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'They Have Nowhere To Run': Inmate Families, Advocates Push for Prisoner Release as California Wildfires Engulf State

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/21/they-have-nowhere-run-inmate-families-advocates-push-prisoner-release-california


It would be unusual for one of California’s prisons to burn to the ground. California Medical Facility is no ordinary prison. At least they are provided masks.

~https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Medical_Facility (wiki leaves a lot out on this one) or ~https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/insidecdcr/2016/01/25/unlocking-history-california-medical-facility-was-first-prison-hospital/

Oh, the sky is brown here, very bad air quality now.


They won’t “burn to the ground” but that doesn’t mean that the people inside won’t be roasted like chickens in an oven or die of asphyxiation from the smoke. These prisons need to be evacuated NOW!


Yeah, considering two elements, these wildfires pretty much destroy everything in their path, a prison would probably not fair well either. My implication, considering the history of that facility, is that being roasted isn’t the only hazard.

Still they should be evacuated but that could be a real problem.


The dark ages mentally of “throw them in the dungeons “
has got to be exterminated

People do wrong things

But our methods for dealing with that must not be worse in its perversity


California and federal prison authorities have all but deliberately spread COVID to all our prisons, jails, and detention centers. That, with obliviousness to elder-care profiteering, makes up the primary impetus of California’s continuing awful performance against this outbreak. Genocide by pandemic proxy is treated like a big moneysaver wherever people are confined in California – inexplicably including the forest-firefighting prison camp at Susanville, where the frontlines of our first responders came from, in previous years. Consequently, California goes into this year at half-strength in firefighting crews.

It’s as if California’s original sin of indigenous genocide is coming back for a nasty reprise with a vengeance, only the decendants of indigenous survivors are among those especially targeted. An “historic lightning siege” wandered by last weekend, bestowing 11,000 dry strikes in the middle of a heatwave – with another one due this weekend. It starts to feel like excessive punishment, even if it isn’t.


Of course “they have nowhere to run.”
This smacks of Trumpism.

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In the great DEMOCRATIC controlled state of California they make the New Jim Crow (thank you Clinton, Biden & Harris) slaves risk their lives putting out fires, which are caused by inaction on the climate crisis, to protect profits of California Corp$ over health of the planet.

What are they goin to do next make the homeless fight the fires next?

While Pelosi eats ice cream from her $12,000 fridge and blocks extending more aid to the 99% in the time of pandemic and gleefully blocks Medicare4ALL.

Lesser evil voting got us here! Good luck with you laughable “push” argument.

Neoliberalism…Needs to be put down before it kills us all.

#FtheDNC #FtheGOP #Revolution2020


Is Kopmala still the tough-on-crime AG in Cali?

Get the bottles of BBQ sauce ready, it’s going to be a huge picnic this time around. Seriously though, what do ‘they’ propose when fires do threaten prisons? Remember fires burned Paradise to the ground a few years back.

Capitalism has reached truly vile and epic proportions this century. Profit over any thing alive. Get rid of the capitalists and let the rest of us, along with our non-human animal friends, the pleasure of living on a decent Earth, as it’s meant to be.


The prisons here have an aging population with this prison having what resulted from the 1996 Three strikes law. It is the biggest prison in the system in what started out to be a Psychiatric Prison but the demographic has changed over the years.


Looks like you were right on your assessment in your reply to me a few days ago on another thread Aleph.

I see your AQI is sitting around 100 PM 2.5 right now. ~https://www.wunderground.com/health/us/ca/richmond/94801

When we had our big fire season a few years back we were hitting 400 and higher right here in Calgary. I presume things could get worse for you in the Bay area if the wind shifts ~

Am I reading things correctly - half your fire-fighting force comes from, or used to, from your prison population at this Susanville place ??

PS: Here is The Guardian report:



We are all “running” now.

Easily said, until someone does a wrong that brings serious consequences to someone else who hadn’t done anything wrong. I don’t like America’s reliance on prisons, either. They’re brutal places that foster a culture of retribution on our streets and create poverty among families in our economy. But memes won’t help us find an alternative that allows closing the institutions, a task that requires those desiring it acknowledge needs for supervision, prevention and deterrence that will become entailed in any plan for bulk release of inmates.

Antisocial behaviors are a fact of life. Citizens will seek to protect themselves against them as they always have, in the past often resorting to horrors far worse than the prisons of today. That the skeptical must be convinced such a plan is safe before giving their assent is the thing our debates over incarceration never address in a candid manner. Until it is, I don’t expect much progress toward a society without jails.

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If Morse wins the MA 1 primary, that’ll be four d-party incumbents defeated by “progressives.”
Not much, but something the Dem establishment – with its need to mollify big donors – is worried about.

And that’s all the more reason for them to scorn progressives like they have with this Biden/Kopmala ticket, presented at a convention featuring far more Repub voices than progressive speakers.

Also, while I have lambasted Bernie for:

  • Talking the talk but not walking the walking on “revolution”
  • Running so polite a campaign that it lulled me to sleep
  • Claiming he could get a base of young people and non-voters excited enough to get off their asses and show up in primary states when it turns out he couldn’t,

I’m nonetheless impressed (and pissed) about the d-party establishment’s ability to quickly and decisively construct The Super Tuesday Massacre when Bernie had more than a glimmer of hope. Their power is unassailable, their disdain for progressives (outside of using us in the most viciously utilitarian ways) total, their control of the party complete. They’ve conditioned the d-party rank-and-file rabble, who are pretty much centrists, that crumbs are the best they can hope for – and fewer crumbs each cycle.

Haven’t voted D since 2008. That streak is 100% safe this year.


Sure, we need jails. But we need other priorities much more:



I’m not sure if all of our prison-laborers, who heroically (for something like a dollar a day) staff the frontlines of forest firefighting, if all of them come from that one camp at Susanville. But I’ve heard we have half the number of crews we usually have, for one reason or another. There’s not brilliant transparency around stuff like this, because the whole business is disgustingly shameful. After sacrificing a good part of their lung capacity to save our state, and getting released, these former inmates can’t even get a decent job in what they’ve just been so well-trained for: any kind of firefighting. That’s not enough hatred for our outcaste inmates, we also bring COVID to their confines. We’ve been neck-deep in far too much evil, inflicted against outcastes, for far too long, out here in California. That’s why these incredible dry-lightning sieges feel like Thor’s judgement.


Yea - I’m finding myself using that ‘evil’ term to describe more and more of our ‘system’ . I don’t know what else to call it.


Elections have consequences.
It’s hard to imagine any other person doing as much damage as trump has.