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'They Failed Us Once Again': House Democrats Denounced for Dashing Hopes of Green New Deal


'They Failed Us Once Again': House Democrats Denounced for Dashing Hopes of Green New Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

No subpoena power. No rule barring members from accepting fossil fuel money. No directive to craft the kind of visionary plan that science says is necessary to avert climate catastrophe.

"The only reason to do this is to protect the corporate CEOs who have unlawfully suppressed information about the dangers of climate change to protect their own profits."
—Varshini Prakash, Sunrise Movement


Did you expect anything different Jake? Unless 10’s of millions of USians get off their duffs and protest, they will keep failing us.


Keep demanding the supposedly “impossible.” It’s how we sort our friends from our enemies. I think it was Stewart Brand who advised, “Try. Fail. Try again. Fail better.”


Pelosi is such an obedient republican disguised as a democrat. She wants to be just like Mitch, a jerk of the highest order.


SOP for the IOP. Vote Green Party up and down the ballot.


Stupid is as stupid does.


THIS is why we need more than ever to elect more Democrats.

So that they can maintain our Republican Party values!


These corrupt people have no souls, feel no responsibility to anyone but themselves and only fear losing their own power. The sad thing is that unless the left does much better within their party, which is hard given how much that party hates the left and fights against it winning, maybe it has to start losing seats either to the Green Party candidate, or the Republicans start winning because the Greens get enough support to cost them the election. They are obviously not moral people, and so wealth and power is all they care about. Figure out how to take their power away, or threaten to do so. They can’t be reasoned with, and think they have all the answers, and they aren’t interested in data showing otherwise.

They have no plan of their own, no vision, no alternatives, no solutions to our largest problems, no path from where we are to where we need to go, nothing. They offer nothing, other than not being Trump, and the Democrats offer this indefinitely, with no end in sight.


Ds are depressingly predictable, they can’t even plagiarize the Green Party’s green new deal.

Sweep the cobwebs from your mind. Remember that Ds are only a little over 10% of voting age citizens.

Liberate yourself. Register and take over; Become a nonpartisan independent ecological socialist.


Yup. Time to organize. Actually, progressives in WA are already on it.


From what I can tell, she is just a modern Democrat. She is what the Democrats have largely been for decades now, the party was only really progressive for a few decades. Before and after that time, it wasn’t all that progressive overall, and has never really had a socialist or democratic socialist contingent with any power in that party. People that argue that creating a third party is harder than reforming the Democratic Party should think critically about what it will take to make the Democrats a party that does offer actual alternatives, offers solutions to our largest problems, stops being so corrupt and is willing to actually take on the interests that it supports and provides cover for. No easier than former a third party, really isn’t, and I personally would prefer to not have to operate in that party at all. Used to, waste of time.


RE: “Driven by the deep concern that Democrats would squander their majority power in the House …”

The Democrats are not “squandering” their majority power, they are protecting the profits of their real constituents - Big Business, in this case one of the most profitable industries - fossil fuels, the energy source of empires. Wake up! The Democrats don’t represent you!


What the Hell did you expect? Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear and the MICC, owns this government, “Democrats” and “Republicans” lock stock and barrel. The "government " does what it is told by them. Pelosi is probably a million buck$ richer this morning.


So if Raul Grijalva holds hearings and begins the work of crafting legislation from his perch on Natural Resources, that is a progressive defeat and complete sellout?


Yes. That’s why no one can fix this mess. We need a complete Re-Do. All of the old Dogs need to be thrown out.


No, “you” failed us once again by continuing to accept the duopoly.


The committee was never intended to accomplish anything. It’s a classic example of how Democrats neuter any social movement that threatens their corporate donors. Form a committee to study the problem, give each member thier own stapler, then lock them up in a broom closet in the basement and forget about them.


I saw you getting ready to post and I was going to warn others that you were going to bring up Grijalva (cause that is how predictable you are, I knew it was coming). Tell us, where is the evidence that the Democrats are willing to do what is needed to tackle this KC? Explain what their coherent plan is, on this issue or anything else. Not incremental change that will be too late. What are their policy alternatives that are up to the task? Show us the evidence that they have a plan that is up to the task, and that the old people like Pelosi, Hoyer and the like are showing that they care about future generations that will have to deal with the impact of their corruption and ineptitude? They won’t be here to deal with the impact of their complete lack leadership and their lack of actual solutions to this problem. They offer peanuts, and we need large structural changes. Your party sprinkles in a progressive here and there and continues to do nothing at all in regards to offering solutions, alternatives, a vision for the future. It’s as pathetic as you are predictable.

But good job per usual. You see your party on a progressive site being called out for being typically pathetic and worthless, and you run in to gaslight people. Look over there, a single progressive, maybe two, can do a tiny bit on some other committee, and will be outnumbered by a bunch of assholes that don’t want to do much. So, no big deal.


Non sequitur.


His plan is to have hearings. You know, talk about it some more. But never to reach any conclusions, at least not any that disrupt the donor class.