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They Have ‘Propaganda,’ US Has ‘Public Diplomacy’–and a Servile Private Sector


They Have ‘Propaganda,’ US Has ‘Public Diplomacy’–and a Servile Private Sector

Jim Naureckas

The New York Times headline (4/15/15) paints a dire picture:

Turmoil at Voice of America Is Seen as Hurting US Ability to Counter Propaganda


The heavy-handed bias displayed in the NYT article – which is typical corporatist propaganda – is exactly the problem. People are sick of it. The major TV networks are even worse. A little tepid liberalism – in the form of objective fact – is allowed to creep into domestic stories, but on foreign policy the ruthless drumbeat of “us vs. them” propaganda just never ends. We expect that nonsense from Fox News, but it’s really annoying coming from CNN, MSNBC and the big three older networks. Afternoons on CNN and MSNBC are like watching old-white-guy Republicans foam at the mouth in Congress – and they are the talking heads invited to discuss foreign policy issues. It’s laughable, as if the networks are caricaturing themselves. The old dead-heads invited on to discuss foreign policy invariably spout the same neocon nonsense that has failed for 20 years while Wolf Blitzer or Andrea Mitchell or some other anchor kowtows and acts as if the sleazy old pol is actually making sense. It’s all very disgusting because they don’t even try to be objective or present a balanced assessment. But then that’s what puts the “corporate” in corporate media, isn’t it? I’ll take RT or Sputnik News any day – not because I approve of their home country but because they at least make an effort to be fair. Apparently lots of other Americans feel the same way.


RT is the most watched news channel on YouTube.

I’m trying to remember who described propaganda as “news that you don’t want to hear.”

This is a nice little piece by Naureckas. It’s important to note that the obsequiousness of the news sector serves Wall Street.



" I’LL take RT or Sputnik News any day." Yeah, may be Jesse Ventura’s " OFF THR GRID" that is on You Tube and is broadcast from Mexico could become the antidote to the VOA. Maybe he could call it: THE TRUE VOICE OF AMERICA! Jesse has been blacklisted from most of the corporate MSM and that tells you all you need to know, whether you agree with him or not.