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They Fought the Donald...And They Won


They Fought the Donald...And They Won

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Over 500 workers at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas now have a four-year contract starting January 1, 2017, union officials said Wednesday.


And 499 of them will be deported starting January 21, 2017.
The Donald will find a way to get even.


And the devil incarnate has only just begun. His ignorant supporters will be completely unaware of this news as they are too busy cleaning their guns, stocking their bomb shelters, and preparing for the apocalypse while waiting for their emperor to get them their jobs back and makin' amerika grate agin'.

New added features of all T-dump properties here and around the world will be vomitoriums....


And all these people who voted for him think that he has workers' interests in mind? Such idiots. They volunteered to be screwed.

I really appreciate hearing about grievances held by Trump's employees. Please keep us informed on this. People need to know by his actions how Trump really feels about workers.


Another in the ongoing battles between the 1% and the 99%. The battle between the almighty profits of millionaires and billionaires vs. the grappling for survival of almost everybody else.
Greed is a very powerful force, and is destroying the planet.


An exploration of the trajectory of a T-rump administration from the perspective of a professor of economics in the inimitable narrative style of Prof. Richard Wolff
December session of Democracy at Work.
Kick back and consider what the visible spectrum looks like from Democracy at Work


As Ive said before, Trump will be likened to Reagan. Reagan was a union buster and I am certain Trump will be too. I feel certain that Trump will break up any more strikes after he takes office. It was probably a good thing these peeps won before that happened.


Yes, it appears they are in for a rude awakening.

It is indeed pathetic ignorance for a member of the working class to vote for a billionaire who has consistently favored the moneyed 1% and screwed his workers.


It is also 'pathetic ignorance' that they think he has ever uttered one truthful word.