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'They Despise Diplomacy, and Thirst for War': Iran Accuses Trump of Closing Path to Peace With New Sanctions

Jamal Abdi and Javad Zarif are smart men and know exactly what rump and dolton are trying to do. I hope Abdi and Zarif continue to call out rump’s little game. They need to call out rump’s moves and the obvious intentions of those moves. The rest of the world needs to apply sanctions against the USA to discourage this behavior. There’s no GD reason for rump’s behavior. Bolton is a dolt hence the name “dolton.”

It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Words are a hollow response to lawlessness.
I’m a little confused about the rules for contempt of congress. If you cuss at a judge when before him, and are charged with contempt, you don’t get to pass it off to a lawyer to sue and stall justice. You go sit in the lockup.

Note that the drone Iran shot down, in its airspace, was a stealth drone in stealth operation. Perhaps the Pentagon geniuses didn’t count on Iran having the ability to detect their “invisible” aircraft and reconsidered the potential losses involved in an air assault. May as well point the gun at your own head as wage war against Iran. Seeing how well things went in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Syria, and Libya …


The on point Jimmy Dore flashing back to the USS Vincennes incident.


The US Military in the immediate aftermath of this mass murder claimed.

1>The Iranian Passenger Jet was outside the Commercial Jet Corridor
2>The Iranian Passenger Jet was in a steep descent of 480 knots diving towards the Vincennes.
3>The Iranian Passenger Jet was broadcasting squawks on a channel reserved for the Military
4>The Iranian Passenger Jet was in International Airspace.

The US Media reported this all as a fact. The Pentagon did a review however and in their report they determined the following.

1>The Iranian Airliner was in fact in an air corridor reserved for Commercial Aircraft.
2>The Iranian Airliner was climbing , away from the Vincennes at 380 knots.
3>The Iranian Airliner was in Iranian Airspace and the Vincennes was in Iranian waters.
4>The Iranian Airliner was broadcasting on the Commercial airwaves.

Here the kicker.

The Report concluded the Captain of the Vincennes and its Captain acted properly EVEN as they admitted the above facts.


In an article by Moon yesterday, a Trump tweet is quoted as talking about getting the US out of the Gulf due to its new oil independence. The rest of the article is typical Trump trash, but i saw a glimmer of light in this statement.

And the latest from the “trump dump”:

Iran’s very ignorant and insulting statement, put out today, only shows that they do not understand reality",

Hello! Anybody home in the WH?


Whose reality? Not the peabrain reality of Conservative right wing NUTS!

Most interesting indeed.

They thirst for wars we can’t win in order to get re-elected.