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'They Killed This Man': Video Shows Minneapolis Cop Kneeling on Black Man's Neck as Onlookers Warn He's Being Crushed to Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/they-killed-man-video-shows-minneapolis-cop-kneeling-black-mans-neck-onlookers-warn


That cop will finally get his promotion.
Probably took him years to convince the board that his abusive behavior warranted a pay raise . Persistence pays off.


How the hell long do they need to hold a handcuffed man down w/a knee, and the weight of the officer, forced into his neck. What is the justification for this?


“ what is the justification for this ?” - Whiteness.


Fire every cop present at the scene now. No exceptions. No one tried to stop this crime. Then prosecute them.


Is sociopathy a requirement for this job? Racism a bonus? A militarized police force enabled by Trump who has promised to pay for the legal fees of such authoritarians is enabling them to let loose their rabid pathology. Gun control needs to start with the cops.


Cops should be made to go through psychological testing once a year like pilots have to go through eye tests. Many cops are mentally unstable and unfit to wield weapons. Our country is getting sicker and sicker by the year. If that cop had the slightest bit of intelligence, he would have eased up on the man (who was already handcuffed and posed no threat). What a sick POS. I am so angry watching that video…the man is begging to breathe. What have we become?


Yes, indeed, the officer will get a promotion. Oh, there will be a few days without pay, and a pro forma investigation. But, behind the scenes, there will be high-fives and way-to-go-bro.
The average American has no idea how deep the White Supremacy movements go into our justice system, not to mention White Male privilege. And, if the Average American were truly honest with himself, he would admit that this is a good thing. And smirk.


Except they do go through testing. And this is who they want to pass their tests.


that “officer” murdered that man…while the other one standing there is complicit…he is being suffocated! these “officers” don’t care!!
They are Murderers!!
he is handcuffed! let him up!
these police have no accountability!!
my loved one is in the system…he should not be there.,
the point being these “law enforcement “ BULLIES are
sadistic sociopaths…for the most part
and they have no accountability : AT ALL! this has to stop…
the cretin in The White House has empowered them!!
I am calling for an investigation—how about all of us!!


But remember, only peaceful revolutions work, according to many here.

From the article:
Department said the officers were responding to a “forgery in progress” and claimed Floyd “physically resisted officers.”

If death is the penalty for a suspected forgery in progress, I wonder what the punishment is for attempted revolution?

Good luck y’all. Let me know when we’ve decided pitchforks and torches are necessary. And guillotines. Lots and lots of guillotines.


The same should be done to the policeman…while everyone watches.


Not to be too negative but you’re wasting your time .
Trump will weigh in on this and Tweet- “ there were some good cops there also. “
If they do get convicted of something , he will pardon them.
Too jaded ?. Hmm?


Citizen approaches police officer - “ Hello officer can you give me directions to the nearest gas station ?”


Why wasn’t he just handcuffed? Why the extra brutality?


That was a difficult 10 minutes to watch. I don’t see how a jury could watch that video (and they will) and not conclude that even if there had been justification for an incapacitating hold to get the cuffs, there could be no justification for blocking an airway for several minutes after a man stops talking (and that was the cop’s justification for why he wasn’t blocking his airway - he could talk, and as the video shooter said, what about when he stopped talking).

I was not in favor of a guilty verdict for Darren Wilson (the famous shooting in Ferguson), but I don’t see an ambiguity here - this cop must be charged with some sort of homicide crime.

Perhaps that should be considered - don’t charge him with any federal crime (e.g. hate crime) whatsoever. Don’t give Trump a chance to do anything.

Of course I’m pretty disappointed with the one other officer - not sure what level of offense he could be charged with, but I’d want to see some form of disciplinary action and real training (and training for the whole police force if they have statistics showing they have a problem that reoccurs).

I’m disappointed with the ambulance workers - were they taking his pulse? If so, I assume he had one at that point? If they were uncorrupted workers, I’d like to see a timeline of their assessment of the victim.

And forgery? I mean, I care about forgery and want it suppressed, but it isn’t a public safety issue and so would never excuse excessive force.


Future news snippet:

Officer states that he had no choice but to kneel on the man’s neck, claiming, “He began turning into the Hulk. His veins started popping out and he was swelling up. I had no choice.”

But seriously, I’m just waiting how long it takes to hear the “Hulk” reference again. It is nearly every time now. Almost like this might be included in some type of training program. Instead of reading Miranda rights from a card, it’s now reading from a similar card to reporters:

He had something in his hand.
He wouldn’t stop resisting.
He ran from my gun.
He turned into a monster, the Hulk!
He looked at me with crazy eyes.
He obviously could breath by saying he couldn’t breath.
He looked like he was up to no good.

I guess if they’re still using coded language, they still know what they are doing is wrong. Not that that’s any consolation.


Policing in the US - the culture, the unions, the thin blue line, the weapons, the arrogance, the hatreds - all needs to be broken up and reformed. For too long have they dictated how things will be done and way too many americans have gone along with them and given them hero worship. It is time for big, big changes in policing. The way they have been operating is not sustainable in a country that has any value for human rights and dignity.


I would agree. I’m willing to pay better officers more money too and require they all go through a 4 year University program in addition to 2 years of police training (it made the cops in Boulder CO a bit better I think). Body cameras on all the time, periodic retraining with difficult scenarios, and any other good ideas people have.

I don’t see this is as a big consensus issue though - I just don’t know how we get the political will for it. Hell we have consensus on M4A and we can’t get that through.


Joe Biden’s gonna open a DOJ inquiry and set up a consent decree.