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'They Had One Job and They Blew It': Progressives Fire Back as Centrist Democrats in House Blame Left for Election Failures

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/they-had-one-job-and-they-blew-it-progressives-fire-back-centrist-democrats-house


Blaming Progressives is despicable! Why not EMBRACE the word Socialism?

What the word suggests is that our government would actually represent the “social community!” We all want to be included in government choice, decisions, issues, rhetoric, consideration…etc. Socialism is NOT the dirty word. The real dirt is that the corporate Dems don’t want to lose their $$$ from the power hungry, greedy corporations who own them! The Progressive Dems are fully aware of this and are being blackballed in a final move to change this country into a Fascist, corporate run duopoly!


I’d like to see the corporate tools explain why Florida voted overwhelmingly for $15/hour minimum wage but voted against Biden, who had it buried somewhere in his platform, but mostly promised to not be Trump. This sort of bullshit from people like Clyburn and Spanberger is so predictable.

"There is an argument made that the left cannot win because being called a “socialist” hurts Democratic candidates, with Joe Biden having been wounded by this attack. But I think that misunderstands the problem. Being called a socialist does hurt, if you acknowledge that being a socialist is bad and are put on the defensive about it. But every Democrat is hit with this attack, even if they are obviously not a socialist (which Biden clearly isn’t). The best approach is not to try to meekly insist that the socialist charge is a lie, but to lean into it, to say “What of it?” and to explain why the socialist agenda is reasonable and moderate. If you think that can’t be done, just have a look at Bernie talking to Trump voters or speaking at a Fox News town hall. He doesn’t run away from the label, he explains what it means to him, and then the audience ends up going “hm, that actually sounds pretty reasonable.”



“We need a Democratic party that stands for something more than just being anti-Trump.”

After how much more abuse, blame, neglect, ridicule and back-stabbing will you realize that what we need is not the Democratic Party at all!


This should have been a blowout - the Wall Street Dems Failed because they still are not listening to the majority of the people - they are only listening to Wall Street and pretending they are listening to the 99%

Even 72% of FOX viewers support Government run healthcare plan - among other items
Shocking Election Night Fox Polls – What Americans Want!

87% of Democrats Support ‘Medicare for All,’ Though Joe Biden Doesn’t

The sad thing is - the Wall Street centric DP ‘leadership’ will not change. Any guesses what happens in 2022 ?


Yup, only thing worse than a mainstream democrat wonk is a republican one.

The further the DNC pushes to the right, the worse they do at elections. Hillary did a great job snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Meanwhile, we’ve arrived at the point where US mainstream politics has moved SO FAR to the right, an actual open fascist wannabee dictator holds power for 4 years. What should have been a historic route turns into this with Biden. When faced with historic evil, the DNC’s response is Biden? Yup the lesser of two evils might win this time, BUT ONLY because the US has rejected the more evil one.

How did we get here? Look at the political spectrum - you can only go so far right before you enter to domain of fascist and Nazi thinking.

The DNC can (and should) never try to out-right-wing the right wing party. It’s never worked before, nor should it.


There is no easy or polite way to say this; Pelosi and those mentioned in this article are corporate whores responsible for the decline of the democratic party. The most needed reforms , the essential services are now, according to these republicans disguised as democrats, not only “socialism” ( as if that were a bad thing) but are not what that party should be working on.
What should have been a democratic landslide after four years of a lunatic in the White House is still in doubt. Thanks Nancy, now get lost!
All you who remain in that party, and I do not criticize you for doing so, as that is where change must be effected, please work as hard as oyu can to oust the current leadership.


C’mon, ladies, do what Bernie didn’t and form your own political Party - you’ve got name recognition across much of the country; why not try it? If not now, when?
And if you’re not going to form a 3rd party, at least campaign to replace Pelosi, Clyburn, et al in the party hierarchy. Again, why not?🤷


Mediocrities with their weak, little, inside the box minds always blame and/or attack those who are forward thinking. They are cowards who refuse to own up to how much they have compromised themselves for middle of the road success. As Jim Hightower says, “There is nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead armadillos.” Or as I prefer, if you stand in the middle of the road you get hit by traffic going both ways.


i can’t emphasize it enough: as soon as the corporatist power structure openly admits that they’re picking Biden over Trump - once and for all - we should paralyze their economy with general strikes, nonviolent non-cooperation, etc with the demand that Biden & co pursue all of the progressive policies that the MSM admits that Trumpsters support & desire. Just as a start…when tptb (inevitably) respond by having their mercenaries start gunning people down for participating, perhaps things will snowball into genuine Progress…

Let’s make the Public Relations wing of the duopoly understand that their Time’s Up, too


Maybe we should attempt to appropriate that MAGA thing, but figure out some way to drop the Nationalist impulses and replace them with patriotic ones?

What exactly makes the USA “the greatest country on Earth?”

Can’t be our legal system. We have 25% of the world’s prison population behind bars here.
Medicine and health? Not really - to this day you’re more likely to live to your 5th birthday if born in Port au Prince instead of Washington D.C.
Oh maybe it’s our classless society? Hmm, how then to explain how we have 2 distinct sets of laws in this country - one for the rich and one for everyone else.
Education? Yup, we’re a country where 80% of the population can’t find Canada on a map that isn’t marked.
Must be our Freedom and Liberties. Except we’re one of what 3 nations that execute children?

Yeah…I’m drawing a blank here despite my best efforts.

Speaking truth to power, and having a dream that we can actually do better is all I’ve got this morning.


Not surprised at the scapegoating of leftists and progressives for their failures. If Biden squeaks by, great, at least Hair Furor will be out, but it should have been a democratic landslide after 4 years of a demented mad man in the White House. All they are doing is setting the stage for a republican sweep of the House in the next election.

Pelosi continues her track record as the world’s best corporate fund raiser and worst politician. More losses under her “leadership.” As the country circles the drain, and things get exponentially worse in 2021 with the economy and pandemic, President Harris, err, I mean Biden, will get the blame and there will be a huge GOP resurgence with a new fascist leader to make America great yet again.

I honestly hope that arrogant, entitled, dried out husk chokes on her gourmet ice cream.


I’ve thought about that, too, considering that the Trumpsters and neo-Nazis of the GOP are most definitely not “conservative,” at least not in the classic sense of the word…

More than good enough for me! Making people understand that that^ is the True “Ruggedly Individualistic” way might very well appeal to Americans’ vanity (& desire to view themselves as “the good patriot”).

Or, maybe we could finally make people understand that there is no such thing as a “greatest country” (i know, i know: baby steps first)


“only being interested in appealing to white people in suburbia,”
Not true.

And just who is dumb enough to forecast a democrat to win a house seat in Indiana and Ohio?
Wishful thinking? After quite a few beers after 9 PM?

In Illinois, Madigan, who is speaker in the state house, is called for to step aside as state party leader by Gov. Pritzger. The speaker is individual #! in a bribery scandal that has a ten year history with the electric utility rates. Madigan says he built the midwest blue wall. Please, join me in laughing at that claim. Our young people, working hard for five years brought back their great grandparents common sense and discarded the boomers selfish attitudes.
The amendment to change state income tax failed.

covid19 increasing here.
I am concerned for pregnant ladies and all children born since June 2019 in USA.
Will there be life long effects that polio gives us?


We need a lot more primary challenges to fake “centrist,” actually neoliberal corporatist Democrats.

The Squad grew this election, which would seem to refute the propaganda spewed by the sold-out gerontocracy atop the DNC and the Party. The Squad will grow again in 2022.


Exactly. Take “the narrative” away from the decrepit “leaders” who are happy to sit around jabbering about who is “to blame.” Make them listen to the real narrative of our lives.


Aren’t these party “leaders” to blame for their repeated failures?

Good to see the immediate and forceful push-back against this blame-mongering. There should be a strong challenge to the House Democratic leadership when the new Congress is seated. And the challengers should not pull any punches. Call a spade a spade.


And in a hilariously ironic twist, the GOP will ultimately blame Libertarian voters for Trump’s defeat.


Abso-phuckin-lutely. One thing that i think we should acknowledge for Trump is that he did get people to turn out to vote in record numbers (the “Democrats” with their absence of vision deserve zero credit for the record numbers). People turned out to vote for Trump - or against Trump; Biden was irrelevant, for everyone except the Wall Street kingmakers.


Hey, establishment Dems, hows about if you want progressive votes, you do something to, uh, I don’t know, actually EARN them? But this isn’t about performing an honest anatomy of why Dems continue to constantly and abysmally founder when up against literal fascists - it’s about scapegoating the very voters who could propel your sleazy a$$es to victory for YOUR failures. What losers!!!