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They Did It Once, Would They Do It Again?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/12/they-did-it-once-would-they-do-it-again

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I heard on the radio that the GOP has budgeted $200,000,000 for voter suppression and other 2020 election rigging activities.

You can safely bet your last nickle that the GOP’s bottomless money pit will be tapped to bolster that budget as needed.

With federal courts stacked with fascists, the court appointment strategy provides a comfortable last ditch option for the GOP.


“They did it once, will they do it again?”

That’s a trick question, right?


Dec. 9, 2000, the day the Un-supreme Court became illegitimate.
A few years latter I read an interview with Sandra Day O’Conner (don’t remember the publication), where she felt remorseful about her vote on that day, and admitted she was wrong. Too little, too late MS. O’Conner, the damage was done, and you will always be remembered for it.


The Coup of 2000. The day the gloves came off and the oligarchy was shown for the totalitarian regime the US has always been. The House of Bush knew the fix was in. Jebbie was governor of Florida. SCOTUS should have kept hands off and allowed the recount to reach its logical end. If Al Gore and the Dims hadn’t conceded, playing nice…well, hind-sight is always 20/20. And we all knew it was over when Raygun was elected after the Iran hostage stunt. Remember that? There were GOP operatives negotiating for an October surprise.
This may end up as a moot point. Covid-19 may take out those in power, leaving us with something much different. Stay tuned.


When the King and all his men ( and women ) get the sniffles, the serfs get COVID-19. And, no one in the King’s Court gives a dungpile, or loses a minute of sleep worrying about the serfs, either. Additionally, the King’s Court usually issues a Decree titled The We Don’t Even Care Edict, which is read aloud in the courtyard, by the King’s Court jesters and minions for 3-5 hours a day, almost like clockwork, explaining why not caring is really the new kind of sharing, COVID-19 and all.
The King, too, in his wisdom indirectly raises taxes on the serfs by circulating new wooden coins, in order to pay for all the body collectors, etc., and the grave diggers who gather up the newly made dead serfs and their belongings. Unfortunately, after a short time, the King gets bored with these practices and orders the body collectors to just stack the dead serfs in a big pile, and set them on fire. But, not their belongings, which are to be sold on Amazon. The serfs can only be burned on days when the wind will blow the smoke away from the castle, of course. Environmental concerns and clean air regulations are the culprit.
Only the grave diggers complain about this, and after the King’s soldiers round up and kill a 100 of them, maybe 150 who knows or cares, they quit holding organized community " pity parties ", altogether. However, to end further disruption in the kingdom, the King’s Court issues a series of Edicts, titled The We Don’t Even Care More #s 2, 3, 3.5, 4 …until the serfs’ pockets are literally bursting and tearing with the King’s new wooden coins. Which the serfs much later on began to burn in their fireplaces, to keep themselves and their loved ones warm. Some serfs even tried eating the wooden coins, but this vegan diet idea really never caught on. The serfs preferred eating each other, or their children and their pets.
Eventually, the kingdom settled into a new normal kind of routine, and order. COVID-19 became just another thing that killed lots of serfs; like tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods, asymmetrical warfare, bad fast food and health insurance that wasn’t worth a dungpile.
The King and his Court were praised for their wisdom and foresight in handling this little glitch that disrupted the kingdom. Cash prizes may have even been awarded. And, they all lived happily ever after, more or less.

or a rhetorical one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PBS should no longer have “public” in it’s name as it seems to be wholly owned
by Koch Bros. and other large corporations/investors in government – which pays
off better than any other business, afaic see.

This is like asking if Hitler would attack the Jews again?


Silverman and Barnett are working on a film. “Democracy on Trial.”

It SHOULD be “Democracy Under Attack”.

This IS a war. The sooner we understand that, the more likely we can WIN it!


one of the main reasons I quit supporting the Democrats decades ago is this very issue–the Democrats have repeatedly FAILED to prosecute,fight, or even address the theft of our democracy–Nixon committed treason and was let off-Reagan committed Treason and NOTHING was done about it–the Supreme court orchestrated a coup and the Dems stuck their thumbs in their mouth and gave up without a fight -the perpetrators were let go–the Republicans have been engaging in voter suppression for decades and the Dems have done NOTHING-- I have come to the opinion that the Dems are totally behind the effort to suppress the vote in America–why the people might elect a socialist or so damn thing