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"They Don't Care for Our Lives": McDonald's Workers Strike Across US to Demand Better Protections From Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/20/they-dont-care-our-lives-mcdonalds-workers-strike-across-us-demand-better


The architects of radical evil are disemboweling every last social service program funded by the taxpayers, from education to Social Security, because lives that do not swell their profits are considered superfluous. Let the sick die. Let many of the poor, including children—go to bed hungry. Let families be tossed into the streets. Let the young graduate have no meaningful employment. Let the U.S. prison system, with 25% of the world’s prison population, swell. Let the roads, bridges, dams, levees, power grids, rail lines, subways, bus services, schools and libraries crumble or close. Let the rising temperatures, the droughts, the flooding, the wildfires, the melting polar ice caps, the poisoned water systems and the polluted air worsen. There are profits to be made!


This is a stress test imposed ( supposedly by Chinese Banditos or Iranian Tostitos? ) to see if Trump’s hardball tariffs and embargoes ( which have actually raised prices for Americans ) could break this Man of Steal. Well, they can’t, just ask Our Fearless Leader.
The fact that this entire joint is disintegrating before our eyes is trivial. He’s winning, therefore we are, don’t cha know?
Only a Man of Steal can save Us from our better selves. Of course, in this case, it sure helps that COVID-19 has been oh so convenient and timely for the Corporotocracy to take over the entire country, pretty much. With Trumpkins’ blessing.
If I were one of these McDonald’s employees I’d file some type of class-action lawsuit in every state before the Democrats give in to McConnell and grant the Corporotocracy immunity from the pandemic’s death blanket, so to speak. I’d do it post haste, too.


FedEx doesn’t care either.


No company cares about the workers therein. My employer pulled health coverage, which made for better paychecks, for a few years, until the fines for not providing coverage exceeded the costs of PROVIDING coverage. One company they picked, Land of Lincoln, actually went under, so my employer had to scramble. We now have insurance, which does provide good prices on prescription refills, but there’s a $5,000 deductible. I’m glad I’m old enough to be on Medicare.

If mcdonald’s can protect their employees in the UK:


Oh, it coming. The democrats are already prepared to exchange blanket immunity for corporate America in exchange for a another paltry $1200.
It just won’t be immunity for this either, this will be an all encompassing immunity that will protect them from all liability in the post Trump era.
Our souls are about to be sold, for $1200.

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"[D]emand federal legislation protecting workers from employer retaliation."

Damn right! Corporations demanded they be “protected” from liability when it comes to their workforce so they thought they could risk the lives of those they consider expendable. Surprise! Coalitions should form with what radical left we have–communists (some of the best organizers US America ever had), socialists, radical labor unions (I.W.W. for one).



The $2.3 trillion CARES Act, the Donald Trump-led rescue package signed into law on March 27th, is a radical rethink of American capitalism. It retains all the cruelties of the free market for those who live and work in the real world, but turns the paper economy into a state protectorate, surrounded by a kind of Trumpian Money Wall that is designed to keep the investor class safe from fear of loss.

Matt Taibbi


Hi Giovanna_ Lepore:

Did the Donald take OSHA apart too?

An international coalition of labor unions has filed a complaint against McDonald’s, alleging systemic sexual harassment of its employees around the world.

The complaint, filed at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s offices in the Netherlands, lists numerous incidents of harassment, including attempted rape and indecent exposure in the United States, a promotion in exchange for sexual acts in Brazil, and a hidden cellphone camera installed in the women’s changing room in France.

“There’s a rotten culture from the top,” said Sue Longley, the general secretary for the International Union of Foodworkers, at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, adding that the fast food giant has “failed dismally to take meaningful action about the problem”.

The Guardian, 18/5/2020