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'They Don't Care About the Little Guy': Progressives Take Aim at Greed of GOP Senators in Crucial Georgia Runoffs

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/14/they-dont-care-about-little-guy-progressives-take-aim-greed-gop-senators-crucial


poor and working class folks are working their butts off to win back the senate. if they make it happen, the democratic party needs to have their backs. if the dems have the white house and congress for 2 years and once again fail to deliver, i hope those same awesome folks will consider building a third party


If the DNC had a thought in their head about helping the people instead of their corporate contributors they would be advertising that we need the Georgia senators to be Democratic to pass any federal financial help for the people and small mom and pop businesses. To my knowledge they have been silent on that subject. Not being close to a 1%er I think the DNC is pretty worthless.

We need to work on making a third party for the people viable! Forget the DNC unless they make a change for caring about the people.


Have we no strong, blustery senators anymore. I still watch the Ted Kennedy, Jan. 25th 2007 senate speech on minimum wage. Putting greed on trial.


A reminder that the House is controlled by the Democrats, and Nanncy is pushing an $800 billion relief bill, far less that Trump initially offered and far from the $2.2 trillion in the last bill they passed. Even if the two neolibs are elected in Georgia, it will increase the power of reichwing Man-chin and Simean to control the agenda.


A group of 25 dems and 25 repugs are together representing a nearly 1 billion dollar bill for emergency relief. Maybe more to come. It’s a day by day process.

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Billion? Source? Besides, what could go wrong when these 25 Democrats and these 25 Republicans get together in situations like this? They have done so much to build up trust, since they always prioritize not their donors but working people and the poor, right?

I hear about these silly people in the problem solvers caucus. What problems do they say they are addressing and what are their solutions?

I find that no matter how cynical I get, these assholes prove that I am not cynical enough.

You know, the Democrats just ran a bunch of worthless hacks that offered nothing on policy, didn’t even bother to lead with an economic message, cause they don’t have one. They blamed everyone else for being big piles of nothing. Where is the logic of not making this case during the damn recent election and instead now, during a lame duck session? This is why the cynics are often right. These two candidates are opposed to the structural changes we need (Ossoff in particular), and the actual work is being done by regular people who are just trying to not get crushed by this system. If they win, it isn’t the candidates, it is the people on the ground that will push them through. And I have no faith that, if they win and get power, that they will keep this in mind and will prioritize the regular people that put them there. I remember everyone being happy when Doug Jones won. Then he got power and did dick. We can make arguments about what is possible to win in Georgia, and I have no energy to make an argument there. But, we could also be real about what people like Ossoff offer on policy. Less bad than the ghoul they want to replace, but miles from being good enough.

But, as always, change comes through mass movements, not any of these politicians anyway. Whatever I think of these Democrats in isolation, them winning removes McConnell from leading in the Senate.


Georgians will likely reject promises of more direct aid because they don’t want blue states receiving help.

Strikes me that this has been the “New” Confederate Party’s strategy all all along and not just in this direct aid.

The ads are good and have me imagining a nation without political parties would be a really helpful thing.