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'They Did it on Purpose': Protester Crushed Between Police Jeeps Latest Victim of Months-Long Chilean Crackdown on Dissent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/21/they-did-it-purpose-protester-crushed-between-police-jeeps-latest-victim-months-long

Sure. But you know what? The Chilean people have lived through the entire neoliberal era, from 1973 to its death throes today. This is where it started. And during the past (nearly) three decades since the nominal end of the dictatorship, the Chilean people have lived through right-wing, trumpistic regimes (eg, Piñera) as well as nominally “progressive, liberal” regimes (eg, Bachelet). Their quality of life has never recovered to where it was under Allende, prior to the Pinochet coup, prior to the dictatorship. So, for them, the struggle is against the entire Neoliberal Establishment, not just against its trumpistic/piñeristic incarnations.

The whole neoliberal structure of Chilean society since Pinochet is a gross distortion of the character of the Chilean people. They’re getting robbed blind by transnational corporations working hand in glove with their own goddamn government. Sound familiar? And that’s what they are revolting against. Not just an orange menace. A Global neoliberal fascist menace, wearing the faces of trumpo and Macron and Piñera and Trudeau and BoJo and Clinton/Obama etc.

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Or, to phrase it differently: After the 1973 CIA supported coup that toppled Allende, Chile was a laboratory where US neocon “experts” promoted their economic policies/ ideologies, something that over time led to a tremendous wealth inequality. This inequality is the cause of the currents protests against the government

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State sanctioned murder of protestors should be of serious concern to all humanity.

Seems to me that “neoliberal” when used in this context is a misnomer, if it includes transnational corporations corruptly seizing Chilean assets, and the privatisation of everything.