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'They Despise Diplomacy, and Thirst for War': Iran Accuses Trump of Closing Path to Peace With New Sanctions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/they-despise-diplomacy-and-thirst-war-iran-accuses-trump-closing-path-peace-new


Iran has seen this movie before. Once the USA chooses you as the enemy dujour, you basically have no choice.
My advise to Iran? Get a Bomb, and get one quickly. The closer this corrupt US administration gets to the precipice, the more likely they are to let the tail wag the dog.
The Iranians actually do have another choice. If they can’t acquire a nuclear weapon sometime in the next week, they will need to convince the Democratic Party and the states of New York and New Jersey to grant everyone in the Trump family immunity. That may keep them safer than any bomb.


Who to believe:


One of the problems with “maximum pressure” bubble schemes is the rest of the spectrum of possibilities that can prick the pompous. The junkyard dog bullies blindly envision the massive MIC as god. And, not unlike the rest of the 99% of the spectrum in the bubble scheme, the world of possibilities does not read from the same superficial clock face before which these twits drop their jaws. Next step is they proverbially drop their drawers, moon what they consider to be their inferior(s) without realizing they are leaning into the abyss of their own making.

Western society needs to articulate the narrative describing the costs that are being “externalized” in the predatory capital engine driving the extreme of this pendulum swing to the utterly vacuous extreme. Note that this occurs at the same time that ALL societal resources and balances are being preyed upon under poisonous slime of MAGA. This is why the DNC/Dccc is constantly caught with its thumb up its derriere. Same game, different orchestra.

Yuppers babycakes, the MIC model is the hardened institutionalization of all forms of “eating disorders”.


A war with Iran will be the ultimate proxy war for you know who.


Where’s Russia and China when you need them?


Let’s be clear; the US via so-called “sanctions” and open military provocations are committing acts of war - economic, financial, and military - against Iran, very intentionally backing Iran into a corner.

Conflict and an agenda to war is their intent, not “negotiations” or ending so-called claimed violations of some fabricated twisted image they make-up - the trump regime is not interested in diplomacy, as should be clear even to a child, but the model of a bully demanding surrender to their pathology!

The pathology and transparent mental illness and lust for war by the TV business-bully trump and his warmonger cabinet,players, all dedicated for decades to destroy all “enemies” (especially of Israel) now focused on Iran - bolton, pompeo and abrams - they work to satisfy the subversive and manipulative influence of the Israelis, the saudis, and US arms industry, not for any sane or even reasonable goal,

The reactions by Iran are NOT “unprovoked” as falsly claimed by the US, and mild in comparison to the very intentional, planned goading, crippling “sanctions”, false-flag ops, fabricated “evidence” and “intell”, obvious military provocations and utterly phony mental blather by all the players pushing for even more ME war. Iran is more than right in their assessments of the intentions of the trump regime and players

ALL those actors and actions are the crime and lack any shred of reason, wisdom, or historical truth, only the prospect of millions dead and or displaced with other perhaps severe consequences those pushing Iran do not bargain for - such is the nature of the bully and extremist nutter - push until punched in the nose/throat by their target with unforeseen consequences.

The entire world should fear these violations of international law and norms but do nothing even close to the level needed against the clear mental illness driving all toward war, especially when there are so many truly critical issues at stake for the world and its peoples, most especially the existential Climate change threat…


How long will this psychopathic criminal with an exceptionally low IQ and his deeply mentally disturbed minions be allowed to terrorize the earth? From trying to start a completely pointless war with Iran to denying little kids soap and toothpaste. And Israel: A criminal nation that thinks it can find peace and security by promoting continuous war in the Middle East. The world needs to come together and reverse the huge mistake made after WWII and completely disband Israel and turn it back into Palestine.


Funny and a great idea—immunity for the “deplorables.” Unfortunately, the govt giving cover to the lies precipitating Iraq has given subsequent administrations grotesque power to act with impunity. Maya Angelou said, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Obama showed me who is was by 1.) tax cuts for the rich (his debt to the owners) and 2.) Not holding the previous administration to account for the lies that preceded the Iraq invasion. Number two has led us full circle to another possible attack on a sovereign nation based on manufactured “intelligence.” Lies, lies, lies! What will it take for citizens to rise up against this madness? Dr. Strangelove (Trump) is a mad hatter who is using foreign affairs/policy to advance his stupidity—because, basically, that’s all he has. Feckless, the lot of them…




This is all about Israel refusing to treat the Palestinians like human beings.

They want to neutralize Iran, the only country in the Middle East that has shown any empathy for the plight of the Palestinians.

Iran stands in the way of Israels expansionist policies to drive the Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank.

Can you imagine if we in the U.S. denied any segment of our population the right to vote. It is called racial bigotry and apartheid.

Our blind support of Israels atrocities is equivalent to when Ronald Reagan supported the South African government during their apartheid rein.

Blaming Iran for the mess in the Middle East is tantamount to ignoring the pain and suffering the Palestinians are enduring under Israeli occupation.


In reading this news piece, it’s hard not to note the lucid and reasonable statements from the Iranian side, and the embarrassment from the “B team” of the US side. Yet this is the reality of Trump and his clown car staff.

Most Americans should be ashamed of the international policies of this administration.


So true! There has been no accountability for corrupt politicians and Presidents and the rich for 50 years. Yes Martha went to jail and so did Madoff. Little fishes.

Corporate media is a huge problem, needs to be busted up. Only a few decide what we hear and they can make or break anyone they deem will hurt the status quo


With few exceptions, from the beginning of the control over this land by the
white man, we have seen this thirst for blood and death and nothing but violence,
whether supporting GENOCIDE of the native people for their land and natural
resources, or whether in the system of SLAVERY they supported over hundreds
of years.


Do the Saudis and UAE realize that their petro facilities will be flattened if the war they’re advocating breaks out? Do the Israelis realize that thousands of rockets will rain down on Israel? Do the Europeans and Japanese realize an oil cutoff from the gulf will slam their tottering economies?


If Iran is attacked, which is not necessarily a given, the Iranians will be unable to win a conventional war with the U.S. What is a given, is that the U.S. will bomb innocent civilians en masse and destroy the entire country’s infrastructure in an attempt to create a failed State such as in Libya or Somalia. In fact U.S. officials are quite proud of themselves in the fact that they can sow so much pain and suffering without risking a single soldier’s life.
Therefore Iran must target those responsible rather than innocents abroad the way American terrorism is employed. Iran should create cells of assassins that take our only the leadership of the U.S. beginning with the CEO’s of defence contractors and oil companies, lobbyists, chief propagandists for the Empire (FOX, Rush Limbaugh, Washington Post, etc.) so that the 99% won’t be negatively impacted and be more inclined to support the Iranian attempt to create 'Regime Change" in what is the most dangerous cabal of sociopaths that the world has ever seen. Politicians (those that are corporate sycophants) are easily replaced, but at some point the majority of Americans will realize that Iran is doing the U.S. a huge favour by targeting these merchants of death. In fact they will have global support around the world, as far too many governments are aware of how the U.S. system really operates.
Of course I am not advocating for death by either side, but it would be nice if those responsible for war were the ones held accountable in such conflicts. Ask any American if they would rather lose a company of troops or a company of John Bolton’s in the field of battle and I am pretty sure what the answer would be.


I agree, but officials from foreign countries have been making more sense than those from the U.S. for many many years.


What do all these countries, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and Venezuela that have been and are U.S. enemies have in common? They have threatened the wealth of the International Financiers by trading their oil in other currencies than the Petro Dollar. That is the real nuclear weapon that puts the fear and panic in the oil garchs and the oligarchs because that could cost them $$$$$$$$$$$. Wars are always fought for economic reasons and to benefit the 1% while using the canards of freedom, democracy or the bogus nuclear threat!


As used by Iranian diplomats, the “B-team” pertains to: Bolton, MbS of Saudi Arabia, MbZ of UAE, and Bibi Netanyahu.

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