serving corporate TBTF bankers, and all the other greed-driven BS “free enterprise” rip-offs the trump regime exemplifies, serves, and leads!

The teachers of OK and WV and Kentucky must be supported and join the other struggles that is theirs also! Their struggle and strikes are to support the future - children! Public ed must serve ALL kids , not only those of the richest communities!

The trump regime is the prime example of service to modern slavery/serfdom - while the 1% buy government and legislation, scotus justices and media bought-out and corporations and vast welth are more equal than others, the people must rise-up in unity to demand real “change we can believe-in”, not more pablum, lies, and complicity from corrupt politicians that dominate and really serving the crony-vulture capitalism and corporate fascism that has our republic by the throat!


Fire that satanic horror show Betsy Devious


“If you don’t have a place at the table, you’re on the menu.”
—author unknown

“An injury to one is an injury to all.”
—IWW slogan


I’ll second that!


Could not for the life of me figure out why every time I wrote her name it felt incorrect. Thank you for the clarification. I’d add that the family association with “Academi” is worth reading to clarify the model this pyramid scam team is foisting on the human learning processes. Distortion, denial, brute force and marketing slick - keep in mind that Blackwater changed its name to Xe after the Nissor Sq murders; again to Academi after an entire series of nefarious instances of over reach. My question is, is it Koch, Mercer or other backing and the network needs to be exposed and laid bare!

It never fails to amaze me that the obvious correlation between the mortally narrowed colonizing mind model of the pyramid scheme and unflagging projection of the consequences of that shortcoming onto its victims has not become a documented and central argument against this death-wish of a premise turned into cannibalism

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Hummm, now there is a teachable moment.:slight_smile:

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Protest Income Inequality Teachers.

The $1.5 Trillion that Trumpublicans, gave to the top 1% in their Tax Scam must be reversed, and redistributed “wisely.”


The corruption of government begins slowly, perhaps – but we are at a speed
now which can easily be fast enough to overturn what’s left of a people’s
government and any attempt at democracy.

Better to try digging out now than later.

These are bullies/fascists controlling government – they’ve long done so secretly.


How does one get a place at the table if not to become like them? Who would want that!

Solidarity, do not bend to injustice!

The way to end totalitarianism world-wide is stop shopping, especially in the US.

Quit eating meat. Ride the bus or train. Avoid processed foods packaged in plastic bottles or jars. Don’t buy new clothes. Grow a garden. Turn down thermostat. Never fly in an airplane again.

Do not pay pirates for bottled water. Eat organic as possible.

Every person who boycotts corporate dictatorship will become more healthy in the process. Obesity is due to brainwashing and the US is the most obese nation.

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That is what NYC teachers did in 1968 I think.

It is time to recognize the responsibilities of our government and fund what is necessary to meet these responsibilities. Education is arguably the most important. Many of the countries we compete with have better education results. Privatization has been proven inadequate to meet modern universal education requirements. We seem to have lost our will to do what is required.

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Right, and strength is in numbers, and courage is needed to transform violence using non-violent means of power to attract people to what is good.